Primary Enrollment 1942 (Voters),Town of Laurens, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Mary Jane Albright

Republican . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12,501
Democrat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,686
American Labor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Total . . . . . . . . .18,243

24 Towns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Districts
Oneonta City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Districts
Total . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Districts
Allen, Edwin D., Laurens                    Dem
Allen, Myrtle, Laurens                      Dem
Aldrich, William C., Laurens                Dem
Aldrich, Alice, Laurens                     Dem
Aldrich, Gertrude, Oneonta RD 2             Rep
Aldrich, Boyd, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Augustin, Blanche, Laurens                  Rep
Augustin, Eloise, Laurens                   Rep
Augustin, George, Laurens                   Rep
Ackley, Marjorie, Laurens                   Dem
Ames, Ralph, Oneonta RD 2                   Rep
Brightman, Ralph C., Laurens                Dem
Brightman, Maude, Laurens                   Dem
Brightman, Charles, Laurens                 Rep
Brightman, Hattie, Laurens                  Rep
Brink, Warren K., Laurens                   Dem
Brown, Pearl, Oneonta RD 1                  Rep
Brown, David, Oneonta RD 1                  Rep
Brown, Bert, Laurens                        Rep
Brown, Ada, Laurens                         Rep
Brown, Austin, Laurens                      Rep
Bookhout, Kester, Oneonta RD 2              Rep
Bookhout, Carrie, Oneonta RD 2              Rep
Baldwin, Edwin, Laurens                     Rep
Baldwin, Phyllis, Laurens                   Rep
Buhl, Bertha, Laurens                       Blank
Bisnett, Rose, Laurens                      Rep
Bugbee, John, Oneonta RD 2                  Rep
Briggs, William, Laurens                    Rep
Briggts, Lottie, Laurens                    Rep
Brothers, Edgar, Laurens                    Rep
Bard, Richard, Laurens                      Dem
Burrows, Francis, Laurens                   Rep
BUsh, Olive, Laurens                        Rep
Brightman, Gordon, Laurens                  Dem
Brown, Elwin E., Laurens                    Dem
Cook, Curtis, Oneonta RD 2                  Rep
Cook, Beatrice, Oneonta RD 2                Rep
Cook, Shirley, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Christensen, Christen, Laurens              Rep
Christensen, Christine, Laurens             Rep
Carr, John, Sr., Laurens RD 1               Rep
Carr, Claude, Laurens RD 1                  Rep
Carr, Lavern, Laurens  RD 1                 Rep
Carr, Homer, Laurens RD 1                   Rep
Carr, Jane, Laurens RD 1                    Dem
Clark, Thomas, Sr., Oneonta RD 2            Dem
Clark, Thomas, Jr., Oneonta RD 2            Dem
Clark, Cecelia, Oneonta RD 2                Dem
Champlin, Louis, Laurens                    Rep
Crandall, Stewart, Laurens                  Rep
Crandall, Grace, Laurens                    Rep
Cain, William E., Oneonta RD 2              Rep
Cain, Carrie, Oneonta RD 2                  Dem
Colliton, Fred J., Laurens                  Dem
Colliton, Lena B., Laurens                  Rep
Colliton, David, Laurens                    Dem
Colliton, Donald, Laurens                   Dem
Couse, Leslie, Laurens                      Rep
Couse, Reta, Laurens                        Rep
Crider, Olive, Laurens                      Dem
Craft, Madge, Laurens                       Dem
Craft, John, Laurens                        Dem
Camp, Leonard, Laurens RD 1                 Dem
Camp, Beatrice, Laurens RD 1                Rep
Carson, Leona, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Carstensen, Valborg, Oneonta RD 2           Rep
Crane, Leonard G., Laurens                  Rep
Crane, Ella, Laurens                        Rep
