Records of the

Third Congregational Church 


Worcester, Otsego, NY


The following names were extracted

Original records  handwritten in a ledger type book.

Spellings vary according to the person doing the writing.

All spellings here are 'as written', which sometimes appear to be incorrect.

The ink has faded from time. Most entries are legible.

Where the entries are not clear I have inserted " * " or (?)

Some miscellaneous entries for deaths were made for years of 1804,

and there is one note from 1841.

The pages started with 1812, and then there were family group entries.

The years 1800-1811 are last.

Miscellaneous entries are inserted occasionally.


Abbreviations here include:

D = Died

B = Baptized

ico = Infant Child Of ____

ido = Infant Daughter of ___

iso = Infant Son of ___

wfo = Wife Of ___

cho = Child or Children of ___

MR = Membership Requested

MA = Membership Accepted (as separate date from application)

M = Membership (not defined as one or the other)

A = Admonished by the Church

EX = Excommunicated

CB = Church Business (Vote or Assignment of Duties, etc.)

Date = MO-DA-YR




-----Date------- Name--------------Names of Relation-----------Event---------Description


11-6-1812       Jonah HOW ------------------------------------------M


1-17-1813       Celestia HOW--- cho Jonah HOW----------------B

                        Jane Ann HOW---cho Jonah HOW---------------B            

1-19-1813            Deacon Babcock MOSER--------------------------CB

                        Ebenezer WITMORE-------------------------------MR

                        Abner NORTHRUP---------------------------------MR

                        Simeon CHESTER----------------------------------MR

                        Sally PERRY-----------------------------------------MR

2-7-1813            Sally THURBER-------------------------------------MR

3-21-1813            Ebenezer WITMORE-------------------------------MA

                        Abner NORTHRUP---------------------------------MA

3-21-1813            Sally PERRY-----------------------------------------MA

            Sally THURBER-------------------------------------MA

                        (NOTE: Simeon Chester's name was not in the second list)

3-21-1813            Seamans EGLESTON--------------------------------B

                        Olive EGLESTON -----------------------------------B

                        Ebenezer EGLESTON -------------------------------B

                        'Three Children of' Bro. Ebenezer WITMORE---B

                        Betsy Pliana      ido   Josiah TURNER-------------B

                        Joshua PHELPS   ico   Jay PHELPS----------------B

                        Sally THURBER--------------------------------------B

6-6-1813            Horace THELSO iso            John THELSO--------------B

                        John Gibbs NORTHRUP cho Abner NORTHRUP-----B

                        Abi Eliza NORTHRUP   cho Abner NORTHRUP -----B

                        Julia Maria NORTHRUP cho Abner NORTHRUP ----B


6-12-1813            Syvina DRAKE  ------------------------------------D of Epidemic (not described)

6-27-1813            Mary TROOP cho Rachel TROOP----------------B

                        Rachel TROOP cho Rachel TROOP -------------B

                        Joanna TROOP cho Rachel TROOP -------------B

                        Ezra TROOP cho Rachel TROOP ----------------B

                        Lucius Porter SMITH cho Samuel SMITH ------B

7-3-1813            Sukey DRAPER wfo W. Sylvester DRAPER----B

7-11-1813             Gustavus Adolphus Hamlin HOW cho Jonah HOW----B

9-5-1813            Silvania RICE   cho W.RICE-----------------------B

11-*-1813            Mary Tana BABCOCK cho H.W.Babcock-------B


1814                (The DRAPER Complaint Begins)

            (January through August of 1815, entries for "The DRAPER Complaint")

Joshua DRAPER made complaint, during the year 1814, against Elijah WILSON Sr. for three breaks of 'covenant obligations': 1) He was a villain 2) He was a mischief making man 3) He falsified his words. Wilson confessed to 1 & 2, but denied 3. WILSON was censured. WILSON was excommunicated on Jan 5, 1815. Voted 'rescinded' Jan 7, 1815. Then by August 27, 1815, he was voted excommunicated again. Present were: Rev. COULTON, Deacon T. BABCOCK, and E. SEAWARD.


8-27-1815            Elijah WILSON, Sr.--------------------------------------EX

8-27-1815            Elias CHESTER------------------------------------------CB   Voted to get a letter.

