A Summary of the Confession of  Faith of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. of America

Drawn up for the benefit of the Members of the Presbyterian Church of Cherry Valley, N. Y.,

And which is assented to by those who unite with the church:


The Covenant of the Church

Cherry Valley, N.Y.

A.S. Botsford’s Book & Job Office.



Contributed by: Terry Schliewe


Historical Notice.

            The Town of Cherry Valley was settled in 1740-41, by Col. John Lindesay, and Rev. Samuel Dunlop, who called in Emigrants of original Scotch extraction.  Mr. Dunlop was anative of Ireland, and a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin.  He organized the First Presbyterian Church of this town, in 1742 or ’43, with both Elders and Deacons, and of  which he himself was Pastor until 1778, when the Indian Massacre broke up the place and scattered the surviving inhabitants until the Peace.

            The Parish Records, subsequent to the Revolution, commence with March 19th, 1785, immediately upon the Re-occupation of the town, Trustees were then chosen and the congregation again became a body corporate, and have so continued to the present day.

            On the 9th of January, 1804, a Re-Organization of the Church took place, under the presiding offices of Rev. Isaac Lewis, then Pastor of the Pres. Church of Cooperstown; when the fourteen persons whose names occur first on the present Catalogue, openly entered into Church-covenant with God and each other.


(Confession of Faith page 3 to 10)



            The dates attached, designate the duration of their office relations to this Congregation.


            George Hall                              1806-1807

            Eli F. Cooley                         1810-1820

            John Truair                           1820-1822

            Charles Fitch                             1822-1824

            C.D.W. Tappan                       1828-1829

            Alexander M. Cowan              1830-1833

            William Lockhead                     1834-1838

            A.V.H. Powell                          1838-1840

            William Lusk                             1841-1846

            George S. Boardman                1847-1849

            John G. Hall                              1850-



The sign * signifies deceased; + signifies dismissed to other Churches.




*Joshua Tucker

+Elijah Belcher

+Jason Wright


*John Horton

+John Horton, Jr.

*Ozias Waldo


*John Gault


*Jesse Johnson

+James Thompson


*James Church


*Hugh Robinson

+Ephraim Hanson

+Samuel Huntington


*James o. Morse

*Alfred Crafts


+Benjamin Tucker

David H. Little


Hubbard Metcalf


Charles G. Hazeltine

A.     Beach Giles



Those marked a. denote deceased; b. dismissed; c. suspended; and x. excommunicated. Those whose names are in italics, were received on the ground of their having been member of the Church under Mr. Dunlop.



a          Joshua Tucker

a            Elizabeth Tucker

b            Hezekiah Bell

a            Elizabeth Bell

b          Jason Wright

b            Elizabeth Wright

a          John Horton

a          Ozias Waldo

            Nancy Waldo

b          John Horton, Jr.