Dutcher, Claudine, Laurens                  Dem
Darrah, Edna, Laurens                       Dem
Decker, Firman, Laurens                     Rep
Decker, Martha, Laurens                     Rep
Decker, Norman, Laurens                     Dem
Dyer, Dorothy, Laurens                      Rep
Dyer, Lyle, Laurens                         Rep
Dyer, Edith, Laurens                        Rep
Dyer, Harry, Laurens                        Rep
Dyer, Lewis, Laurens RD                     Rep
Drew, Nelson, Laurens                       Rep
Dorfler, Benjamin, Laurens                  Dem
Dorfler, Abraham, Laurens                   Rep
Dorfler, David, Laurens                     Rep
Decker, Warren, Laurens                     Rep
Decker, Alice, Laurens                      Rep
Dow, Arthur, Laurens RD                     Rep
Dutcher, George, Laurens                    Dem
Edson, Harry, Laurens                       Rep
Edson, Fleda, Laurens                       Dem
Eldred, Clellan G., Laurens                 Rep
Eldred, Gertrude, Laurens                   Rep
Eldred, H. Dewitt, Laurens RD               Dem
Eldred, Albert, Laurens RD                  Dem
Emerson, Leroy, Laurens                     Rep
Fisher, Robert, Oneonta RD                  Rep
Fisher, George J., Oneonta RD               Rep
Fisher, Flora, Oneonta RD                   Rep
Fisher, Granville, Oneonta RD               Rep
Farina, Lucia, Laurens                      Dem
Farina, Alphonse, Laurens                   Dem
Feldman, George, Laurens                    Rep
Feldman, Maude, Laurens                     Rep
Grady, Stanley, Laurens                     Dem
Grady, Grace, Laurens                       Dem
Gardner, Leon V., Laurens                   Rep
Gardner, Lena E., Laurens                   Rep
Green, Bertha, Laurens                      Rep
Gray, Charles E., Laurens                   Rep
Gray, Mary E., Laurens                      Rep
Gray, Lionel, Laurens                       Rep
Gray, Gorse, Laurens                        Rep
Gray, Anna B., Laurens                      Dem
Gregory, Katherine, Laurens                 Rep
Gibbons, Joseph P., Laurens                 Dem
Gibbons, Grace, Laurens                     Blank
Gladstone, Harrison A., Oneonta RD          Rep
Gladson, Effie, Oneonta RD                  Rep
Gramps, Elmer, Laurens                      Rep
Gramps, Ingeborg, Laurens                   Dem
Gage, James, Laurens                        Rep
Goldsmith, Olin R., Laurens                 Rep
Goldsmith, Kenneth, Laurens                 Rep
Gage, Claude, Laurens                       Blank
Glenn, Peter, Laurens                       Blank
Hotaling, Sarah, Laurens                    Rep
Hotaling, Lotta, Laurens                    Blank
Hopkins, Frank, Laurens                     Dem
Hopkins, Georgiana, Laurens                 Rep
Hopkins, Howard, Laurens                    Dem
Hopkins, Dorothea, Laurens                  Dem
Hopkins, Byron, Laurens RD                  Dem
Hopkins, Byron, Laurens RD                  Dem
Hopkins, Edna, Laurens RD                   Rep
Hopkins, Beulah, Laurens RD                 Rep
Hand, Minnie, Laurens                       Dem
Herring, Elbert, Oneonta RD                 Blank
Herring, Claude, Laurens                    Dem
Herring, Mildred, Laurens                   Rep
Hargrave, Chalres, Laurens                  Rep
Hargrave, Mary, Laurens                     Rep
Hodges, Jennie, Laurens                     Dem
Harrison, Ward, Laurens                     Dem
Harrison, Marjorie, Laurens                 Dem
Harrison, Dorothy, Laurens                  Dem
Harrison, Galen, Laurens                    Dem
Harrison, Margaret, Laurens                 Rep
Hait, Robert S., Laurens RD                 Rep
Hait, Jeanette, Laurens RD                  Rep
Hoose, Anna, Laurens                        Rep
Hyer, Anna, Laurens                         Rep
Howard, Lowell, Laurens                     Rep
Howard, Ella, Laurens                       Rep
