Winsor/Babbitt Cemetery
Hartwick, Otsego County, NY
Mr. & Mrs Glen Aspinwall of Cooperstown, and Mrs. Lealah Smith of Bainbridge NY
Donated by Charles Aspinwall
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located on the Howard Bush farm, near Hartwick.

Josiah Babbitt   d. 18 May 1853   Age 55y
Albert Babbitt   d. 5 Dec 1830   Age 9y  s/o Josiah & Melinda
Sarah Babbitt   d. 3 May 1828   Age 6m   d/o J. & M.
Stephen Babbitt   d. 12 Apr 1825   Age 62y
Sarah Babbitt   d. 17 Sep 1837   Age 59y   w/o Stephen
Samuel Whaley    d. 14 Jul 1841   Age 52y
Harris Winsor   7 Apr 1798-12 Feb 1830   Born on this farm.
Phebe Winsor   d. 15 Nov 1842   Age 42y   w/o Harris
Joseph Winsor   d. 11 May 1850   Age 84y
Phebe Winsor   d. 8 Mar 1834   Age 61y   w/o Joseph
Amy Winsor   d. 1802   Age 1 month   d/o Joseph & Phebe
Oliver Winsor   d. 1805   Age 6y   s/o Joseph & Phebe
Mary Ann Winsor   d. 17 Sep 1844   Age 35y   w/o Isaac C.
James Smith   d. 2 Aug 1827   Age 63y   Soldier in Rev War 
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