b          Elijah Belcher

a          Keziah Holt

b          Lucy Adams

b          Eliza Belcher


a          Samuel Campbell

a          Jane Campbell

a            Hannah Cannon

a            Catherine W. Clyde   

a          Samuel Campbell

a          Eleanor Campbell

a          Thomas Flint

a          William Harper

a          John Gault

a          Irene Gault

a          James Wells


a          William Wasson

a          James Church

a          Jane Cannon


a          Hugh Robinson

c          John Cross

b          Gilbert VanAlstine

b          Robert Thompson

a            Margaret Thompson

b            Elizabeth Whitecar

b            Dedemiah Coats

b            Margaret Cross

b          Nancy VanAlstine

b          Thomas Thompson

b            Jonathan Cross

a          Jeddua Cross

a          Polly Cross

b          Polly Cross

b          Josiah Mosely

b          Lois Mosely

a          Betsy Thompson

b          Sarah Dickson

a          Mary Allen

a          Mercy Horton

a          Mary Horton

b          Irena Gault


a          Sabrina Campbell

b            Mahitable Mather

b            Elizabeth B. Brackett

b            Elizabeth Gault

a          Jesse Johnson

a          Hannah Cooley

b            Munson C. Gaylord

a          Sarah Schuremen

b            Stephen Richardson

b          Anna Richardson

a          Hugh Mitchell

a          Thomas Prentice

a          Lydia Judd

a          Ann Betts

a          Phebe Wilson

            Maria Betts

b          Mary Mitchell

a          Julia Seeleye

b          Mary Church

a          Anna Hastings

b          John Bell

b          Betty Brown

            Roda Thompson

b          Hannah Tucker

a          John Thompson

a            Rebecca Richardson

a             Rebecca Robinson

b          Jane C. Antis

a          Joshua Tucker, Jr.

a          Caleb Tucker

a          Thirza Tucker

a          Luther Richardson

            Esther Ripley

b          Polly Church


b          Amy Richardson

b          Ceta Lampman

b          John Ives

b          Jane Lee

b          Nancy Tucker

b          Samuel Royce, Jr.

c          Joseph Tucker

a          Olive Robinson

b          Abigail Robinson

a            Ebenezer Cross

b          Esther Smith

b          Samuel Southard

b          Hannah Southard


a          Agnes Johnson

b          Sally May

a            Margaret Culver

b            Jennette Judd

a          Abigail Story

b          Luke May

c          John Thompson

a          Hetty Wiley

b            Ephraim Hanson

b          Elida Hanson

b          Sally Cross

b          Hannah Voorhees

b          John I. Thompson


b          Sarah Cross

b          Hannah Farqueharson

b            Elizabeth Beardsley

b          James Thompson

b          Mary Thompson

b          Sarah Deming

b          Jane Rhines

a          Martha Watts

a          Mary Hodson

            Jane Campbell

a          Anna Close

b          Clarrisa Dickson


Elizabeth Huntington

a          Mary McKillep

a          Mary G. Morse

b          Polly Plumb

b          John Church

b          Nancy Church

a          Hannah Crafts

a          Anna Prentice

b            Norman Woodruff

a          Betty Brown


a          Samuel Huntington

a          Jerome Clarke

b          Susan Johnson

b          Nancy Booth

b          Samuel Booth

a            Margaret McGowan


a          Sarah Rich

b          Hannah Jennings

            Eunice Hall

b          Horace Swain

b          Lucy Judd

b            Albigense Waldo

b            Lucretia Waldo

b          Samuel Huntington, Jr.

b            Jennette Huntington

a            Cornelius Gould

a          Chester Judd

a            Miranda Hammond

            Hannah Walton

a          Laura Mather

a          Eleanor Cannon

b            Lodemia Johnson

a          Mercy Gould

b          Mary Miller

b          Sally Miller

a          Keziah Swain

b          Mary Hoyt

b          Mary Johnson

a          Theoda Seeleye

b          Lovina Dutton

b            MaryHall

a          Mary Campbell


            Anna Frink

a          Jane Scott

a          Asa Glazier

a          Jane Funk

a          Rachel Sherman

            Gerrish Barrett

            Lena Glazier

            Maria Yates


            Sarah Morse

a          Sarah Williams

            Ruth Roseboom

b          Hannah Dunlap

a            Catherine Winne

a          Eleanor Duffin

b          Mary Wells

            David Winne

a          William Ruger

            Rachel Becker

b          Peris Coville

a            Elizabeth Dunlap

b            Catherine Gale

b          Mary Mather

b          John Smith

a          Josiah W. Rich

a          Maria Mather

a          Roby Remington

c          Nancy Hendee

b          James Wells, Jr.