Howard, Leslie, Laurens                     Rep
Howard, Myrtle, Laurens                     Rep
Hadeler, Henry, Laurens                     Rep
Hadeler, Ella, Laurens                      Rep
Hall, Floyd, Laurens                        Rep
Hall, Mildred, Laurens                      Rep
Heller, Milton, Laurens RD                  Rep
Hoag, Nettie, Oneonta RD                    Rep
Hitchcock, William, Laurens                 Rep
Hughes, Anne, Laurens                       Blank
Hoffman, Clarke, Laurens                    Rep
Hill, Dora, Laurens, Rep                    Rep
Irish, Edmund J., Laurens                   Rep
Irish, Alice L., Laurens                    Rep
Johnson, Sarah L., Laurens                  Rep
Johnston, Kenneth, Laurens                  Dem
Jacobson, Hans, Laurens                     Dem
Jacobson, Alma, Laurens                     Dem
Jacobson, Einer, Laurens                    Dem
Kirkegaard, Edith, Laurens                  Dem
Klindt, Ane, Oneonta RD                     Rep
Klindt, Christian, Oneonta RD               Dem
Kelsey, Mary A., Laurens                    Rep
Kolgaard, Chris, Oneonta RD 2               Dem
Kolgaard, Sara, Oneonta RD 2                Dem
Kilpatrick, Grace, Oneonta RD 2             Rep
Knowles, Stanley, Oneonta RD 2              Rep
Knowles, Anna, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Kloth, Carsten C., Laurens                  Rep
Kloth, Elisabeth C., Laurens                Rep
Lord, Mattie, Laurens                       Rep
LaRose, Thomas, Oneonta RD 2                Dem
LaRose, Elizabeth, Oneonta RD 2             Dem
Layman, William, Laurens                    Dem
Layman, Laura, Laurens                      Dem
Lull, Jay, Oneonta RD 2                     Rep
Lull, Madolin, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Lewis, Daniel E., Laurens                   Dem
Lewis, Rose C., Laurens                     Dem
Lewis, Albert J., Laurens                   Dem
Maples, Anna, Laurens                       Rep
Masker, Walter, Oneonta RD                  Dem
Masker, Abe, Oneonta RD                     Dem
Masker, Harry, Oneonta RD                   Rep
Masker, Leroy, Oneonta Rd                   Rep
Masker, Laura F., Oneonta RD                Rep
Masker, Fred, Oneonta RD                    Dem
Mallory, Morris, Laurens                    Rep
Mallory, Libbie, Laurens                    Dem
Moore, Charles G., Oneonta Rd 2             Rep
Moore, Emma L., Oneonta RD 2                Dem
Mull, Arthur, Laurens                       Rep
Murphy, Theodora, Laurens                   Rep
Mooney, Darryl, Laurens                     Dem
Mooney, Carol, Laurens                      Rep
Martine, Eugenia, Laurens                   Dem
Morse, Cora, Laurens                        Dem
McLaren, John, Laurens                      Rep
McAdams, Margaret, Laurens                  Rep
McBride, John, Laurens                      Rep
Niles, Egbert, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Nelson, Agnes, Oneonta RD 2                 Rep
Nelson, Olga, Oneonta RD 2                  Rep
Nelson, Howard, Oneonta RD 2                Rep
Nelson, Mildred, Oneonta RD 2               Rep
Nelson, Signe, Laurens                      Dem
Nelson, Anton, Laurens                      Blank
Nielsen, Neil, Laurens                      Dem
Nielsen, Arthur, Laurens                    Dem
Newell, Jennie, Laurens                     Amer Lab
Nielsen, Olga, Laurens                      Dem
Overgaard, Hans, Oneonta RD                 Rep
Overgaard, Edith, Oneonta RD                Rep
Platt, Alice, Laurens RD                    Blank
Platt, Levi M., Laurens RD                  Rep
Platt, Mildred, Laurens                     Rep
Peaslee, Cordelia, Laurens                  Rep
Peaslee, Ceylon W., Laurens                 Rep
Peaslee, Alicia, Laurens                    Rep
Peck, Frank J., Laurens                     Dem
Peck, Mary E., Laurens                      Blank
