Winsor Family Cemetery
Hartwick, Otsego County, NY
Read 13 Sep 1958 by Mrs. Alice Aspinwall of Cooperstown and Mrs. Lealah Smith of Bainbridge, NY
Donated by Charles Aspinwall
Re-Typed by Annette Campbell

Located about half way between Chase & Hartwick, about a half mile up a 
dirt road which leads to a dead end, but once went on to Hartwick.  Its 
just above the Lyons Farm.  Condition: POOR

Alonzo E. Axtell    1848-1878
Rufus Wheeler    1800-1870
Nancy Wheeler   1810-1850   w/o Rufus
Amos Winsor, Esq.   d. 17 Aug 1819   Age 77y
Mary Winsor   d. 12 Aug 1817   Age 74y   w/o Amos, Esq.
Russell Winsor   d. 1 Oct 1837   Age 59y
John Winsor    d. 22 Jul 1862   age 79y1m12d
Joanna Winsor   d. 26 APr 1865   Age 79y5m0d   w/o John
Lydia Winsor   d. 14 Jan 1878   Age 58y5m20d   d/o John & Joanna
Emeline Winsor   d. 21 Mar ____   Age ___y  d/o John & Joanna
   Stone badly worn
Silas Winsor   d. 9 Jun 1816   Age 3y   s/o John & Joanna
Ruby Winsor   d. __ Mar 1814   Age __y   d/o John & Joanna
Thomas Winsor   d. 6 Jan 1813   Age 6y   s/o John & Joanna
Horace Chase   d. 1 Apr 1874   Age 65y3m0d
Mary Chase   d. 5 Mar 1898   age 80y10m0d   w/o Horace  (nee WINSOR)
Ann Chase   d. 20 Jun 1866   Age 15y11m10d   d/o Horace & Mary
Loverett Chase   d. 3 Jul 1846   Age 8y10m0d   s/o Horace & Mary
Joanna Chase   d. 4 Aug 1846   Age 4y4m0d   d/o Horace & Mary
Rebecca Chase   d. 27 July 1846   Age 2y2m0d   d/o Horace & Mary
George E. Steere   d. 3 Jan 1871   Age 7y3m23d   
   Son of Delos & Sarah W.(INSOR) Steere
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