b          Charity W. Wells

            Herman Cole

            Catherine M. Cole

b            Elizabeth Jones


            Francis Bowman

b          Thomas Johnson

a          John Howard

b          John Burtis

b            Franklin Judd

b          Jacob Keller

b          Elisha Thompson

b          Thomas Millington

            Fred V. Merrill

b          Maline Miller

            Aaron P. Allen

a            Elizabeth Davidson

b            Rebecca Frink

b          Eliza R. Allen

a          Sally Ann Gray

a          Sally Gale

b          Mary Thompson

a          Mabel Kingsbury

a            Rebecca Low

b          Joanna Low

a            Elizabeth Wilson

b          Cynthia Hoyt

b            Benjamin Tucker

b          Grace Phillips

b          Tabitha Thompson

c          George Granger

b          Alva Robinson

a          Amasa McLean

b          Daniel Hogler

b          Martha Hoyt

b          Mary Hoyt

a          James O. Morse

a          Martha Clyde

b          Eleanor Provost

            Sally Campbell

a          Anna M. Williams

a            Margaret Clyde

a          Erastus Johnson

b          Mason C. Huntington

b          Anna Maria Henry

            Johanna Low

b          Daniel Eddy

            Hannah Cole

b          Almira Thompson

            Mary G. Gault

            Mirian Gault

a          Hannah Brush

            Jane Thompson

b          Martha Shepherd

b            Elizabeth Dickson

            William S. Mather

b          Sanford Stephenson

b          Phebe Wilson

a          Eleanor Dickson

b          Caty McGowan

            Sarah Allen

b            Stephen Mather

a          Alfred Crafts

b          Peter Caner

b          William S. Hoyt

c          Peter B. Gullen

b          William I. Thompson

b          Alzono Flint

b          Julia Mather

b            Catherine Caner

b          Sophia Allen

a          Lucy Bridges

b          Eliza Woodburn

b            Miranda Williams

b          Eleanor Ten Eyck

            John Gray

a          Nancy Frink

            Henry Flint

c          William Waters

a          Sally Ann Hall

a          Julia Hall

b            Elizabeth Davis

b            Elizabeth Davis

            Phebe McGowan

b          Rachel Burke

b          Albert G. Burke

            Alfred E. Campbell

c          Hannah Hicks

c          Thomas D. McLean

            Julia Ripley

b          Sarah E Diell

a          James Dickson

a          John Marshall

b          Mary Ann Campbell

            Elizabeth Campbell

b          Ann Mason

            Joseph Clyde


b          Orville Mather

b          James Howard

            Sarah Richardson

a          Jerusha W. Johnson

a          William Campbell

            John I. Moore

b          William B. Rich

b          Alva W. Robinson

            James Marks

b          Thomas P May

b          Harriet Holt

b          Susan Carroll

a          Jane Allen

b          Horace Lathrop

b          David Smith

b            Ambrose Thompson

a            Deborah Thompson

a          James Scott

b          Eleanor Campbell

b            Elizabeth Tennant

b          Mary A. Holt

a          William C. Dickson

b          Pamelia Hall

            Ann Thompson

c          Evan Moore

b            Elizabeth Stewart

a            Deborah Campbell

b          Lucinda Smith

b          Nancy Cannon

b          Mary Cannon

            Rosanna Wilson

b            Rosamond Geer

b          Betsy Cross

b          Abigail Watts

a          Peter Waldo

a            Catherine Clyde

            Jane Scott

b          Clarissa Wilson

            Mary Ann Gould

b          Rachel Wiley

b          Mary R. Arnold

b          Sally Bebee

x          Jacob Funk

b            Margaret Hansburgh

b            Solomon Sherman

c          Charles Rudd

            James S. Campbell

b            Stephen Thompson

b            Malinda Thompson

b          Mary Davis

a          Harriet Judd

b          Mary Ann May

b          Pamelia May

b          Aaron Bailey

a            Margaret Howard

b          John Parshall

a             Catherine Low

b          Eliza Farquaharson

c          Lucia Anderson

b          David Bailey

b          Fanny Allen

b          Eunice Lathrop

b          Lucy A. Flint