Peterson, Elise, Laurens RD                 Dem
Perry, Emily, Laurens                       Rep
Perry, David, Laurens                       Dem
Pattengill, Mary, Laurens                   Dem
Pattengill, George, Laurens                 Rep
Pederson, Anna, Oneonta RD                  Dem
Pederson, Neils K., Oneonta RD              Dem
Peet, Juanita, Laurens                      Dem
Parsons, Harry, Oneonta RD 2                Dem
Parmelee, Joseph, Laurens                   Rep
Parmelee, Myrtle, Laurens                   Rep
Pettis, Arthur, Laurens                     Rep
Penni, Matti, Laurens                       Dem
Palmer, Fred, Oneonta RD 2                  Dem
Rider, Oscar, Laurens                       Rep
Roberts, Nelson, Laurens                    Blank
Rowland, Carrie, Oneonta Rd 2               Rep
Rade, George, Laurens                       Dem
Roberts, Linnie, Laurens                    Rep
Rose, Ethel, Laurens                        Rep
Strain, Etta, Laurens                       Blank
Strong, Flora, Laurens                      Rep
Strong, Harold, Laurens                     Rep
Strong, Anna, Laurens                       Dem
Strong, Edward C., Laurens RD               Rep
Strong, Carrie, Laurens RD                  Rep
Strait, G. Arthur, Laurens                  Dem
Southworth, Charles, Laurens                Rep
Stanton, Myron, Laurens                     Dem
Stanton, Laura, Laurens                     Rep
Stanton, Albert, Laurens                    Dem
Stanton, Harold, Laurens                    Dem
Springsteen, Georgia, Laurens               Dem
Springsteen, Arthur, Oneonta RD  2          Dem
Seeber, Matilda, Oneonta RD                 Dem
Seeber, James P., Oneonta RD                Dem
Schnack, Walter, Laurens RD                 Rep
Schnack, Olive, Laurens RD                  Rep
Smith, Lee, Laurens                         Rep
Smith, Evelyn, Laurens                      Rep
Smith, Addison, Laurens                     Dem
Smith, Helen, Laurens                       Dem
Smith, Wesley, Laurens                      Rep
Sabedra, Andrew, Laurens RD                 Rep
Sabedra, Beatrice, Laurens RD               Dem
Sneff, Mildred, Laurens                     Blank
Stone, William, Laurens                     Dem
Stone, Harriett, Laurens                    Dem
Stutts, William H., Laurens                 Blank
Snyder, Edward, Laurens                     Rep
Seeley, Lillian, Oneonta RD 2               Rep
Schalk, Meta, Laurens                       Rep
Taylor, Myron, Laurens                      Dem
Taylor, Kate, Laurens                       Dem
Taylor, Flate, Laurens                      Dem
Tilley, Lettie, Laurens                     Dem
Tilley, Raymond, Laurens                    Rep
Tilley, Ethel, Laurens                      Rep
Toth, John, Jr., Laurens RD                 Rep
Timer, William, Jr., Laurens                Dem
Timer, Edward, Laurens RD                   Rep
Timer, Elsa, Laurens RD                     Dem
Tyron, Lucina, Oneonta RD 2                 Dem
Timer, Albert, Laurens RD                   Dem
Toombs, Ceylon, Laurens                     Rep
Toombs, Grace, Laurens                      Rep
Taylor, Ralph, Laurens                      Dem
Urban, Joseph, Laurens                      Dem
Upright, Bert, Laurens                      Dem
Upright, Mildred, Laurens                   Dem
Upright, Curtis, Laurens                    Dem
Wellman, Ada, Oneonta RD                    Dem
Wishinsky, Charles, Laurens                 Dem
Wegener, Hedwig, Laurens                    Rep
Welch, Jesse, Laurens                       Dem
Waters, Olin, Laurens                       Dem
Waters, Harriet, Laurens                    Dem
Waters, John, Laurens                       Dem
Waters, Lulu, Laurens                       Dem
Waters, Leon, Laurens                       Dem
Woolhouse, Anna, Oneonta RD 2               Dem
Woolhouse, Blanche, Oneonta RD 2            Dem
