Census of Pensioners
Revolutionary or Military Services
June 1 1840
Town of Otsego

Name of Pensioner for revolutionary or military services Age Head of family with whom pensioner resided June 1, 1840.
Spencer, Mary 89 Mary Wood
Luce, Uriah 77 Harry Knowlton
Farchild, Abijah 85 Stephen Gregory
Hand, Elizabeth 75 Hannah Ray
Reed, John 63 John Reed
Short, Samuel 74 Samuel Short
Rexford, Amos 71 Amos Rexford
Smith, Mercy 70 Eleazar Joslyn
Dunbar, John 74 John Dunbar
Baily, James 86 John S. Baily
McKeen, Samuel 75 Samuel McKeen
Squire, Joel 80 Joel Squire
Bover, Abigail 84 Eleazer Brown
Geer, Allen 86 Elias Geer
Preston, Daniel 77 Joan Preston

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