History of the
Free Baptist Church

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Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed

PICTURES of Free Will Baptist Church (1856-1891 (p 32); 1891-1956)
"The First Twenty-five Years" (1856-1891)

Page 11

Quackenbush, Phoebe (Mrs) Charter Member
Quackenbush, Jacob Charter Member
Marvin, David Charter Member
Blend, Mary (Mrs.) Charter Member
Marvin, Roderick CHARTER MEMBER (& page 94)
Burgin, Jasper CHARTER MEMBER (& page 94)
Burgin, Maria (Mrs.) Charter Member

Page 13

Bornt, Frederick
Bornt, Nancy (Mrs.) CHARTER MEMBER (& page 94)
Miller, D. M. (Mrs.)
Miller, D. M.
Gifford, Deborah (Mrs.)
Marvin, Phoebe Ann (Mrs.)
Marvin, Asel

Page 14

Moulton, Orange T (Rev)

Page 22

Ramsey, G. P. (Rev)

Page 23

Brown, M. C. (Rev) Page 24

Boyd, David (Rev)

"The Second Twenty-five Years" 1891-1956

Page 35

Gleason, C. A. (Rev)

Page 36

Wilson, A. E. (Rev)

Page 38

Ramsey, Vienna G. (Mrs.)

Page 41

Pendleton, Charles S. (Rev) & family

Page 43-Officers of Church and Society

Moffat, John
Briggs, R. C.
Tarbox, O. C. (Dr.)
Ceperley, A. E.
Gile, M. E.
Ackley, B.
Briggs, N. H.
Firman, C. S.
Wing, A. F.
Losee, J.

Page 44

Miller, O. A. (Mrs)
Miller, R. Wesley
Bouton, Abram C.
Ceperley, Chauncey

Page 47 - Choir

Howe, Stuart
Shaffer, Edna
Miller, O. A. (Mrs.)
Howe, Elmer E.
Howe, Elmer E. (Mrs.)
Bell, J. (Mrs.)
Champlin, J. (Mrs.)

Page 53 - Deaconess

Alger, I. (Mrs.)
Wells, J. (Mrs.)
Beach, A. (Mrs.)
Ackley, B. (Mrs.)
Couse, W. H. (Mrs.)
Wing, A. F. (Mrs.)
Morgan, R. E. (Mrs.)
Tarbox, O. C. (Mrs.)
Gile, M. E. (Mrs.)
Briggs, N. H. (Mrs.)
Moffat, J. (Mrs.)

Page55 - Officers of Sunday School 1906

Boots, Burt (Mrs.)
Beach, Clifford
Smith, Mabel
Boots, Burt
Tarbox, Helen Faye
Shaffer, Edna
Briggs, Nathan H.
Moffat, John (Mrs.)
Scatchard, Myrtle
Boynton, Mabelle

Page 59 Superintendent of Sunday School

Ceperley Andrew E.
Swart, Elias B.
Howe, Elmer E.
Miller, D. M.
Briggs, Nathan H.
Miller, R. Welsey

Page 61 - Sunday School Teacher

Briggs, Roscoe
Pendleton, Mrs.
Miller, R. W.
Ceperley, Mrs.
Ceperley, A. E.
Wolcott, A. (Mrs.)
Briggs, N. H.
Wells, J. (Mrs.)
Bell, J. (Mrs.)
Howe, Pearl
Achker, D J (Mrs)
Firman, C S
Champlin, J (Mrs)
Burgin, J (Mrs)
Pendleton, C S
Morgan, R E (Mrs)
Conklin, G (Mrs)
Briggs, N H
Axtell, Iva
Smith, Maude
Smith, Edith
Parkhouse, Mattie
Peaslee, Helen
Bell, Lila

Page 63 - Sunday School Class

Ceperley, Clarence
Parks, Edward
Smith, Leroy
Crouch, Lee
Wolcott, Fred
Beach, Clifford
Terpenning, George
Briggs, Roscoe C., Sunday School Teacher
Huntington, Frank
Lough, Albert
Parks, Cilfford
Morgan, Wendell

Page 64 - Sunday Class

Wilson, A E (Mrs)
Bush, Ivan
Wilcox, Carl
Brown, Guy
Crouch, Floyd
Ferguson, Stuart
Bresee, Lynn
Thompson, Allan
Ceperley, A E., Sunday School Teacher
Silliman, Grover
Smith, Ernest
Mulkins, Frank
Scatchard, Geroge
Parks, Russell

Page 67 - Sunday School Classes

Wayman, Edith
Morse, Clara
Fish, Pauline
Berner, Ina
Beach, Hazel
Butts, Lizzie
Parkhouse, Miss, Teacher
Smith, Edith, Teacher
Wainwright, Ellen
Barnes, Martha
Hotaling, Lela
Richards, Rena

