Waters Cemetery
Milford, Otsego County, NY

The Waters Cemetery -- Located on County Route 35 in the Town of Milford, in
the Cherry Valley Creek valley, about one mile north of the BOCES school.  It
sits on the west side of Rte. 35, off the road about 50-75 yards, on a knoll
at the edge of a stand of pines.  It is surrounded by a wire fence and is
accessible through an old rusty gate.  It is tended to throughout the summer;
I have witnessed the work of one man who mows the site and keeps it neat.  The
headstones are in fairly good condition, worn but most are legible; only two
of the 27 stones are broken.  Further evidence of its being cared for lies in
the two Oneonta Chapter DAR shields that are placed by two veterans, and also
by the American flags attached to those shields; both articles on each grave
are relatively new.  Most of the writing on the stones face away from the
road.  The order of the names below is consistent with one who is standing at
the back of the cemetery (furthest from the road but facing it), reading the
stones from left to right.  The list is a direct transcription of what is
written on each stone (as best as I could make out).  This survey was
completed on December 6, 1998 by Karl Lehenbauer - MRKPL100 @aol.com.

Daniel Pratt	 died Oct. 7, 1818  AE 36 y's.

small marker against the fence with the initials "D.P."

2 fieldstone markers with no inscription

Elvina, wife of ________, died _________
	(this headstone is very worn, but at its top there is a carved circle in
which is a closed hand with the index finger and thumb extended, the finger pointing skyward)

bottom portion of a broken headstone, reads May 31, _____   Aged 32 Yrs.
	top portion rests against a tree, is illegible

2 small markers also rest against that tree, both with initials on them-----
M.L.L. on one, E.W. on the other

6 small markers in a row, no discernible markings or inscriptions

IN Memory of Lewis Waters  Died May 3d, 1820  AE t. 27
	(this headstone looks homemade; it is a fieldstone that looks as though
someone took great time and effort to inscribe......the epitaph is
bordered by an oval which in turn is bordered by a rectangle; there is a
chalice and tree design carved at the top of the stone, and the Masons insignia carved
near the bottom)

In Memory of EUNICE, Consort of Daniel Waters, who died Nov. 3rd, 1832  aged
27 years 3 mo-
	nths & 7 days	(hyphenation is as written on the stone)

ABIGAIL, wife of CAPT. RALPH JORDAN, died Dec. 1, 1848 in the 51 year of her
age.  A resident of Bloomfield Ohio.

Lewis Waters, DIED May 3, 1820  Aged 27 years.
	(this is the second broken headstone, both pieces though are in good
condition; this also appears to be a second stone for Lewis Waters)

AMOS WATERS  DIED Nov. 20, 1858, In the 78th year of his age.  A resident of
this farm fifty five years.

RELIEF, wife of Amos Waters, died May 6, 1855 in her 71 year.  A resident of
		Perkins & Gault   Oneonta NY  (at bottom of stone---engraving company?

small marker with initials M.R.C(?)

2 small markers with no discernible inscriptions

JOHN CLARK DIED June 15, 1837  AE 84 yrs.
	("Oneonta Chapter DAR New York" shield with American flag)

In memmory of RELIEF CLARK, wife of JOHN CLARK died March 17th 1830 in the
77th year of her age.
	(actual spelling of "memory" as on stone)

CAPT. JUDAH WATERS, a Soldier of the Revolution & Fought in the Bat-
	tles of Bunker Hill & White Plains, DIED  February 23, 1838: Aged 81 years.
	("Oneonta Chapter DAR New York" shield with American flag; hyphenation is as
written on stone)

OLIVE, wife of Capt. Judah Waters, Died Aug. 16, 1850, in the 86 y'r of her

** Olive Waters is listed as the pensioner for revolutionary or military
services in the 1840 census for the town of Milford; age is listed as 75; head
of families with whom pensioner resided June 1, 1840 is listed as Amos
Waters.........is Amos the younger brother of Judah?  did Olive live with him
after Judah's death, or were they all living together to begin with?

**There are many references to numerous John Clarks in New York in the
Revolution and other documents contained on the Broderbund (TM) CD, "Military
Records: NY Revolutionary War Records (#132).  At this time I have not
determined which John Clark is buried in Milford.

Karl Lehenbauer - MRKPL100 @aol.com

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