Welcome Baptist Church
New Lisbon, Otsego County

Members List Dated 1808

Contributed by Lori Driver

This copy was found in my Briggs Family Bible Dated 1808.
The record is extremely old and handwritten names difficult to read - I did note when name spelling was questionable.
Hypenated names appear to be husband and wife.

Abraham Bowdish
Joshua Matterson - Susannah Matterson
Job Herington - Hannah Herington
Daniel Eldred - Olive Eldred
Zebulon (sp?) Eldred - Sally Eldred
Samuel Briggs - Sara Briggs
Mumford Downing - Charity Downing

Phebe Bates
Mary Herrington
Wata Johnson
Abigail Briggs
Sebel ( sp?) Bishop
Polly Gardner
Mehitabell Bartton
Elizabeth Bowdish
Rhoda Elihed (sp?)
Ida Nash
Sbara Pattingell
Phebe Fitch
Lydia Rockwell
Bestey Fitch
Clarisa Scofield
Hannah Briggs
Lydia Manor
Lany Clark
Anna Perkins
Elisa Yates

Joseph Stanton - Potta Stanton
Jacob Bund - Jane Bund
Pontilius Bartholieb (sp?)
Ebenezer Ward -- Abigail Ward
Micajah Pride
Lucerna Alexander
Stately Elsworth
Sethiah Herington
Thurston Clark
Abel Card
Mary Randell
Esther Cole
Seth Gregory
Peter Micah French
Lihey Rockwell
George Dandley
David Fuller
Wm Peirce
Samuel Durham
Chester Rockwell

John Bates
Squire Briggs - Desire Briggs
Thomas Keys - Mary Keys
Thomas Robinson
Bestey Lane
Polly Cole
Catherine Harington
Hannah Harington
Laney Clark
Peggy Bund ( sp?)
Nancy Bates
Lydia Pride
Esther Blood
Jemima Clark