                        Harvey W. BABCOCK----------------------------------CB   Voted Clerk of the Church


10-22-1815              James Hall TURNER iso T. TURNER------------------B

                        Caroline Maria DRAPER ido Sylvester DRAPER-----B

                        Mrs. (Blank Space) HANSEN ---------------------------M

                        Toneke Newkerk HANSEN wfo Henry N, Hanson---M

                        Jerusha NORTHRUP wfo Abner NORTHRUP--------MR

                        Lucy KINGSLEY-------------------------------------------MR

11-5-1815            Henry N. HANSEN---------Rev Colton administered the Sacraments to

11-13-1815            Charlotte GRIGGS cho Isabella GRIGGS---------D of Spotted Fever Epidemic

12-31-1815            Martin WILSON iso Elijah WILSON--------------B

                        Harrison Grey Otis BABCOCK iso Harvey W. BABCOCK-----B


1-6-1816            John RICE ho Patty RICE----------------------------M (Candidate to be Propounded?)

1-7-1816            Jerusha NORTHRUP----------------------------------M

                        Lucy KINGSLEY--------------------------------------M & B

                        Nathan KINGSLEY cho Lucy KINGSLEY -------B

                        Warren KINGSLEY cho Lucy KINGSLEY -------B

                        Electa KINGSLEY cho Lucy KINGSLEY --------B

                        Almond KELLY iso R. KELLY---------------------B

3-3-1816            John RICE wf Patty RICE----------------------------M & B

9-15 to 20-1815 Elias CHESTER, former clerk, 'Removed to the State of Ohio'

6-1-1816            Lucy KINGSLEY wfo Nathan KINGSLEY--------D pulmonary consumption

8-18-1816            Lucius Ephriam HUBBARD iso Josiah HUBBARD---------------B

8-25-1816            John Newton RICE iso Wm RICE-------------------B

9-29-1816            Elizabeth Hannah WETMORE ido Ebenezer WETMORE--------B

11-10-1816            Horace Benjamin COLTON iso Rev. George COLTON-----------B


1-15-1817            Charles & S.R. COOK---------------------------------CB 

Household Discord, Removed from Communion on Sunday

1-15-1817            Christopher RICE---------------------------------------CB

                                                The group decided he was not a regular member of the church

                        The following were voted into a new Administrative Committee:

                        Jonas BABCOCK----------------------------------------CB

                        Charles MASON-----------------------------------------CB

                        Holden RICE----------------------------------------------CB

                        Abner NORTHRUP--------------------------------------CB

                        Josiah TURNER------------------------------------------CB

                        John KELSO----------------------------------------------CB


1-15-1817            Sarah (THURBER) DODGER--------------------------M & B

3-1-1817            Mary FRANTUM wfo J.T.FRANTUM of Middlefield-------------M

3-23-1817            James COOK iso S.R. COOK---------------------------B

5-3-1817         'Widow Martha' chastised for marrying Bila(?) Kapli(?) without the consent of many in the church; he was a man of 'bad character'.

5-4-1817         Joseph Normand NORTHRUP iso A. NORTHRUP

7-5-1817            Addison HUBBEL----------------------------------------MR

                        Hannah PECK---------------------------------------------MR

7-6-1817         Addison HUBBEL of Middlefield----------------------MA

                        Hannah PECK of Westfield------------------------------MA

                        Mrs. SNYDER reported Eunice HEWIT had 'fallen to temptation'