Woolshouse, Guy, Oneonta RD 2               Dem
Woolshouse, Maude, Oneonta RD 2             Dem
Wart, Fannie N., Laurens                    Dem
Winsor, Frank L., Laurens                   Dem
Winsor, Grace E., Laurens                   Dem
Winsor, L. Coville, Laurens                 Dem
Winsor, Betsey, Laurens                     Dem
Webster, Fred G., Laurens RD                Rep
White, May, Laurens                         Dem
White, Samuel, Laurens                      Dem
Wormsley, Orley, Laurens RD                 Rep
Wormsley, Jennie, Laurens RD                Rep
Walter, Leon, Laurens                       Dem
Weldon, William, Laurens RD                 Rep
Wheeler, Lillian, Oneonta RD                Dem
Wall, Geraldine, Laurens                    Dem
Yager, Harry E., Oneonta RD 2               Rep
Yager, Marie, Oneonta RD 2                  Rep
Young, Jesse, Laurens                       Rep
Young, Jacob, Laurens                       Rep
Yorks, Wilton, Laurens RD                   Dem
Yorks, Ora, Laurens RD                      Dem
Yorks, Carson, Lauresn RD                   Dem
Yorks, Nora, Laurens RD                     Dem
Anderson, Ernest, West Oneonta              Rep
Anderson, Nellie, West Oneonta              Rep
Arbuckle, Lulu, Laurens RD                  Dem
Bard, Wesley, Laurens RD                    Dem
Bard, Gladys, Laurens RD                    Dem
Beney, Elizabeth, West Oneonta              Rep
Brockway, Emory, West Oneonta               Rep
Brockway, Edith, West Oneonta               Rep
Bryant, Frank, Laurens RD                   Rep
Bryant, John, Laurens RD                    Rep
Babcock, Clayton, West Oneonta              Dem
Banks, Stephen, Laurens RD                  Rep
Banks, Ruth, Laurens RD                     Rep
Birdsall, Reed, Laurens RD                  Rep
Carter, Willis, West Oneonta                Rep
Carter, Lottie, West Oneonta                Rep
Cogshall, William, Laurens RD               Dem
Cogshall, Minnie, Laurens RD                Rep
Cook, Grace, West Oneonta                   Rep
Cook, Grace, West Oneonta                   Rep
Crawford, William, West Oneonta             Rep
Crawford, Ida, West Oneonta                 Rep
Crawford, Bruce, Otego RD                   Rep
Crawford, Harriet, Otego RD                 Rep
Crawford, Fred, Otego RD                    Rep
Crawford, Ruth, Oteto RD                    Rep
Cornell, Bernice, West Oneonta              Rep
Cornell, William, West Oneonta              Dem
Callahan, John, Laurens                     Rep
Dunbar, Harry, Laurens RD                   Dem
Dyer, Fred, Laurens RD                      Rep
Dyer, Bessie, Laurens RD                    Rep
Decker, Holly, West Oneonta                 Dem
Davis, John W., Laurens RD                  Rep
Davis, Isabella, Laurens RD                 Rep
Dominick, Luman E., West Oneonta            Rep
Eldred, Ida, Laurens RD                     Rep
Eldred, Herman, Laurens RD                  Rep
Eldred, Anna, Laurens RD                    Rep
Eldred, Samuel, Laurens RD                  Rep
Fritz, Gustave, Laurens Rd                  Dem
Fritz, Ernest, Laurens RD                   Rep
Fitch, Carrie, Laurens RD                   Rep
Fitch, Hubert, Laurens RD                   Rep
Fitch, Elsie, Laurens RD                    Rep
Fletcher, Herman, West Oneonta              Dem
Gardner, Walter, Otego RD                   Rep
Gardner, Gladys, Otego RD                   Rep
Gardner, Elmer, Laurens Rd                  Rep
Gardner, Lena, Laurens RD                   Dem
Gardner, Darius, West Oneonta               Rep
Gardner, Leon, West Oneonta                 Rep
Green, Jesse, West Oneonta                  Dem
Green, Elizabeth, West Oneonta              Dem
Green, Emory, Otego RD                      Dem
Green, Cecil, Otego RD                      Dem
Green, Arba, Otego RD                       Rep
Gregory, Clarence, West Oneonta             Rep
