Census of Pensioners
Revolutionary or Military Services
June 1 1840
Town of Springfield

Name of Pensioner for revolutionary or military services Age Head of family with whom pensioner resided June 1, 1840.
Wood, Robert 89 Robert Wood
Davoe, Anthony 77 Anthony Davoe
Fargo, Polly 79 Nathaniel P. Ransom
Thayer, William 46 William Thayer, jr.
Hoke, Merrit 93 Jacob Hoke
Van Horne, Thomas 96 Philip Van Horne
House, Nancy 73 Hamilton Coleman
Vedder, H. 81 Richard Vedder
Hicks, Polly 69 Polly Hicks
Walter, Christer 81 C. Walter
Brown, William 82 William Brown
Hall, Anson 83 Anson Hall
Dunbar, George 81 John Shaw
Franklin, Moses 76 Moses Franklin
Beech, Jedediah 85 Jedediah Beech
Sitts, Henry 86 Nothing listed
Farnham, Joseph 76 Joseph Farnham

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