Wheeler Cemetery
Otego, Otsego County, NY
Visited by Carmilla and Mickey Ritchey on 23 Sept., 1978 Submitted by Carol MacPherson Copy from the Otego Historical Society
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

This cemetery is located on the West Branch of the Otsdawa, just above Starr Road, near 
the home of George & Carol Thayer.

The cemetery does not face the road as one would think it should. Level. A good stone wall
on three sides. Fence around a few stones in the center is good. Stones very readable, only
saw one down. Many rose and berry bushes. Could be very nice if cleaned up.

COLLAR, Morris 1827-1902 COLLAR, Helen COOK, his wife 1826-1896 (note: there is a Sally Jane COLLAR listed as wife of Morris who is buried in the POPE cemetery. Am wondering if this could be his first wife? COVETON, Ann Eliza died June 1833 3days Daughter of Calvin & Susan Coveton CUMMINGS, Elizabeth L. died May 2, 1861 aged 53 yrs Daughter of John & Susannah YOUNGS FERMAN, Viancy REYNOLDS died July 24, 1890 51y Wife of Martin Ferman FORD, Eliza G. died December 19, 1856 36y10m11d Wife of John Ford. "Eliza's gone, her spirit fled, her body slumbers with the dead. But far away beyond its strife, her soul enjoys eternal life". FORD, Julia died July 26, 1869 48y Wife of J. H.Ford FORD, Harvey died March 24, 1863 8y9m24d (This stone next to Julia Ford so assume it is Ford) "Rest sweetly here our only boy, Free from life's cares and in alloy--rest unreadable" GATES, Ella P. WHEELER born August 16, 1851 died November 5, 1883 Wife of Adelbert Gates GORTON, Susan W. died July 25, 1868 in her 57th year Wife of T. H. Gorton HATHAWAY, Betsey COOK born March 17, 1816 died October 1894 Wife of Irenos Hathaway "She has entered into rest" HATHAWAY, Irenos died January 25, 1885 72y11m9d "He trusted in God" HATHAWAY, Cecil O. born August 7, 1901 died October 21, 1901 Infant son of M. U. & O. L. HATHAWAY, King died February 15, 1856 73y HATHAWAY, Esther died August 18, 1866 80y JUDSON, Oliver died January 21, 1844 5y "Thou art gone to the grave, we no longer behold thee. Nor dread the rough paths of the world by thy side, Yet the wide arms of mercy were spread to enfold thee, and death hath no sting since the Saviour has died" JUDSON, Rhoda died October 26, 1863 74y9m21d Wife of Oliver. "My dearest friends you need not weep, It is not death but gentle sleep. How sweet to rest where Christ was lain, In Him to rise, with Him to reign." LENT, Abram died October 1866 21y2m LENT, Betsey died June 3, 1874 89y23d wife of Isaac LENT, Isaac died September 1, 1830 45y LENT, Catharine died October 21, 1839 47y1m13d Wife of Lorenzo LENT, Elizabeth and ________ illegible Infant daughters of Nelson & Emily Lent LENT, Nelson died February 20, 1875 18y LLOYD, Susanna died June 13, 1850 72y7m20d Wife of Nathan TANNER MILLER, Charlie A. died April 24, 1872 7y11m24d Son of John & Mary J. Miller "O how seet it will be in that beautiful land so free from all sorrow and pain, with songs on our lips and harps in our hands, to meet one another again" MILLER, Mary born February 18, 1827 died March 25, 1904 Wife of John Miller MILLER, John born November 22, 1827 died (uncut) MILLER, Leonard V. born July 22, 1856 died July 28, 1879 Erected by his brothers. REDINGTON, Amanda died September 21, 1845 45y3m Wife of James K. "Christ is the way the truth the light, Her trust was in his name, _____he to her surviving friends, for me more the same." REDINGTON, Rebecca died August 11, 1859 51y2m Wife of James K. SMITH, Matilda born April 29, 1810 died July 28, 1861 Wife of Ira Smith and daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth YOUNGS, being the 16th child. SMITH, TREAT died June 10, 1869 SMITH, Ethelinda died August 19, 1845 70y His wife SPENCER, Lewis died November 15, 1862 5y Son of William & Matilda Spencer SPENCER, William April 26, 1895 65y WEBSTER, Matilda died May 3, 1900 76y6m Wife of David Webster. Formerly married to Lewis SPENCER TANNER, Nathan died October 10, 1856 75y5m23d YOUNG, Betsey doed August 19, 1875 79y2m21d wife of James C. Young YOUNG, James C. died April 17, 1876 88y11m26d TAYLOR, Deborah died March 20, 1840 39y Wife of John Taylor THORNTON, Polly died November 21, 1880 Age illegible Carved on field stone WHEELER, Isaac P. died June 14, 1860 39y2m15d WHEELER, Henry O. died July 4, 1845 1y2m4d Son of John H. & Lavinia WHEELER, Robert F. died October 1, 1851 1y2m26d Son of John H. & Lavinia. These 2 stones are on same base WHEELER, Isaac P. died May 18, 1870 12y3m son of Isaac P. & Helen. Poetry unreadable WHEELER, Lavinia died March 25, 1870 48y1m8d Wife of John H. & Daughter of Treat SMITH. "There is sweet rest in heaven" WHEELER, John H. born March 15, 1817 died October 28, 1893 WHEELER, Nathan died August 19, 1861 78y Portry unreadable WHEELER, Wesley died November 21, 1861 34y at most. WHEELER, Sinai died October 20, 1860 75y "Mother thou wast mild and lovely, Gentle as the summer breeze, pleasant as the air of evening, when it floats among the trees. Peaceful be thy silent slumber, peaceful in the grave so low, thou no more will join our number, thou no more our song shall know." WHEELER, William W. died July 24, 1852 6y7m24d Son of Nathan & Hannah Wheeler (age & parents names no longer legible) YOUNG, Russel D. died July 31, 1823 8m20d son of James C. & Betset YOUNG, Infant Son died November 20, 1820 son of James & Betsey YOUNG, Infant twins of James & Betsey died December 20, 1828 YOUNG, Elizabeth died November 16, 1820 57y0m28d Wife of Joseph, mother of 16 children YOUNG, Joseph died December 18, 1842 82y6m19d "Dear reader pause as you pass by, as you are now so once was I. I am not, so you must be, repent for death and follow me" YOUNG, Mary died October 14, 1837 76y11m11d 2nd wife of Joseph "There is rest in heaven" YOUNG, John died February 20, 1823 39y WEBSTER, David died December 31, 1850 30y
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