b          William Davis

            Charles Thomas

a          James Storms

a          Desire Storms

b          Hawley Guile

b          Sophia Lewis

            Sarah Wilson

b            Elizabeth Bradt

b          Susan Guile

b          Jerusha Mather

c          James S. Wilson

x            Andrew T. Low

b          F. A. Waldo

b          George Farley

b          Jane Farley

c            Benjamin Betts

a          Benoni Rose

b            Theodore Farley

b          Betsy Ballau

b          Chloe Hicks

b          Eliab Cross

b          Hannah Bailey

b          Gitty Van Dycke

a          Rachel Flint

b          Hannah Johnson

x            Alexander watts

b          Maria Provost

a          Chloe Witaker

a          Sebe Granger

b          Manuel Truair

b          Abigail Truair

a          Jane L. Norton

b          John A. Eckerson

b            Loammi Eckerson

a          Martha Truax

b          Abigail Horton

c            Armadilla Chapin

a          Elias R. Voorhes

a          Jacob Truax

a          Abigail Horton

            Mira Farquaharson

            Esther Farquaharson

b          Jane Keilder

a          Mary Hubbard

a          Joseph Hubbard

b            Prudence Whittaker

b          Sophia C. Schermerhorn

a          Lester Holt

a            Catherine Holt

a          Simon Smith

a          Abigail Smith

a            Henrietta Arnold

a          Polly Arnold

a          Sarah Sutphen

b          Fanny Remington

b          Almira Flint

b          Nancy Pettigrew

b          Gilbert Crawford


a          John Hutchinson

b          Peter Snell

a          Betsy Snell

b          Jaddua Cross, Jr

b          Sophia Cross

a          Susan Sherman

b            Margaret Ferris

b          Samuel S. Gordon


a          Lydia Ball

a          Jesse Ball

b          John A. Ackerson

x          William B. Rich


b          Sarah Fitch

c          John Howard

c          Mary Arnold

c          Almira Hart


            Maria Metcalf

b          Mary Ambler

b            Elizabeth Cone

b          Eliza McCready

b            Caroline W.  Lyman

b          Elida Clyde


b          Ansel St. John

b          Mary Camp

b          L.H. Allen

b          Isabella St. John

b            Dorothy Provost

b          James Ormston

b          Nancy Ormston

a            Deborah Seeley

b            Charlotte Amble

b          Harriet Dorkstreeter


b          James Nichols

a          John Deill

b          Elisha Taylor

b          Thirza Nichols

b            Rebecca Flemming

b          Harriet Seelye

            Julia Seelye

a          Peter Eckerson


b          Charles Lyon

b            Catherine Lyon

c          Emily A. Crafts

b          Mary Johnson

b          Mary D. Hudson


b            Caroline Hastings

a          Aliza Ann Hastings

b          Fanny Allen

b          Jacob J. Schaefer


b          Mary Cowan

a          George Dollar

b            Margaret A. Dollar

b          Ann Waldo

            Phebe Wilson

a          Hannah Hamilton

b            Matthew Hayes

b          Mary Hayes


a          Judith S.C. Lathrop

b          Abram H. Houghtailing

b          Helen V.S. Houghtailing

            David H. Little

a          Charles Williams

a            Clarinda Williams

            Harriet M. Olcott

b          Mary Reynolds

b            Caroline Williams

            Andrew O. Morse

b.      Catharine Schaefer

a          Frances Lathrop

b          Alfred Miller

b            Ebenezer Lathrop

b          Almira K. Lathrop

c          Harriet Thompson


            Lydia Dutcher

b          Sarah Houghtailing

b          Roswell Tucker

b            Norman Tucker

b          Thorza Tucker

b          Ann Tucker

b          Eunice Tucker

b          Esther Tucker

            Sarah Trull

b            Miranda Beardsley

            Hannah Putnam

            Ruth Putnam

b          Susan McLean


            Delia Little

a            Lebbeus Loomis

a          Alice Little

            Margaret H. Little

b          John McClenghny

a          Ruth A. Graham

b          Ann Lockhead

b          Jane Cameron


b          Ann Hodgkins

b          Lucy C. Saxton

            Jane Dickson

            Jane Belknap

b          Lucy Newbury