Page 69 - Intermediate Graduating Class, June 1906

Riley, Richard
Moore, Ethel
Oldes, Grace
Wing, Kenneth
Gardner, Ethel
Dodge, Minna
Wainwright, Alice
Gile, Norminnia
Horton, Ruth
Parks, Breta
Riley, Edith
Elliott, Mary

Page 70 - Junior Graduating Class, June 1906

Parks, Leslie
Soden, John
Kilmer, Eva
Collar, Harold
Bresee, Clyde
Soden, Fred
Pendleton, Stanton
Lockwood, Zada
Morse, Edna
Livingstone, Jessie
DeMary, Florence
Irish, Claude
Youmans, Alta
Stanton, Clifford
Myers, Pearl

Page 72 - Officers of the Young People's Society of Christina Endeavor

Smith, Maude
Johnson, Grace
Hayes, Hannah
Blanchard, Ada
Bell, Lila
Peaslee, Helen
Achker, David J
Parkhouse, Mattie
Boynton, Mabelle
Axtell, Iva
Tarbox, Helen Faye
Smith, Edith

Page 75 - Junior Christian Endeavor Society

Wilson, Belle (Miss)

Page 77 - Women's Ministry Society

Miller, R. W. (Mrs)

Page 78 - Officers of Ladies' Circle & Women's Missionary Society

Bell, Mrs.
Ceperley, Mrs
Terrell, Mrs
Champlin, Mrs
Briggs, Mrs
Morgan, Mrs
Fuller, Mrs
Pendleton, Mrs.
Parks, Mrs
Miller, Mrs
Couse, Mrs
Ackley, Mrs
Conklin, Mrs
Gile, Mrs
Tarbox, Mrs.

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"In Memoriam"
They may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them. -Revelation 14:13

Page 85

Miller-Abbott, Ethloine (picture)
Smith, Jason (picture)
Bull, Abigal (Mrs) (picture)
Schermerhorn, Minna (picture)
Ceperley, Florian (picture)
Ackley, Julia (Mrs) (picture)
Bornt, Frederick (picture)
Barnes, Clara (picture)
Morgan, E. J. Dr. (picture)
Page 86

No pictures-only names

MARVIN, ASEL, Asel-Charter member; first clerk & treasurer; a very interested worker; his funeral services were the last to be held in the old church.

MARVIN, ASEL (MRS.)-A charter member; an earnest worker, and one of the leaders of the Ladies' Circle during its early history.

BORNT, FREDERICK-A charter member; one of the first deacons, holding the office for 31 years; a faithful attendant of the church services, especially at the Covenant meeting where he always expressed an unbounded faith in the life beyond.

SWART, ELIAS B.-A deacon for 11 years; superintendent & teacher in the Sunday-school; a consecrated Christian and devoted member of the church.

MORGAN, E. J. Dr.-A deacon for over twenty years; Sunday-school teacher for 24 years; a man of sterling character; in every capacity, whether official or otherwise, his interest and influence were most helpful to this church.

PAYNE, HIRAM Rev.-An evangelist, conducting successful revivals, during the pastorates of both Mr. Gleason and Mr. Wilson, at which services not less than 150 conversions resulted.

BULL, ABIGAL S.-A deaconess; teacher in the Sunday-school, and an active worker wherever needed; with a warm, loving heart and true humility of character, her influence was ever a blessing in the lives of others.

ACKLEY, Julia (MRS.)-A deaconess, and one of the most useful members of the church; she was a true Christian in word and deed.

SCHERMERHORN, MINNA E.-A worked in the Sunday-school & Christian Endeavor; a young woman of beautiful character, always carrying sunshine in her face & heart.

CEPERLEY, FLORIAN-President of the Junior Christian Endeavor society; a young life most rich in hope & promise; his perfect courtesy, his Christian sincerity, & his eagerness to be helpful were characteristics that made his life a noble example.

Page 87

BENDER, MERTON-President of the Junior society, and a lad of much talent & ability; his interest in Christian work was remarkable for one so young.

BARNES, CLARA-One who loved the church, and whose life was an influence for righteousness.

SMITH, JASON-A member of the church and Sunday-school; a young man of exemplary Christian character.

(Date is death date)

