Members of Otsego County G. A. R. Posts

Department of New York

Compiled by D.A. Ellis
Press of Historical Publishers Co.
Hall Post No. 139 Laurens

Officer Rank
J. F. Newell Commander.
J. B. Straight Senior Vice-Commander.
Samuel A. Clark Junior ViceśCommander.
Henry VanBuren Chaplain.
W. C. Saelsbury Surgeon..
Jamea N. Vosburgh Officer of the Day.
Edson Wright Officer of the Guard.
Henry B, Dummer Quartermaster.
Rush Strain Adjutant.
Hiram Persons Sergeant Major.
John Thornton Quartermaster Sergeant.
James N. Vosburgh. Past Commander

Member List

Name Co. and Unit
Adsit, James A I 144 N. Y.
Brigg, Lewis C H 152 N. Y.
Baily, Alvin G 5 N. Y. Art.
Carr, Hiram I 152 N. Y.
Clark, Samuel A. D 22 N. Y. Cav.
Dummer, Henry B H 115 N. Y.
Eldred, Jerome B H 30 Wis.
Edson, Henry Unknown,
Hopkins, W. L. F 152 N. Y.
Hay, Walter S. B 4 heavy Art.
Joslin, EdwardK 43 N. Y.
Newell, J. F. H 76 N. Y.
Pickens, Alvin I 76 N. Y.
Persons, Hiram G 110 N. Y.
Ramsey, Stephen Unknown.
Sperry, Henry J. I 20 N. Y. Cav.
Strain, Rush G 95 N. Y.
Saelsbury, W. C. H 76 N. Y.
Straight, J. B. H 152 N. Y.
Tilley, Cortland G. 3 N. Y. Cav.
Tinney, Silas G 1 N. Y.
Thornton, John H 76 N. Y.
Voorhies, Edgar H I 152 N. Y.
Vosburgh, James N. D 117 N. Y.
VanBuren. Henry F 137 N. Y.
Whitmarsh, Hiram H 152 N. Y.
Weldon, Leroy G 19 N. Y.
Wellman, Henry Z. F 1S7 N. Y.
Wright, Edson G 141 N. Y.

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