Census of Pensioners
Revolutionary or Military Services
June 1 1840
Town of Cherry Valley

Name of Pensioner for revolutionary or military services Age Head of family with whom pensioner resided June 1, 1840.
Pette, Andrew 81 Anna Gillet
Allen, Benj. 76 Issac Allen
Bradley, James 85 James Bradley
Thompson. John 82 John Thompson
Granger, Zebe 78 Zebe Granger
Denslow, Benj. 80 Benj. Denslow
Glazier, Asa 55 Asa Glazier
Clark, Jerome 85 Jerome Clark
McGown Stpehen 78 Stephen McGown
McKillip, Archibald 85 A. McKillip
Wilson, Jesse 40 David Cary

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