Abbott, Ethloine Miller (Mrs) 1870
Ackley, Julia (Mrs) 1903
Alger, Elias (Mrs)
Alger, Mary A 1884
Alger, David (Mrs) 1903
Allen, Henry N 1901
Barnes, Clara 1906
Baker, Caroline (Mrs) 1893
Bartram, Isabella (Mrs) 1904
Beams, Alvira (Mrs) 1902
Bender, Merton 1896
Beers, Almira 1890
Bingham, Nathan Dea. 1883
Bingham, Nathan (Mrs) 1875
Bingham, Huldah (Mrs) 1886
Blanchard, Jennie (Mrs) 1898
Bornt, Frederick Dea. 1903
Bouton, Jennie (Mrs) 1893
Bouton, Augusta (Mrs) 1899
Brown, Kittie (Mrs) 1894
Burgin, Eliza (Mrs) 1863
Burgin, Maria (Mrs) 1890
Bull, Abigal Sabin (Mrs) 1900
Burton, Mary (Mrs) 1906
Carr, Celia (Mrs) 1906
Ceperley, Irving 1888
Ceperley, Emeline (Mrs.) 1893
Ceperley, Florian 1902
Chase, Melissa BORNT (Mrs.) 1875
Champlin, Adelbert 1899
Champlin, Maria 1888
Conger, Olive (Mrs.) 1888
Conger, James H. 1890
Cornell, Ella MILLER (Mrs.) 1895
Cummings, Fanny 1904
Demary, D. J. 1903
Demary, Amelia (Mrs.) 1901
Ellis, James 1905
Enos, Arial 1880
Fritts, Caroline DRUM (Mrs.) (Mary Caroline 1864) ----
Gates, Maria 1892
Gifford, Deborah (Mrs.) 1875
Gile, Mary Ella 1898
Gleason, Mabel 1886
Hackett, Mrs. John 1900
Hall, Caroline 1895
Hodge, Eurania (Mrs.) 1893
Hooker, Roselpha WALLING (Mrs.) ----
Hill, Mary 1904
Hotchkiss, Nettie 1894
Hotaling, Kate (Mrs.) 1904
Howard, Nancy (Mrs.) 1906
Judson, Meigs 1897
Kantner, William 1899
Kenny, P. D. HILL (Mrs.) 1902
Knowles, William 1898
Lake, Isarel 1889
Lake, Israel (Mrs.) 1905
Mason, Viola BOYCE (Mrs.) 1900
Mackey, Harvey (Mrs.) 1903
Masters, Bertha R. (Mrs.) 1904
Marvin, David (Dea.) 1870
Marvin, Asel 1890
Marvin, Asel (Mrs.) 1891
Marvin, Roderick (Mrs.) 1896
Miller, Rachel (Mrs.) 1861
Miller, D. M. 1885
Miller, D. M. (Mrs.) 1891
Moon, Harriet 1899
Morgan, Rachel S. (Mrs.) 1881
Morgan, Cyrena (Mrs.) 1873
Morgan, E. J. (Dr.) 1893
Northrup, Lucinda (Mrs.) 1893
Northrup, Morris 1897

Page 88

Oles, Chester 1903
Osterhoudt, Jane (Mrs.) 1899
Page, Cora 1901
Payne, Hiram (Rev.) 1905
Peck, Jennie (Mrs.) ----
Peet, George 1899
Potter, Ezra 1969
Powers, Martha 1900
Quackenbush, Phoebe (Mrs.) 1862
Quackenbush, Jacob 1899
Robinson, Cora L. HILL (Mrs.) 1894
Rowe, James 1901
Sanford, Sarah (Mrs.) 1887
Sanford, Ruth (Mrs.) 1892
Schultz, Olivia (Mrs.) ----
Scanlon, Minnie POTTER (Mrs.) ----
Schermerhorn, Minna E. 1897
Short, Evastin (Mrs.) 1888
Simoson, Mrs. [Simonson?] 1893
Slater, Emma ----
Spafford, Minnie 1893
Smith, Jason 1906
Swart, Polly CONGER (Mrs.) 1889
Swart, Elias B. 1904
Thompson, Ann (Mrs.) 1902
Travis, Gilbert 1893
VanAlstine, Harvey ----
VanAlstine, Martin ----
VanAlstine, Nancy (Mrs.) 1902
Vosburgh, Jane (Mrs.) 1868
Vosburgh, Clara (Mrs.) 1885
Vosburgh, E. M. 1901
Vroman, Celestia BORNT (Mrs.) 1883
Walling, Harriet 1890
Walling, John 1882
Walling, Harriet (Mrs.) 1899
Wing, Amos (Rev.) 1879
Yager, Jerusha (Mrs.) ----

Page 89

Conclusion and Summary

Page 90

Pastors -
*Rev. E. C. HODGE
Rev. Orange T. MOULTON
*Rev. J. P. VROMAN
No Pastor
Rev. Forham P. RAMSEY
Rev. Orange T. MOULTON
Rev. M .C. BROWN
No Pastor
Rev. David BOYD
Rev. Charles A. GLEASON
Rev. Amos E. WILSON
Rev. Charles S. PENDLETON
* Acting Pastor or occasional supply.

