Wolfen Cemetery
Burlington, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Rita Wells

From the Cooperstown area on Route 80 you should be able to see the Old Churchyard 
Cemetery on the right. If you turn right at the corner and proceed north, you will
find the Burlington Green Cemetery in plain view several yards up Route 16 on the
right. To go to the Wolfen Farm Cemetery, pass the Burlington Green Cemetery and
at the fork in the road take Route 16 to the right. Travel about 2 miles on Route
16 and make a left onto Eckert Road. The cemetery is about a quarter of a mile up
Eckert road on the left, drive right to it, a hundred yards above first place on the left. Bonnar, James 29 Jul 186 43y Bonnar, Mary Adelia 09 Jul 1878 24y Bullis, James W. 15 Sep 1865 18y 4m Chapin, Clarence 29 Mar 1852 2y s/o Amos & Caroline Chapin Hatcher, John 1838-1898 wf was a Higbie. Higbie, John M. 1804-1887 Higbie, Sarah L. 1808-1837 wf/o John M. Higbie Higbie, Anna M. 1802-1847 wf/o John N. Higbie Meacham, Angelina 19 Apr 1862 32y 5m 17d wf/o James H.Meacham Meacham, Mary A. 1833-1901 Munro, Ann A. 04 Jan 1852 54y 3m 10d wf/o Josiah Munro Munro, Josiah 06 Dec 1865 72y 8m Munro, Mary 10 Mar 1852 14y dau/o Josiah and Ann Munro Munro, William Esq. 10 Jan 1833 72y Munro, Deborah 16 Jan 1846 79y 2m 24d wf/o William Monro Esq. Neven, Elmina E. 31 May 1852 1y 6m dau/o Delos and Aurelia Nevens Palmer, Alden 25 Jul 1857 51y 8m Palmer, Lydia 17 May 1874 74y 21d Palmer, Elijah 27 Aug 1881 born 15 Dec 1808 Palmer, Lydia 17 Mar 1844 25y 12d wf/o Elijah Palmer Palmer, Stephen 20 Oct 1826 60y 6m 24d Palmer, Submit w/o Stephen Mar 1832 61y 1d Palmer, Annis 03 Jul 1844 51y Prentice, Henry 20 May 1836 48y 6m 20d Prentice, Hannah 05 Feb 1819 32y 1m 11d wf/o Henry Prentice Prentice, Phoebe 12 Apr 1858 64y 5m 21d wf/o Henry Prentice Prentice, Truman 08 Nov 1847 23y 4m Prentice, William L. 1830-1906 Prentice, Henry, 1852 sons/o John A. and Lydia Ann Prentice (3) Josiah, and George W. Ray, Amos 20 Jan 1834 68y Ray, Lydia 21 Aug 1837 76y 1m 25d wf/o Amos Ray Rhodes, Rebecca A 06 Aug 1861 14y dau/o J.B. and Philinda Rhodes Smith, Joseph 11 Dec 1844 78y 5m Smith, Phebe 19 Jul 1843 81y wf/o Joseph Smith Smith, John 28 Jun 1877 80y Smith, Mary 19 Aug 1841 39y wf/o John Smith Smith, Rozetta 04 Sep 1854 28y Smith, Calista P. 08 Apr 1863 64y 10m wf/o Joseph Smith Wallace, Abigail L. 21 Mar 1835 23y dau/o Nathaniel and Agnes Wallace Waley, William 12 Mar 1854 56y 3m 10d Waley, Aurelia 16 Feb 1871 68y 8m wf/o William Waley Wells, Patrick 14 Feb 1859 born Deerfield, MA 17 Dec 1779 -------------------------------------------- Contributed by Judy Morgan 2008 - There are some discrepancies from reading above Lydia Palmer d. 3/17/1874, age 74y2d Alden Palmer d. 7/25/1857, age 51y8m Stephen Palmer d. 10/20/1826, age 60y6m24d Submit Palmer, w/o Stephen, d. 3/7/1823, age 61y1d Annis Palmer, d/o Stephen & Submit, d. 7/3/1844, age 51 yrs Elijah Palmer, son of Stephen & Submit, d. 8/21/1881 Lydia Palmer, w/o Elijah, d. 3/17/1844 or 3/17/1847
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