b          Marting Vester

            Theba Wilson


b          Mary Smith

b          John F. Smith

b          Sarah Smith

b          Jane A. Smith

b          Hannah Grand

            Elizabeth Thompson

b          Mary Thompson

b          Mary Sprague

            Lydia Flint

            Richard Whitbeck

a          Eliza Whitbeck

b          Mrs. Roswell Tucker

b          Mary Tucker

            Rensalaer G. Smith

b            Elizabeth Tucker


            Susan Horton

            Horatio J. Olcott

b          William H. Armstrong

b          Salome Armstrong

b            Angelina Armstrong

a          Mrs Prescott


            Deborah Campbell

b          Mrs. Brewer

b          Rachel Duncan

b          Mrs Henry Williams

b          Judson Sprague

            Marcia Saxton

            Elizabeth G. Scott

            Hubbard Metscalf

a          Mary Schoonhoven


            Sarah Leonard

b          William P. Pope

b            Cornelia E. Pope

            Mary May

b            Wealthy A. May

            Elizabeth Roseboom

b            Catherine Trull

            Mary E. Metcalf

            Lucy A. Smith

            Mary McLean

b            Catherine Foster

b          Sarah Roseboom


            Sarah Waldron

b          Joseph R. Dixon

a            Elizabeth Little

b          Ann Eliza May


b          William A. Goodrich

c          F.A. Elwell

a          Dolly Elwell

            Susan M. Belcher

a            Charlotte Feakins

            Cornelia Nash

a          John Rose

            James Carruth


b          Maline Miller

b          Mary Miller

b          Mary Ann Bates

            Anna Morse

            Eleanor Wilson

            Margaret Belknap

            Margaret Watts


a          Mary Andrews

            Lany Elwell

            Albina Sillenback

            Edward G. Crafts

            Ogden H. Eldredge

            Elizabeth V. Trull

            Eliza C. Smith

            Catherine Roseboom

            Deborah Thompson

            Eliza McLean

            Mary A. Thompson

            Ann B. Nash


a          Cynthia Bates

b          E. Falkner

b          Mary Falkner

b          Mrs. Grant


            Daniel Fryer

            Mrs. Fryer


Eliza Little


            Mary Hubbard


A.Beach Giles

Nancy Grace

a          Sarah Boardman

b          Mary Leonrd

            Sarah Skinner


a            Margaret Moore

            Caroline Thomas

            Simon Burlinghame

            Lucretia Burlinghame

            Martha Cruttenden

            Clarissa Marks

            Mary R. Eldredge

            Hannah Van Dycke


            Charles G. Hazeltine

            Mrs. Hazeltine

            Harriet M. Giles

            J. Vinton Giles

            Ann Little

            Mary B. Hall

            Priscilla Drane

b          Rachel Miles


            H. Elizabeth Giles

            Mrs. G. H. L’Homnedieu

b            Rebecca Leaning

            Virginia Metcalf

            Christy S. Bell

            Dorothy Ayries

            Mary A. Fitz Geralds

            Sophia Bates

            John Feakins

            Sarah Feakins

            William Gault

            Celinda Gault

            Ann Clyde

a          Alice A. Dana

            Elizabeth C. Flint

            Catherine Dana


            Submit Smith

b          George C. Graves

b          Almira C. Graves

            Horatio Olcott

            Nahum Robbins

            John H. Watson

            Albert Feakins

b          Mary E. Burtis

            Julia Crafts

            Sarah Trull

            Anna M. Dutcher

            Sarah G. Campbell

            Mary A. Stacy

            Anna Olcott

            Mary Ann Crafts

            Jane Whillis

            George C. Clyde

            Catherine B. Clyde

            David Little

            Julia Little

b          Lousia Dutcher

            Elizabeth Stephen

            Susan Stephen


            Harriet Leonard

            Susan Deming

            Elizabeth Whitbeck

            Eliza Hazell

            Rachel Stimpson


            Adelaide H. Fry

            Mrs. Charles Wadsworth

            Mary Wadsworth

            William Whillis


No. to March 1854, 669; Dec’d 172, Dis. 313; Sus. 23; Ex. 4; Standing 157.