                        Albert HANSON iso H.N. HANSON------------------B

                        Lydia GUILD, sister of Samuel SMITH received letter of Dismission

9-*-1817         John MANNING & wf Lois MANNING--------------M

11-28-1817     Polly COOK wfo T.R. COOK--------------CB Spoke at the Meeting

11-30-1817     Alford COOK iso Charles COOK-----------------------B

12-21-1817     Ardelia Sophia DRAPER ido Sylvester DRAPER


1-11-1818       Salmon Arastus PHELPS iso Joseph PHELPS

5-*-1818         Rhoda Ann Kelly ido Roger KELLY

7-26-1818       Elijah WILSON iso Elijah WILSON

8-2-1818         George Washington COOK iso T.R.COOK

                        Sarah RICE ido William RICE

9-6-1818         Lydia PARMER inf.cho Mrs. PARMER

                        Melisa PARMER inf.cho Mrs. PARMER

                        Asenith(?) PARMER inf.cho Mrs. PARMER

9-13-1818       Amos Mizzey DRAPER cho Wm DRAPER

                        Mary Chapman DRAPER cho Wm DRAPER

                        Emily Willamsy(?)DRAPER cho Wm DRAPER

12-5-1818       W.H. BABCOCK replaced John KELSO as Clerk of the Church

1818 & 1819

1-3-1819         Hannah WILLIAMS wo John Williams---------------M

                        Betsy & John MASON-----------------------------------M

5-2-1819         Orpha BROWN--------------------------------------------M

                        Sarah DAY wfo Asa DAY-------------------------------M

6-13-1818       George Hooker COLTON son of Rev. G.R.COLTON----------B

1-10-1819       Fanny MASON ido John MASON---------------------------------B

5-2-1819         Valera Eunice, Adopted daught of Jacob 7 Dorothy FLINT----B

?                      Syntha Ellen BROWN ido Nathaniel & Orpha BROWN-------B

?                      Eliza Mariah BABCOCK ido A.W. BABCOCK-----------------B

?                      Asinirth(?) or Aunirth(?) WRIGHT cho Flavil WRIGHT------B

                        Orvil WRIGHT  cho Flavil WRIGHT-----------------------------B

                        Cloe WRIGHT cho Flavil WRIGHT------------------------------B

                        Porter WRIGHT cho Flavil WRIGHT----------------------------B

9-19-1819       Fernando Pratt DRAPER cho Sylvester DRAPER--------------B

1-11-1818       Polly COOK---------------------------------------------M

                        Sally (Thurber) DODGE   Reference to her maiden name only

4-13-1818       Sally PERRY -------------------------------------------D Age 23 Yr

                        "Scroffillous Tumor in the Blood", "Cancer" - 18 months

7-4-1818         Widow Polly DRAPER--------------------------------MR

                        Sylvester DRAPER-------------------------------------MR

                        Ly*** HOAG--------------------------------------------MR

9-5-1818         Tanela WRIGHT wfo Flavil WRIGHT---------------M

                        Mary RICE------------------------------------------------M

                        Matilda WRIGHT----------------------------------------M

                        Mrs. Samuel HOWARD wfo Mr. (Space) HOWARD of Middlefield--M

                        (This is Mr. Samuel Howard's wife's membership)

9-6-1818         Widow Polly DRAPER--------------------------------MA

                        Sylvester DRAPER-------------------------------------MA

                        Ly*** HOAG--------------------------------------------MA

Dates here are missing, but entries are posted between September 5th and October 31st.

?                      Phebe KELSO wfo James KELSO

                        Transferred from Church of Christ, Winslow, CT

?                      Widow DRAPER----------------------------------------B


?                      Lydia HOAG--------------------------------------------B

10-31-1818     Hannah WILLIAMS wfo John WILLIAMS--------M

                        John MASON & wife ----------------------------------M

                        Lydia PAYNE wfo Eber PAYNE --------------------M

                        Received from Church of Christ, New Hartford, CT

2-1-1819         Mrs. PHELPS wfo Joshua PHELPS-------------------D (no age given)

9-4-1819         Mr. (Space) WEBSTER---------------------------------CB Public Apology

9-5-1819         Mrs. CUMMINGS---------------------------------------M

(Appears to be entered wrong, as written 1820)

------1819       Catherine HUBARD ido Josiah HUBARD-----------B

11---1819        Mary Amanda MASON ido John MASON-----------B

(1820 is not listed)


3-4-1821         Mrs. WRIGHT wfo Jesse WRIGHT-------------------M

                        Catherine HANSON of Cherry Valley-----------------M

3-23-1821       Nicholas HANSON---------------------------------------D (no age given)