Deacons -

Frederick BORNT
James ROWE
Elias B. SWART
R. Welsey MILLER
Nathan H. BRIGGS
Augustus F. WING
Charles F. FIRMAN
Chauncey Ceperley


James Losee
Andrew E. Ceperley

Page 91

Treasurers - Ansel MARVIN
Frederick BORNT
Augustus F. WING

Clerks -

Rev. Amos WING, Clerk of Council
Augustus F. WING
James ROWE
Clinton W. Wilson

Page 92

Historical Briefs

1856-February 25, the organization of the church; April 20, first baptism, and first communion.
1857-August 11, incorporation of the society.
1858-January 20, the dedication of the first house of worship.
1865-Sunday-school reorganized with 30 scholars.
1869-The bell was hung in the church.
1878-Pipe organ bought for church.
1881-Celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the organization of the church.
1883-Church had 57 resident members.
1884-June 18-22, Central New York Year'y Meeting held with this church.
1885-February, evangelistic services conducted by Rev. Hiram PAYNE.
1887-June 1, organization of Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor; Sept. 12-16, the 18th annual session of the Central Association.
1890-June 11, dedication of new church building.
1891-Sunday-school graded into departments.
1892-Organization of Junior Christian Endeavor.
1895-September 10-12, the 26th annual session of the Central Association.
1896-November 8, Rev. C. S. PENDLETON became pastor of this church.
1897-Church constitution revised.
1898-November 22, address of Harry S. MEYERS, national secretary of Y. P. S. C. E.
1890-December 31, Watch-night services.
1901-March 31-April 7, Passion week services.
1903-November 23, evangelistic services begun by Albert and Harry RINES; July 8-12, Central New York Yearly Meeting.
1904-Piano bought for church.
1905-Average attendance of Sunday-school 250.
1906-August 1-5, 37th annual session of Central Association; new pipe organ donated by R. W. MILLER and wife.

Page 93

Calendar For Services

Preaching service - 10:30 A. M.
Sunday-school - 11:45 A. M.
Junior Chrisian Endeavor Society - 3:00 P. M.
Y. P. S.C. E. Service - 6:30 P. M.
Preaching service - 7:30 P. M.
Communion Service-Quarterly, commencing with the first Sunday Evening in January
Mission Days - 3rd Sundays of March, June, September and December
WEDNESDAY- Ladies'Circle - 3:00 P.M. (First Wednesday of each month)
THURSDAY- Weekly Prayer Meeting 7:30 P. M.
SATURDAY- Monthly Covenant Meeting - 3:00 P.M. - (Saturday before the first Sunday of each month)

Page 94

The Last Three of the Charter Members

Mrs. Nancy BORNT, Roderick E. MARVIN, and Jasper BURGIN are the sole survivors of the sixteen persons who formed the original membership of the church.

Upon the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary there were eleven survivors, and most of them were present at its celebration. The fiftieth anniversary came Sunday, February 25, 1906; Jasper Burgin was the only one of the three present at the Sunday-morning service the other two not being able to attend on account of ill health.

Page 95

Mrs. Nancy BORNT was born in Schoharie, February 26, 1895. Mr. and Mrs. Bornt were living in Yager Hollow when the church was organized but for about twenty years their home has been on Maple street. Since Mr. Bornt's death in 1903, Mrs. Bornt has not been able to attend church; however, her former faithful attendance is not forgotten. Her beautiful Christian spirit is still manifest in the sweet patience with which she endures her pain, sorrow, and lonliness, trusting in her Saviour with an unswerving faith.

Roderick Emmons MARVIN was born in the town of Oneonta, June 14, 1831. He is the son of Deacon David Marvin, and father and son became members of this church at the same time. Until recent years, Mr. Marvin has lived on what is now the State road. In years past it was his pleasure to take people to church who otherwise had no opportunity. With a large conveyance kept for the purpose, he would bring regularly a large number each Sunday. When there were socials or donations, the young people were never forgotten; thus a number now declare that they owe their first interest in the church to the kindness of Mr. Marvin. Although no longer able to attend services the church is remembered financially, and it always has his prayer for its success.

Jasper BURGIN was born in Delaware County, March 26, 1893. Mr. Burgin is remembered as the builder of the first house of worship. The church has ever had his loyal support both in generous giving and faithful attendance at its services. The most earnest desire of his heart to-day is for its continued prosperity.

Page 96

Membership -


Bornt, Mrs. Nancy
Burgin, Jasper
Ceperley, Chauncey
Ceperley, Orlando
Marvin, Roderick
Wing, Augustus F.
Wing, Mrs. Amanda


Walling, Mrs. Susan DRUM


Winnie, Mrs. David


Bingham, Mrs. Mary
Herrington, Mrs. Melissa
Miller, R. Wesley
Morgan, Mrs. Roxie E.
Ray, Mrs. Caroline ENOS
Thompson, Mrs. Phoebe
Walling, Abner


Champlin, Mrs. Emorette BORNT
Herrington, Ella
Tucker, Jay
Van Buren, Mrs. Viola


Simmons, Esther
Parmelee, Mrs. Eliza A.


Miller, Orson A.
Straight, William
Straight, Mrs. Celestia


Burgess, Mrs. Hattie VAN ALSTINE
Ceperley, Andrew E.
Gile, Elvin A.
Richardson, Mrs. Ida


Bundy, Mrs. Phoebe A.


