Old Wolfe Cemetery
Oneonta, Otsego County, NY
Contributed to this site by Collin Haight - March 2000

On old Ray McDonald farm, River Road, town of Oneonta, NY. Across from what 
is now River Street. Once part of the old Jacob Wolfe Farm. Approximate location, 
near sit of old river bridge, near new Assembly of God church. (1992). 
recorded in 1937.

WHITE, Uriah  died March 15, 1846, aged 85y, 11m, 4d. "S.A.R." engraved on stone.
WHITE, Orpha W., wife of Uriah, died February 20, 1816, aged 54 years.
WOLFE, Margaret, wife of Jacob, died April 9, 1832 aged 69years.
J.W. (no dates) "Revolutionary Soldier" marker. Believed to have been the 
stone for Jacob Wolfe.

Orpha White's maiden name is believed to have been Miller although no proof 
has yet been found. "W" may have been the enscriptor's error. They came from 
Columbia County before 1800.

Margaret Wolfe's maiden name was Lepard. jacob Wolfe was born in Germany 
March 4, 1751 and came to America at 2 yrs old. he died March 14, 1819.

These burials were removed to the Cook Cemetery, West Oneonta, in May 1972, 
when the land was needed for I-88. Altogether, 13 burials were removed. 
There IS a stone for Jacob Wolfe. His grave was originally marked by 
Oneonta DAR chapter. The original markers are gone and newer patriotic 
markers have been placed there and flags replaced every Memorial Day. 
There was a stone remaining for a Couse baby, and other stones with no 
inscription remaining. Both Uriah White and Jacob Wolfe are in NADAR records.

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