4-29-1821       Steven Henry NORTHRUP iso NORTHRUP---------B

5-3-1821         George COTTON - Request to be released from Pastoral Charge of

                        Church and Society in Westbond- okayed by vote

5-6-1821         Daniel BABCOCK----------------------------------------M

                        Denton(?) DRAPER--------------------------------------M

5-6 to 9-1821  Erastus **dorey BABCOCK iso D. BABCOCK------B

                        Jane Eliza TURNER ido Josiah TURNER

5-9-1821         Leonard DRAKE son of Perez DRAKE----------------D Age 27

5-20-1821       John Henry BABCOCK iso H.W. BABCOCK--------B

6-3-1821         Jasper Lewis KELLEY iso Roger KELLEY-----------B

6-17-1821       Francis HAWLEY COOK iso Russel COOK----------B

7-1-1821         Lu**tha FLINT---------------------------------------------M & B

8-26-1821       Andrew MYERS & wf Catherine------------------------M

                        Jesse WEBSTER & wf Mary-----------------------------M

                        Ezra THURBER & wf Elizabeth-------------------------M

                        Timothy CHASE & wf Tabby (?)------------------------M

                        James Cos**aent(?)----------------------------------------M

William CAMPBELL--------------------------------------M

Eunice DRAKE---------------------------------------------M

Lydia HOLMES--------------------------------------------M

Mrs. HEWIT------------------------------------------------M

Olney RICE-------------------------------------------------M

Abigail HOWE---------------------------------------------M

9-9-1821            Charles MASON iso John & Betsy MASON-----------B

                        Marie MYERS cho Andrew & Catherine MYERS----B

                        Richard MYERS cho Andrew & Catherine MYERS--B

                        Elmira MYERS cho Andrew & Catherine MYERS---B

                        Julia Ann HUBBARD ido Joshua & Tolsy(?) HUBBARD---B

9-23-1821            Anna WEBSTER infant of Jesse & Mary WEBSTER---------B

                        William WEBSTER infant of Jesse & Mary WEBSTER---------B

9-23-1821            Oziel THURBER cho Ezra & Eliza THURBER-------B

                        Ritchie THURBER cho Ezra & Eliza THURBER-----B

                        Charles THURBER cho Ezra & Eliza THURBER-----B

12-9-1821            Lysander DRAPER iso Sylvester & Susannah DRAPER---------B

                        By Rev. Wm Garvin

11-4-1821            Levi PERRY & wf Rachel--------------------------------M

                        Eleanor FLYNN (?)----------------------------------------M

12-1-1821            Russel COOK & wf Polly----Dismissed to other church

                        Holding PUR(?)----------------Dismissed to other church


1-5-1822            (H)annah WETMORE--------------------------------------M

                        Jemma HOW-------------------------------------------------M

                        Anna COOK-------------------------------------------------M

                        Samuel COOK-----------------------------------------------M

                        Elutha S**IN-------------------------------------------------M

                        John KELLY & wf Hannah -------------------------------M

                        Envila BABCOCK------------------------------------------M

                        Parmilia BABCOCK ---------------------------------------M

                        Hannah DRAKE --------------------------------------------M

                        Louisa MANNING -----------------------------------------M

                        Almira MANNING -----------------------------------------M

                        Francis A. RUD(?)-------------------------------------------M

                        Sally PHELPS -----------------------------------------------M

                        Margaret BANTER -----------------------------------------M

                        Francis HEWIT ---------------------------------------------M

4-21-1822            Lucy Almira THURBER ido Henry & Abigail THURBER------------B

4-27-1822            Jason WRIGHT----------------------------------------------M

5-4-1822         Joseph SWEATLAND & wf Arma Eaton----------------M

                        Newcomb WOOD-------------------------------------------M

                        Thernon(?) RODGERS-------------------------------------M

                        Mason MANNING------------------------------------------M

                        John J. MANNING------------------------------------------M

                        Caroline ANTISDEL----------------------------------------M

                        Clarrisa WRIGHT--------------------------------------------M

                        Harriet AVNER(?)-------------------------------------------M

                        Jacob FLINT--------------------------------------------------M

7-7-1822            Sally SALOMA (Could be a middle name)

Adopted daughter of Levi & Rachel TINEY-------------B

7-7-1822            Annis PHELPS wfo Joshua PHELPS----------------------M & B

8-18-1822            Cyrus Emit WRIGHT iso Fanny WRIGHT---------------B


3-17-1823            Lur(?) PERRY & wf Rachel --------------------------------M or Leaving Area???

                        Margaret BANTIS---------------------------------------------M or Leaving Area???

                        Widow BAVORY---------------------------------------------M or Leaving Area???