Miller, Mrs. Nellie HOWE


Smith, Ambrose C.
Smith, Mrs. A. C.


Ackley, Mrs. Ann
Ceperley, Mrs. Ruth
Miller, Mrs. Julia DeLANCEY
Walling, Mrs. Phoebe


Howe, Arthur E.


Beers, Elvira
Briggs, Nathan H.
Briggs, Mrs. Hannah
Green, Viola
Rowe, Harriet


Bartholomew, Charles
Bartholomew, Mrs. Rogena
Swart, Mrs. Adelia


Ackley, Burton
Alger, Isaac
Alger, Mrs. Mary
Bingham, Charles
Bingham, Mrs. Winnie
Bouton, Abram C.
Bouton, Mrs. Cora
Bouton, Jay
Brand, Mrs. Mary
Collier, Mrs. Lillian VAN WOERT
Colyer, Mrs. Grace ADGATE
Couse, Mrs. Sarah
Cummings, Mrs. Anna
Ennis, Mrs. Bertha ALGER
Enos, Arial J.
Enos, Mrs. Olivia BURGIN
Farrell, Mrs. Luella BRAND
Gifford, Elvin
Hilsinger, Mrs. Ethel BEAMS
Howe, Edythe Pearl
Jane, Mrs. Lillian
Johnson, Mrs. Etta
McDougal, Mrs. Grace SEELEY
Mull, Mrs. Ada SWIFT
Nearing, Frank P.

Page 97

Nearing, Mrs. Fanny
Nearing, Hobart
Nearing, Mrs. Eva
Oles, Mrs. Carrie
Platt, Mrs. Lettie
Rifenbark, Mrs. Sophia
Seeley, Louis W.
Seeley, Mrs. Pauline
Slade, Mrs. Cora
Swift, Mrs. Anna
Weaver, Mrs. Julia
Westcott, William
Zeh, Mrs. Cora BEAMS


Allen, Mrs. Sarah A.
Hodge, Wellington


Howe, Mrs. Isabel B.
Lamb, Mrs. Jane HARRIS
Oles, Tracy
Spencer, Mrs. Jennie
Yager, Mrs. Linda


Briggs, Roscoe C.
Champlin, Mrs. Carrie
Crawford, George
Crawfod, Mrs. Jane
Davis, Mrs. Hattie
Deitz, Mrs. Lavinia
Hall, Maynard
Johnson, Lulu
Kenyon, Electa
Marsh, Mrs. Cora
Riley, Mrs. Cornelia
Riter, John
Riter, Mrs. Marie
Roblee, Washington
Robles, Mrs. Sarah A.
Scott, Mrs. Etta BORNT
Sloat, Willilam
Sloat, Mrs. Anna
Wells, Mrs. Sarah
Wilson, Mrs. Jane.


Bustfield (Busfield?), Mrs. Melinda
Carr, John A.
Champlin, Mrs. Ella
Green, Mrs. Rachel
Hotaling, Daniel
Johnson, Orville
Murphy, Mrs. Hannah
Oles, Mrs. Jennie
Platt, Mrs. Irene
Sanford, Ida
Simmons, J. K.
Simmons, Mrs. J. K.
Simmons, Mrs. Mary
Swift, Lester D.


Alger, Jesse
Baker, Mrs. Sarah STRONG
Bell, Mrs. Hattie
Bender, Mrs. Grace
Boots, Mrs. Clara WELLS
Boynton, Mabelle M.
Breffle, Mrs. Amy MUMFORD
Burgess, Benjamin
Burgin, Mrs. Elmina
Butts, Mrs. Carrie MacKAY
Collier, DeWitt C.
Driggs, Mrs. Ella CUMMINGS
Firman, Charles S.
Firman, Mrs. Mary
Firman, May
Firman, Minnie
Firman, Sidney
Firman, Arthur
Groat, Mrs. Mary BUTTS
Hall, Howard
Hall, Mrs. Susie
House, Ida
Irish, Mrs. Elizabeth
Jane, Benjamin
Lintz, Mrs. Melissa
Mills, Mrs. Amy
Montgomery, Jessie
Morse, Mrs. Nellie
Morse, Nancy
Mumford, Herbert
Mumford, Mrs. Imogene
Murphy, Mrs. Fannie E.
Murphy, Mrs. Jennie
Oles, Mrs. Augusta

Page 98

Prindle, Mrs. Emma
Rowland, Mrs. Alfred
Simmons, Ira
Swart, Mrs. Mary
Travis, Lewis
Tyrrell, Mrs. Rachel
VanCleft, Mrs. Zillah COUSE
Wells, Jerome
Wellman, Mrs. Monelia BUTTS
Wolcott, Mrs. Arillia


