F.W. Beers 1868 Atlas of Otsego County, NY
Published by F.W. Beers, A.D. Ellis and G.G. Soule
assisted by F.S. Fulmer and others.
95 Maiden Lane, New York

The maps were reduced to allow for photocopying, then scanned in 200 dpi mode to assure legibility of the actual names. In some cases the maps were too large to be reduced in one piece. These were scanned in sections and then put back together as close as possible to the original. The download time for each map could be lengthy depending on the speed of your modem. The size of each file is listed next to each link.

  • Town of Plainfield 375k

    Town of Richfieldincluding villages of Brighton Corners, and Monticello. 588k

    Town of Springfield 611k

    Town of Cherry Valley including village of Saltspringville. 641k

    Town of Edmeston 604k

    Town of Burlington including villages of Burlington Green, Burlington Flats and West Burlington. 560k

    Town of Exeter 503k

    Town of Otsego

    Town of Middlefield - North section including village of Middlefield Center. 554k

    Town of Middlefield - South section including villages of Westville and Clarksville. 579k

    Town of Roseboom - east section including village of Pleasant Brooke. 464k

    Town of Roseboom - west section including villages of South Valley, Roseboom and Center Valley. 641k

    Town of Pittsfield 579k

    Town of New Lisbon including village of Noblesville. 681k

    Town of Hartwick 472k

    Town of Westford including villages of Hyde Park, Toddsville, Westford and South Hartwick. 599k

    Town of Decator including villages of South New Berlin and Decatur. 510k

    Town of Morris 581k

    Town of Laurens 558k

    Town of Milfor - west section including village of Portlandville. 561k

    Town of Milford - east section including villages of Colliersville and Milford. 454k

    Town of Maryland including villages of Maryland Center and Chaseville. 631k

    Town of Worcester including village of South Worcester. 602k

    Town of Unadilla including villages of Sand Hill and Unadilla Center. 622k

    Town of Butternuts 623k

    Town of Oneonta including village of West Oneonta. 518k

    Town of Otego including village of Oaksville. 660k

  • Villages of Otsego, Worcester and Otsdawa 501k

    Villages Cherrey Valley, Edmeston Center and West Edmeston. 593k

    Village of Butternuts (Gilbertsville). 510k

    Villages of Jacksonville (Mt Vision P.O.) Hartwick, West Laurens and Garrettsville 512k

    Villages of East Worcester, Unadilla Forks and Schenevus 545k

    Village of Unadilla 439k

    City of Oneonta 520k

    Village of Richfield Springs 495k

    Villages of Morris, Springfield Center, Springfield, and Middle Village 567k

    Villages of Fly CReek, West Exeter, Schuyler Lake and Exeter 444k

    Village of Cooperstown - west of Susquehanna River 564k

    Village of Cooperstown - east of Susquehanna River includes the village of Laurens. 563k

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