3-15-1823       Lydia HOAG---------------------------------------------------CB Church voted to 'withdraw the hand of fellowship'. (Out of Numerical Order as Written in Book)

3-20-1823       Hannah TUK---------------------------------------------------EX

3-28-1823       Ari DAY & wf-------------------------------------------------CB Letter of Reprimand, answered with: "About to remove from here"

4-14-1823       Calva or Elva WRIGHT--------------------------------------D Age 69Yrs

5-4-1823         Christ(opher?) Wright-----------------------------------------M

5-4 to 7-3-1823

                        Russell VALMER iso Mr & Mrs BROWN----------------B

7-3-1823         Elizabeth TAYLOR cho Josiah or Jason WRIGHT-------B

                        John TAYLOR cho Josiah or Jason WRIGHT-------------B

                        Levin WOOD cho Mr. WOOD-------------------------------B

                        Elizabeth WOOD cho Mr. WOOD---------------------------B

                        Phebe WOOD cho Mr. WOOD-------------------------------B

                        John WOOD cho Mr. WOOD---------------------------------B

                        Hannah WOOD cho Mr. WOOD-----------------------------B

                        Nelson WOOD cho Mr. WOOD------------------------------B

                        (A)tson WOOD cho Mr. WOOD------------------------------B

7-6-1823         Louisa THURBER ido Ezra & Eliza THURBER-----------B

                        Harriet EMONS ido (Abyses ?) RICE------------------------B

                        Sally Frances H*INES ido H*INES---------------------------B

7-27-1823       Emma SKINNER ido Gracia SKINNER---------------------B

                        Roluta (?) WRIGHT---------------------------------------------M

9-1-1823         Mary DRAPER---------------------------------------------------D Age 75Yrs

9-21-1823       Mary Ann SNIDER cho Mrs. SNIDER----------------------B

                        Samuel SNIDER cho Mrs. SNIDER -------------------------B

                        Hewit SNIDER cho Mrs. SNIDER ---------------------------B

                        Jesse SNIDER cho Mrs. SNIDER ----------------------------B

                        George SNIDER cho Mrs. SNIDER -------------------------B

11-5-1823       Harriet HANSON------------------------------------------------M

11-19-1823     Merinda DRAPER ido Sylvester DRAPER & wf-----------B

12-19-1823     Wife of Jesse WRIGHT------------------------------------------D (No age given)


1-4-1824         Nancy ADAMS--------------------------------------------------M

                        Mrs. GANS-------------------------------------------------------M

                        Mary BROWN---------------------------------------------------M

                        Emaline HUBBARD--------------------------------------------M

                        Sally HUBBARD------------------------------------------------M

                        Catherine MYERS-----------------------------------------------M

1-4-1824         James Lymon KELS*(?) iso Phebe KELS*(?)--------------B

3-7-1824         Edwin WOODRUFF--------------------------------------------M

5-1-1824         Frances RUD & wf Parmilia - Request letter of Rec. to church in Worcester

5-23-1824       Betsy DRAPER ido Deseter & Orilla DRAPER-------------B

8-15-1824       David MASON iso John & Betsy MASON------------------B

8-29-1824       Lucinda Amanda COOK ido Samuel & Clarissa COOK---B

9-26-1824       Frances Mary HEWIT ido Amos HEWIT--------------------B


1-2-1825         Alexander WALLING-------------------------------------------M

2-27-1825       John DeWitt KELLY---------------------------------------------B

                        Cornelius Jordan KELLY----------------------------------------B

5-29-1825       Lucinda Amanda PRESTON ido Henry PRESTON---------B

5-29-1825       Emily WEBSTER ido Jesse WEBSTER

7-17-1825       Louisa COOK ido Jane or James COOK




On separate paper inserted this page

1-2-1841      Calvin HOLMES M.E.Church Westford Village in Westford Circuit

                                                A.E. DANIELS, Ct, P*




Miscellaneous Records on Page: "Deaths"

3-26-1804       J, CHURCH cho Margret-----------------------------------------D

4-8-1804         (Blank Space) DRAKE cho Mary DRAKE--------------------D

7-1-1804         Alva WILSON son of Elijah WILSON-------------------------D

7-5-1804         David WILSON, "His younger child" (Elijah WILSON)----D




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