Gregory, Theresa, West Oneonta              Rep
Goodspeed, Charles, West Oneonta            Rep
Goodrich, Riley, Otego RD                   Dem
Goodrich, Viola, Otego RD                   Rep
Gardner, Annette, Laurens RD                Rep
Hand, Lester, Laurens RD                    Dem
Hand, Eliza, Laurens RD                     Dem
Hathaway, Jay, Otego RD                     Rep
Hathaway, Rupert, Otego RD                  Rep
Hulbert, Clyde, Otego RD                    Rep
Hine, Samuel, Otego RD                      Rep
Hine, Edith, Otego Rd                       Rep
Hilsinger, Samuel, Sr., West Oneonta        Rep
Hilsinger, Ida, West Oneonta                Rep
Johnson, Christine, Laurens RD              Dem
Jacobsen, Bernhardt, Morris                 Rep
Jacobsen, Ruth, Morris                      Rep
Knapp, Jesse, Laurens RD                    Dem
Knapp, Olive, Laurens RD                    Dem
Lindberg, Iver, Laurens RD                  Rep
Lindberg, Hannah, Laurens RD                Rep
Lindberg, Alan, Laurens RD                  Rep
Lull, Perry, West Oneonta                   Rep
Lull, Flora, West Oneonta                   Rep
Layman, Loretta, Laurens RD                 Dem
Layman, Samuel, Laurens RD                  Rep
Lewis, Lester, West Oneonta                 Rep
Lewis, Cora, West Oneonta                   Dem
Mattice, Alfred, West Oneonta               Rep
Matteson, Keith, Laurens RD                 Rep
Matteson, Francis, Laurens RD               Rep
Martin, Leslie, Laurens RD                  Rep
Martin, Elizabeth, Laurens RD               Rep
McMyne, Niva, Laurens RD                    Dem
Nelson, Han, Laurens RD                     Rep
Oliver, Eddie, Laurens RD                   Dem
Petersen, Carl, West Oneonta                Rep
Petersen, Hansigne, West Oneonta            Rep
Pickwick, Charles, West Oneonta             Rep
Pickwick, Nannie, West Oneonta              Rep
Potter, Hillis, West Oneonta                Rep
Potter, Gladys, West Oneonta                Rep
Price, Emma, West Oneonta                   Rep
Price, Harold J., West Oneonta              Rep
Pierce, Ira, Laurens RD                     Rep
Pierce, Alice, Laurens RD                   Rep
Rogers, Truman, West Oneonta                Rep
Rogers, Nellie, West Oneonta                Dem
Rogers, Kenneth, West Oneonta               Rep
Rogers, Louis, West Oneonta                 Rep
Robertson, James, Laurens RD                Rep
Sheldon, Ralph, Laurens RD                  Rep
Sheldon, Howard, Laurens RD                 Rep
Stanley, Thomas, Laurens RD                 Rep
Stanley, Mina, Laurens RD                   Blank
Skoglund, Signe, West Oneonta               Dem
Sperry, ALton, West Oneonta                 Rep
Sperry, Grace, West Oneonta                 Rep
Shaver, Harvey, Laurens Rd                  Rep
Scofield, Nettie, Otego Rd                  Rep
Schemm, Jewel, Laurens RD                   Blank
Sherman, Samuel, Laurens RD                 Rep
Sherman, Samuel, Laurens Rd                 Rep
Sherman, Effie, Laurens RD                  Blank
Schloupt, Herman, West Oneonta              Rep
Schloupt, Lillian, West Oneonta             Rep
Sutton, Carrie, Laurens RD                  Rep
Tompkins, Raymond, West Oneonta             Blank
Thayer, Marvin, Laurens RD                  Dem
Thayer, Julia, Laurens RD                   Rep
Thayer, Allen, Laurens RD                   Dem

Utter, Sidney, West Oneonta                 Dem
Utter, Louise, West Oneonta                 Dem
Utter, George, West Oneonta                 Dem
Utter, Janet, West Oneonta                  Dem
Watley, William, West Oneonta               Dem
Watley, Lottie, West Oneonta                Dem
Werkmeister, Reinhard, Laurens RD           Dem
Windegger, Otto, Laurens RD                 Rep
Windegger, Rudolph, Laurens RD              Rep
Winney, Mary, Laurens RD                    Rep
Wood, Jesse, West Oneonta                   Dem
Wood, Sarah, West Oneonta                   Rep
