Lewis H. Judson
To His Sister
Adelia Judson

Transcribed January  3, 2006 from a copy sent to P.A. Devin of the original letter
from the Corresponding Secretary of Willamette Valley Genealogical
Society-Salem, Oregon: Oregon State Library Microfilm Ree1 1, A.3.c.4.

Transcription by David Devin
Corvallis  October 25th, 1867
  Dear Sister
  I this day received a letter from
  Rev Alexander E Daniels South Berlin
  N York in which he informs me that Aunt Nancy
passed away in holy Triumph on the 23rd day of
last August, that she made the following dispo
sition of the donation from yourself to her Bro
Daniel informed me was provided for by Aunt
Nancy Ann in her will.  1st to pay her funeral
expenses & grave stone and to pay her Physician
for his service attending her in her last sickness
2nd the remainder to be equally divided between
her three remaining daughters  Elizabeth Lucia & Charlotte.
I expect to be down to Salem next week and
you can then see the letter which contains the
obituary of Aunt written by the Pastor
Bro Daniel also writes that the legacy from
Uncle Oliver’s estate will not be payable before the
first of January next probably about that time
& He writes that although a considerable has been
spent (his words are “quite a large sum”) in law
“The probability now is you will receive something more
than the amount of Legacy.  My health and also
Lewis’ is now pretty good though I have had a bad
cold and Lewis has had the ague.
I hope to see you next week;
          Very truly yours
        L H Judson
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