Carlton Guy Palmer
About his father Dr. Wheeler Palmer

Transcribed by Judy Morgan

Letter to the Editor of the Richfield Springs Mercury
Jan 10, 1890
Carlton Guy Palmer
Birch Pond, Wayne Co, Penn
Dear Editor of the Mercury
It is a year since I last wrote to your paper.  I am reminded of my early days in Otsego 
Co, particularly growing up in Richfield Springs. I get much pleasure in reading the
contents of your paper and the pleasure I receive from information of my native town
and former residence for more than 40 years of my early life. My father, Dr Wheeler
Palmer was a practicing physician in the town of Richfield for over 40 years. My
father died 30 years ago the 5th day of January. It does not seem possible the
changes that have taken place in the past 30 years. We are having a very mild winter
here in Penn, not much sleighing this year. In thinking of the many changes in
Richfield Springs, I think back of the 1st schoolhouse there kept by James S. Palmer. My father, Dr Wheeler Palmer, settled at Brighton Village, 2 miles west of Richfield
Springs soon after the war and practiced medicine for about 40 years in Richfield,
Exeter, Warren, and Columbia. He commenced poor, accumulated a small fortune, and
made a good living. Had 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daughter. The eldest son, Delos W.
Palmer, left home in the year 1840, went to Macon, Georgia, where he engaged in
teaching school for about 2 years at a salary of $1000 per year. He then accepted a
position as a teacher in the state of Louisiana at $1500 per year. While there he
was taken sick and a physician advised him to go to Havana, Cuba. He never recovered
and died in Havana. A son died at Brighton when 12 years old. Dr Damon, now living
at Batavia, NY, and Carlton G. Palmer, who is now writing this article for your
paper. My father lived a very useful life, left very many friends and acquaintances
and 2 sons to mourn his loss. Our little sister died when only 3 years of age in
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