Woehrle, Charles, Laurens RD                Rep
Wright, Harry, West Oneonta                 Rep
Wyman, jLeah, West Oneonta                  Dem
Yager, Harold, Otego RD                     Dem
Yager, Florence, Otego RD                   Rep
Angell, Oscar, Mt. Vision                   Blank
Bunn, Grace, Mt. Vision                     Rep
Beckley, Charles, Mt. Vision                Dem
Bergh, Charles, Mt. Vision RD               Dem
Bergh, Kathryn, Mt. Vision RD               Dem
Bailey, Elizabeth, Mt. Vision RD            Dem
Brown, Raymond, Laurens RD                  Rep
Brown, Mary, Laurens RD                     Dem
Benirschke, Karl, Mt. Vision RD             Dem
Butler, Fannie, Mt. Vision                  Rep
Cleveland, jMarion, Mt. Vision              Rep
Cleveland, Harmon, Mt. Vision Rd            Rep
Cleveland, Lena, Mt. VIsion RD              Rep
Cope, Edward, Laurens RD                    Blank
Clark, Myrtle, Mt. Vision RD                Blank
Couse, Frank, Mt. Vision RD                 Dem
Couse, Anna, Mt. Vision RD                  Rep
Champlin, Adelaide, Mt. Vision              Rep
Champlin, Fannie, Mt. Vision                Rep
Castle, Ellsworth, Mt. Vision RD            Rep
Card, Steward, Laurens RD                   Dem
Card, Alice, Laurens RD                     Dem
Card, Harry, Mt. Vision RD                  Dem
Cutler, Ralph, Mt. Vision RD                Rep

Dixson, Mary, Mt. Vision                    Dem
Disxon, Emmett, Mt. Vision                  Dem
Disxon, Leon, Mt. Vision                    Dem
Dixson, Lena, Mt. Vision                    Rep
Deuel, Burnett, Mt. Vision                  Rep
Deuel, Florence, Mt. Vision                 Rep
Davis, Lottie, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Dickerson, William, Mt. Vision RD           Rep
Eldred, Burton, Laurens RD                  Dem
Eldred, Alfred, Laurens RD                  Dem
Eldred, Ernest, E., Mt. Vision RD           Rep
Eldred, Rose, Mt. Vision RD                 Dem
Eldred, Ernest D., Mt Vision RD             Rep
Eldred, Margaret, Mt. Vision Rd             Rep
Estes, Phoebe, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Edson, Clifford, Mt. Vision                 Rep
Edson, Esther, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Englemann, Friedrick, Mt. Vission           Rep
Englemann, Margaret, Mt. Vision             Rep
Englemann, Matilda, Mt. Vision              Rep
Evans, Roderick, Laurens RD                 Rep
Gelbke, Daisy, Mt. Vision RD                Dem
George, RObert, Mt. Vision                  Blank
Gorton, Floyd, Mt. Vision                   Dem
Gray, Samuel, Laurens                       Rep
Gray, Marion, Laurens                       Dem
Harrison, HOrace, Mt. Vision                Rep
Harrison, Marion, Mt. Vision                Rep
Harrison, Lyman, Mt. Vision Rd              Rep
Harrison,  Edna, Mt. Vision Rd              Rep
Harrison, Dwight, Mt. Vision RD             Rep
Harrison, Herman, Oneonta RD 1              Rep
Harrison, Libbie, Oneonta RD 1              Rep
Harrison, FOrd, Oneonta RD 1                Rep
Harrison, Paul, Oneonta RD 1                Rep
Hoose, Arthur, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Hoose, Belle, Mt. Vision                    Rep
Hoose, Courtney, Mt. Vision                 Rep
Hoose, Bertha, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Hoose, Harold, Mt. Vision                   Dem
Hoose, Marian, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Hall, Arthur, Mt. Vision                    Rep
Hall, Anna, Mt. Vision                      Dem
Hall, Ava, Mt. Vision                       Dem
Harrington, Clayton, Laurens RD             Rep
Houghtailing, William, Mt. Vision RD        Rep
Houghtailing, Carrie, Mt. Vision RD         Rep
Hotailing, Howard, Mt. Vision RD            Rep
Hotailing, Margaret, Mt. Vision RD          Rep
Houghtailing, Lloyd, Mt. Vission RD         Dem
Houghtailing, Gwendolene, Mt. Vision RD     Rep