Bailey, Charles
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah
Bell, John
Bell, Msr. Allie
Gifford, May
Hall, Mrs. Clara
Hanson, Mrs. Minerva WHITNEY
Huntington, Luella
Jenkins, Mrs. Addie KNAPP
Mayhew, Mrs. Alice WARNER
Moffatt, John
Moffat, Mrs. Lizzie WARNER
Oles, Orrin D.
Parsons, J. A.
Rider, Mrs. Alverda BUTTS
Scatchard, Mrs. Fannie H.
Schermerhorn, Ella M.
Schermerhorn, Anna B.
Stanton, Mrs. Minnie MOON
Travis, Mrs. Louisa
Warner, John


Butts, John D.
Congdon, Mrs. Mary
Dibble, Charles E.
Dibble, Mrs. Catherine
Garlick, Manley
Garlick, Mrs. M.
Hawver, George
Hotchkiss, Frank
Huntington, Mrs. Nellie
Joslyn, Mrs. Mary
Liddell, Mrs. E. G.
Moore, Eugene
Moore, Mrs. Letitia
Pier, Mrs. Martha

Page 99

Sickler, Mrs. Cora
Smith, Mora
Thompson, Mrs. Lottie
Tingley, A. J.
Tingley, Mrs. A. J.
VanWoert, Mrs. Melissa
Vincent, Mrs. Susie CHANDLER
Walling, Jesse
Warner, William
Webb, Mrs. Catherine RICHMOND
Wheeler, Stiles
Wheeler, Mrs. Clara
Wier, Mrs. Alice KANTNER


Barrie, Mrs. Blanche
Berner, Mrs. Alice
Brazie, Jennie
Bronson, O.
Bronson, Mrs. Emma
Brownell, Mrs. Odella
Carr, Mrs. Rose
Carr, Leone
Gile, Mrs. Caroline
Graves, Mary
Haywood, Rose
Hogan, Laura
Horton, Mrs. Mabel REYNOLDS
Jones, James
Jones, Mrs. J.
Losee, James
Losee, Mrs. J.
Moak, J. W.
Noak, Mrs. Anna W.
Neer, Mrs. Minnie
Reed, Alanson
Refield (Redfield?), Charles
Refield (Redfield?), Mrs. Mary
Richmond, Walter
Richmond, Harvey
Safford, William
Schermerhorn, Mrs. Jane
Simmons, Jennie
Sloat, Amelia
Smith, Luzinda
Sperbeck, Mrs. Lizzie
Terrell, Jacob
Thurnau, Mrs. Mary
Weidman, Daniel
Wiinn, Mrs. Emma
Youmans, Edgar
Youmans, Mrs. Ida


Adams, Henry
Adams, Mrs. Janette
Alger, Grant
Anderson, George
Anderson, Mrs. Ella
Arnold, Mrs. Mary
Barnes, D. C.
Barnes, Mrs. D. C.
Barnes, Mrs. Maria
Barnes, May
Bell, Lila
Buell, Mrs. Vesta ALGER
Clegg, Myrle
Colyer, Menzo
Dewey, W. R.
Dewey, Mrs. Ella
Foster, Mrs. Emma HUNGERFORD
Gurney, William C.
Hale, Lulu
Hall, Mrs. Clara
Jane, William
Jones, Lee
Martin, Mrs. Hanna
Parks, Edward A.
Perry, Mrs. Hannah
Phoenix, Mrs. Jessie STANTON
Pogue, Wilbur
Powers, Wesley
Riley, Mrs. Hattie
Safford, Mrs. Jennie
Safford, Mrs. Sadie
Sloat, Mrs. Maggie
Smith, Mrs. Emma
Smith, Bernice
Stalker, Mrs. Emma
Stanton, William
Stanton, Mrs. W.
Stanton, Harry
Stump, John
Thompson, Mrs.
Thurnau, Carl
VanDeusen, James

Page 100

VanDeusen, Mrs. Nellie
Weyman, Mrs. Rosina
Weidman, Mrs. Libbie
Wilbur, Seymour
Wilbur, Mrs. Ann


Alger, Ezra
Beach, Hazel
Bell, Goldie
Bender, Willis
Bender, Harry
Blanchard, Ira
Butts, Mrs. Ella S.
Ellis, George
Ellis, Mrs. George
Hilsinger, Ida
Hotchkiss, Mrs. Frank
Hungerford, Nettie
Jane, Mabel
Johnson, Hiram
Johnson, Otis
May, James
May, Mrs. Carrie
Pendleton, Rev. Chas. S.
Pendleton, Mrs. M. E.
Quackenbush, Mrs. Jane
Rhodes, William
Shepherd, Mrs. Emily


