Cols. Of the 121st

Col. Richard Franchot
Richard Franchot
Served through Sept 25, 1862
Emory Upton
Emory Upton
Oct. 23, 1862-July 4, 1864
Egbert Olcott
Egbert Olcott
July 4, 1864 to June 25, 1865

MUSTER-IN ROLL of Field and Staff in the 121st Regiment of New York State Volunteers, commanded by Colonel R. Franchot, called into service of the United States by Proclamation of the President, from the twenty-third day of August 1862 (date of muster), for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.

Name Rank Age When Where Remarks

Richard Franchot Colonel 46 Aug 23 Camp Schuyler C.H. Clark Lieut Col 28 Aug 23 Camp Schuyler Egbert Olcott Major .. Aug 23 Camp Schuyler Alonzo Ferguson Adjutant 42 Aug 23 Camp Schuyler S.B. Valentine 1st Asst Surg .. Aug 23 Camp Schuyler Absent D.M. Holt 2d Asst.Surg .. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler Albert Story Q. Master .. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler J.R. Sage Chaplain .. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler Non-Commissioned Staff Charles M. Bradt Serg. Maj... Aug 27 Camp Schuyler Samuel J. Cooke Q.M. Ser. 43 Aug 27 Camp Schuyler George H. Snell Com. Ser. .. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler Oscar F. Chatfield Hos. Ste'd.. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler Roselle A. Jackson Drum Maj. .. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler N.B. Barney Fife Maj. .. Aug 27 Camp Schuyler

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