Hoyt, Eugene, Mt. Vission                   Rep
Hoyd, Pauline, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Harper, Nelson, Mt. Vision RD               Dem
Harper, Wanda, Mt. Vision RD                Rep
Hand, Archie, Mt. Vision RD                 Dem
Kimball, Norris, Mt. Vision SR              Dem
Kimball, Ruth, Mt. Vision SR                Dem
Larsen, Peter, Mt. Vision                   Dem
Larsen, Walter, Mt. Vision                  Dem
Larsen, Mabel, Mt. Vision                   Blank
Larsen, Viggo, Mt. Vision RD                Dem
Larsen, Bessie, Mt. Vision RD               Dem
Leonard, Fred, Laurens RD                   Rep
Marble, David, Mt. Vision RD                Rep
Marble, Clella, Mt. Vision RD               Rep
Marble, Thelma, Mt. Vision RD               Rep
Marble, Sherman, Mt. Vision RD              Rep
Marble, Jennette, Mt. Vision RD             Rep
Miller, Flora, Mt. Vision RD                Rep
Miller, Frank, Mt. Vision RD                Rep
Miller, Mary, Mt. Vision RD                 Rep
Marlette, Henry, Mt. Vision RD              Dem
Marlette, Jennie, Mt. Vision Rd             Dem
Marlette, Herbert, Mt. Vision Rd            Dem
Marlette, Mildred, Mt. Vision Rd            Rep
Merrihew, Albert, Mt. Vision RD             Dem
Mead, Silas, Mt. Vision                     Dem
Mead, Malcom, Mt. Vision                    Dem
Munroe, James, Mt. Vision RD                Blank
Marks, Mabel, Mt. Vision RD                 Rep
Mereness, Alta, Mt. Vision RD               Rep
Mayo, Edith, Mt. Vision                     Rep
Mallory, Clarence, Mt. Vision               Amer Lab
Mallory, Fannie, Mt. Vision                 Blank
Naylor, Herbert, Mt. Vision RD              Rep 
Naylor, Ethle, Mt. Vision RD                Rep
Nelson, Nellis, Laurens                     Dem
Nelson, Paul, Mt. Vision RD                 Dem
Nicholas, Clifford, Mt. Vision RD           Rep
Narbeth, A. Benjamin, Mt. Vision            Rep
Narbeth, Dorothy, Mt. Vision                Rep
Patterson, Theresa, Mt. Vision              Dem
Persons, Albert, Mt. Vision                 Rep
Persons, Flora, Mt. Vision                  Rep
Peet, Henry, Mt. Vision                     Rep
Puputti, Eino, Mt Vision RD                 Dem
Robinson, Bruce, Mt. Vision                 Dem
Robinson, Grace, Mt. Vision                 Dem
Sullivan, Bert, Mt. Vision                  Dem
Sullivan, Marie, Mt. Vision                 Dem
Sullivan, Frederick, Mt. Vision             Dem
Smith, Delia, Mt. Vision                    Rep
Sargent, Harry, Mt. Vision RD               Dem
Sargent, Clara, Mt. Vision RD               Rep
Sargent, Alma, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Spoor, Eva, Mt. Vision                      Rep
Stephenson, Charles, Mt. Vision             Rep
Swartout, Perry, Mt. Vision RD              Rep
Swartout, Jennie, Mt. Vision RD             Dem
Simonds, Howard, Mt. Vision                 Dem
Simmons, Charles, Laurens RD                Dem
Trowbridge, Deyo, Mt. Vision RD             Rep
Trowbridge, Nellie, Mt. Vision RD           Rep
Trowbridge, Mabel, Mt. Vision RD            Rep
Trowbridge, Olive, Mt. Vision RD            Rep
Tilley, Lucy, Mt. Vision                    Dem
Tilley, Leon, Mt. Vision                    Blank
Tilley, Lillian, Mt. Vision                 Rep
Tilley, Glenn, Mt. Vision                   Rep
Tilley, Lila, Mt. Vision                    Rep
Thompson, Austin, Mt. Vision                Rep
Thompson, Gladys, Mt. Vision                Rep
Trowbridge, Walter, Mt. Vision RD           Rep
Wright, Jane, Mt. Vision                    Blank
Ward, Elizabeth, Mt. Vision                 Rep
Williams, Lu M., Mt. Vision RD              Rep
Walker, Cora, Mt. Vision RD                 Rep
Wahl, Albert, Mt. Vision                    Dem
Wahl, Velma, Mt. Vision                     Rep
Yagger, Louis, Mt. Vision RD                Dem

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