Carpenter, Herman
Dickinson, Benjamin
Dickinson, Mrs. Hattie


Ceperley, Clarence
Ceperley, Mrs. Catherine
Collar, Mrs. M. A.
Evans, Nellie
Graham, Mrs. Eliza
Miller, Mrs. Peter
Miller, Mary
Morgan, Wendell
Quackenbush, Myron
Quackenbush, Mrs. M.
Whitbeck, Henry
Whitbeck, Mrs. Lodema
Wilcox, Mrs. Sarah YOUNG


Bailey, Earl
Bailey, Nina
Collar, Mrs. Rose
Fassett, Matie E.
Gifford, Carrie
Irish, Mrs. Estella A.
Jane, Mrs. Jessie
Johnson, Matthew H.
Kilburn, Mrs. Delilah
Shellman, Mrs. Fred D
Shellman, Earl


Axtell, Adelbert
Axtell, Mrs. A.
Axtell, Iva
Bailey, Hazel
Beach, Clifford
Blanchard, Ada
Cain, Mrs. Emily
Couse, Mrs. Celestia D.
Craft, Mrs. Mabel Bell
Dodge, Mrs. Alice R.
Fuller, Mrs. Lillian
Houghtaling, Mrs. Hattie
Howe, Stuart E.
Irish, Henry
Johnson, Mrs. Carrie
Johnson, Edith Grace
Johnson, Myrtle
Lough, Mrs. Eveline
Lough, Albert
Manchester, Mrs. Helen J.
Mulkins, Mrs. Nora
Pendleton, Mrs. Amanda M.
Rhodes, Mrs.
Rhodes, Edward
Rhodes, Eva
Richards, Mrs. Carrie
Scatchard, Ethel
Shellman, Mrs. Daisy
Smith, Gertrude
Walling, Mrs. Rose
Walrod, Mrs. Marcella
Whitbeck, Mrs. Diana
Woodward, Mrs. Blanche STRAIT

Page 101


Barnes, Robert
Berner, Ina
Bouton, Mrs. Jennie
Brooks, Mrs. Ella
Bush, Ivan D.
Champlin, Claude L.
Cook, Anna
Crouch, Floyd
Devue, Mrs. Kate E.
Fish, Mrs. Harriet A.
Fish, Pauline
Green, Mrs. Mabel FISH
Howard, Mrs. Eva L.
Jane, Mrs. Jennie GUNSAULUS
Jane, Myrtle
Jones, Viola
Knapp, Mrs. Sarah H.
McFee, Mrs. Nellie BUSH
Moak, Herbert
Parkhouse, Mattie
Pratt, Eugene
Pratt, Mrs. Elizabeth
Shellman, Bert
Shutters, Mrs. Fanny
Smith, Edith A.
Smith, Maud E.
Swart, Orson
Walker, Mrs. Jessie CONKLING
Wilbur, Mrs. Mary
Wolcott, Claude
Wolcott, Fred


Burnside, Mrs. Ella
Crouch, Thomas
Crouch, Mrs. Effie
Cunningham, Edith
Eaton, Mrs. Myrtle HOLLINSWORTH
Fuller, M. Etta
Gile, Merton E.
Gile, Mrs. Georgia
Harmer, Mrs. Matilda NYE
Hotaling, Mrs. Sovina DAVIS
Howard, Robert R.
Morse, Ezra J.
Morse, Mrs. Olive E.
Murdock, Fred A.
Murdock, Mrs. Viola J.
Suetterlein, Marie
Whitney, Ray A.


Bailey, Agnes
Barnes, Mrs. Lena May
Bates, Lucinda
Beams, Adelbert
Beams, Mrs. Ida V.
Boots, Burt
Briggs, Mrs. Katherine S.
Butts, Jerry B.
Cook, Edith
Dewey, Francis A.
Eldred, Mrs. Anna M.
Ellis, Mrs. Harriet
Francisco, Ray
Haskell, Mrs. Hattie E.
Houghtaling, Leila M.
Houghtaling, Roscoe
Howard, Flora
Irish, Mrs. Lizzie
Irish, Stanley
Johnson, Wallace
Knapp, Irving
Lough, Harriet
Masters, E. J.
Mulkins, Frank
Moon, Mrs. Jennie J.
Parks, Mrs. Fannie
Parks, Ida S.
Parks, Russell
Parks, Breta
Quackenbush, Cora
Roblee, Burke J.
Scatchard, Ellsworth
Southern, Ethel B.
Tarbox, Dr. O. C.
Tarbox, Mrs. Mary
Tarbox, Helen Faye
Terpenning, Mrs. Myrtle
Smith, Mabel WALLACE
Smith, Leona
Underdown, Wm. J.
VanDeusen, Hattie


Ackley, Albert
Ackley, Alice

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Anderson, Bethel I.
Anderson, Letha B.
Bartram, Leona
Clark, Veda
Collar, E. A.
Collar, Ursula
Dean, Arthur C.
Dean, Grace E.
Fox, Martha
Fritts, Mrs. Elizabeth
Gile, Norminnia M.
Horton, Mrs. Cora
Lockwood, Zada
Meyer, Rev. Charles
Meyer, Mrs. Elizabeth
Oldes, Grace
Parshall, Mrs. Olive D.
Parshall, Dora
Richmond, Mrs. Corlie PRATT
Shumway, Mrs. Dora S.
Shumway, Lynn
Sickler, Hazel
Smith, Bella
Smith, Mabel Clara
Smith, Ernest
Strain, Mrs. Mabel
Zeh, Alfred


Acher, David J.
Ackley, Morris
Bartram, Mabel E.
Bouton, Hazel
Butts, Lizzie M.
Champlin, Jay O.
Chandler, Etta May
Coe, Wilson
Coe, Mrs. W.
Francisco, Mrs. Annie
Goodrich, Goldie P.
Horton, Soughton
Horton, Mrs. Francella
Ingalls, Mrs. Nellie HODGE
Morse, Clora (Clara?) E.
Riley, Edith M.
Sargent, Mrs. Emma
Schermerhorn, Mrs. Eliza J.
Shaffer, Edna
Sheldon, Bernice
Silliman, Grover A.
Soden, Mary
Southern, Harriet L.
Starr, Sheila J.
Terrell, Mrs. Belle A.


Barnes, Martha
Beams, Mrs. Addie
Beams, Lena B.
Brooke, Mrs. Mary E.
Brooke, Velma M.
Byam, Lynn
Byam, Mrs. Grace L.
Colburn, Mrs. Laura J.
Crouch, Lee D.
Crouch, Grace
Dodge, Minna M.
Epps, Mrs. Edwin R.
Evans, Ethel
Fish, Harry C.
Horton, Ruth
Livingston, Jessie
Moore, Ethel
Morse, Edna
Parkhurst, Nellie E.
Parks, Clifford
Pierce, Charlie L.
Pierce, Mrs. C. L.
Scatchard, Myrtle
Terpenning, George H.
Todd, Herry M.
Todd, Mrs. Cora A.
Wainwright, Ellen H.
Wainwright, Alice
Walling, Mrs. Libbie
Wilcox, Carl

EDITOR'S NOTE- The valuable assistance given by the pastor, Rev. C. S. PENDLETON, and Andrew E. CEPERLEY calls for special acknowledgment; thanks are due the former for his helpful criticism of the manuscript and proof, and to the latter for general business management of the pictures contained in this Souvenir.

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What the future of our church will be only God knows. Its power and influence will depend largely upon our steadfast devotion to Christ, and our constant fidelity to the church; and, also much depends upon how each individual member meets the responsibility of Christian service. If a brave and consecrated few fifty years ago, burdened with much discouragement, won many victories for God, then, surely, our church to-day, with its large body of professing Christians, should not fear any experience that may await it, but should enter upon a field of usefulness, greater than any of the past more beneficent to the world, and more honoring to God.

The past has gone. The present time is our opportunity, yet,- "Some people's religion has to do chiefly with the past. They remember old sermons, and relate old experiences and mourn over old defeats, and shout over old victories. For the present, the living, breathing present they have no heart. Now we should have due reverence for the traditions and institutions and personalities and experiences of yesterday, of course. The old days held much that was heroic and noble and good. But our chief business is with to-day. A hundred burning issues face us. Opportunities come trooping by. Duties press upon us which cannot be ignored. We belong not to ancient times but to these times. Look not forever behind. Look at the mighty to-day. Look toward the mightier to-morrow."

"The Future stretches out so far away-
It reaches on beyond our earthly sight,
Swept in the distance by dull clouds of dread,
Double painting fears with scarce a fringe of light.
Hope whispers of the coming years for Him,
Pictured with joyous service and with love;
Yet Doubt nor Hope can make the Future Now,
It is beyond, the Future is with God.
The past is gone, the Future is not ours,
The Present only is within our clasp.
We know the Past, the Future trust with God,
The Present firmly hold within thy grasp,
And send it up to Him a chord of praise;
Whether in toil, in service, or in prayer,
Each moment let us glorify our Lord,
As angels glorify Him "over there." -Selected

(Page 105)

Let us also, seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising shame, and hath set down at the right hand of the throne of God. -Hebrews 12:1-

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A Word from the Anniversary Committee
Picture of Miss Mabelle M. BOYNTON*

Now that the editor has completed her task and the material is in the hands of the publisher we take the advantage to say a word of approval and commendation. Miss BOYNTON reluctantly accepted the appointment of the committee; but accepting it, has put forth her energy with untiring zeal. We are satisfied. She has had many able assistants, but this instead of making the task easier has really increased her responsibility in keeping the wealth of material within the bounds of a limited space and purpose. Her work has been without recompense-entirely a labor of love for the church and the cause of Christ. Our thanks are due her for what we believe to be a notable success, and are hereby tendered. Anniversary Committee. Dated Dec. 21, 1906

*Printed without permission. End of book

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