Members of Otsego County G. A. R. Posts

Department of New York


Compiled by D.A. Ellis
Press of Historical Publishers Co.

Brown Post. No. 15
Schenevus, New York

Raymond W. LeMay III is doing research on this post. He's looking for any materials and information on the Post and its members, so if you have anything to contribute, please let him know. He can also help those looking for ancestors, who were members of the post.

Mr. LeMay has recently received records for the G.A.R. Brown Post No.15 of Scheneveus, Otsego, Ny. He states he has summary service records of every member as well as a short history and a full complete roster of every member since. He is also willing to do lookups.

His Great Great Grandfather was Daniel S. Pratt or known as David Pratt under the G.A.R. Brown Post as a member. The Sons Of Union Veterans Of The Civil War have established a webpage on my Great Great Grandfather and his services during the Civil War, he is located at: http://suvcw.org/past/dspratt.htm

Officer Rank
I.E. HyndsCommander
J.H. GradySenior Vice-Commander
M. KnappJunior Vice-Commander
J. BatesAdjutant
H. PalmerQunrtermaster
Dr. Truman IrisSurgeon
Ralph WeidmanChaplain
Milo KellyOfficer of the Day
J.H. VanZantOfficer of the Grand
Harvey W. BrownPast Commander
Warren BennettPast Commander
F.H. ClevelandPast Commander
A.E. TalmadgePast Commander
Milo KellyPast Commander
W.H. ChamberlainPast Commander
S.L. KellyPast Commander
George BennettPast Commander
Peter H. KippPast Commander
Henry PalmerPast Commander
I.E. HyndsPast Commander
D.D. GreenePast Commander
W.S. HotchkinPast Commander
J.K. TylerPast Commander
A.M. HowardPast Commander

Member List

Name Co. and Unit
Barnes, Thomas S.I, 20 N. Y. C.
Bates, A. J.10 N. Y. H. A.
Barnes, Jerry P.D, 3d N. Y. C.
Bennett GeorgeE, lst N. Y. Eng
Butts, Geo. W.E, lst N. Y. Eng
Baldwin, AlmondF,101 N. Y.
Bennett, WarrenD, 3d N. Y. C.
Chase, RobertD 3d N. Y. C.
Conover, MiltonD. 3d N. Y. C.
Cady, JohnG, 1st N. Y. Eng
Chase DavidC, 51 N. Y.
Chamberlin WilliamD, 3d N. Y. C.
Chase, JerryE, lst N. Y Eng.
Chase, MilesD, 3d N. Y. C.
Chamberlin, William H.E, Ist N. Y. Eng
Cleveland, F. H.G, 3d,N. Y. C., F 34 N. Y.
Davis, Jerry M. I, 51 N. Y.
Darling, Wm. H.G, 121 N. Y.
Dunham, H. P.I, 71 N. Y.
Dunham, Ephriam B.D, 3d N. Y.
Glassfield, L.E,lst N. Y. Eng.
Glassfield, S.W. E, Ist N. Y, Eng
Greene, D. D.G, lst N. Y. Eng
Gurney John J.D, 3d N. Y. C.
Grady, James H.C, 61 N. Y.
Howard, PerryB, 4th N. Y.
Hynds, I. E.F. 21 N. Y. C.
Hull, H. B.D, 3d N. Y. C.
Iris, TrumanE, lst N. Y. C.
Jones, J. J.I, 51 N. Y.
Kelly, MiloE, lst N. Y. Eng
Kelly, S. L.E, lnt N. Y. Eng
Knapp, MordicaD, 3d N. Y. C.
Kipp, Peter H.1 U. S. S. S.
Kildee, JamesD, 3d N. Y. C.
Lewis, JoeD, 3d N. Y. C.
Martin, JamesF, lst R I.
Nellis, NormanI, 51 N. Y.
Olmntead. DerionsD. 3d N. Y. C.
Peaslee. ThomasE. 69 N Y.
Page, ThomasI, 5l N Y.
Palmer, David A.E. lat N Y. Eng
Palmer, HenryF.121 N. Y.
Pratt, DavidG, lst N. Y. Eng
Rider. SilasH,152 N. Y.
Rider. John F.H, 3d N. Y. C.
Smith, Joseph H.D, 19 U. S. Inf
Smellen, Jnhn J.D, 3d N. Y. C.
Spencer, John N.D, 3d N. Y. C.
Talmadge, Adelbert E.D, 3d N. Y. C.
Thompson, Augustus E.B, 3d N. Y. C.
Tompkins, AustinG, lst N. Y. Eng
Tompkins, SamuelG. lst N. Y. Eng
Tompkins, JohnD. 2d N. Y. C.
VanZant, Joseph H.lst N. Y. Eng
Woodcock, Delos H. F, 121 N. Y.
Woodcock. GeorgeI, 51 N. Y.
Webster, D. W.E, lst N. Y. Eng

In Memoriam

Name Co. and Unit
Brown, Harvey W., MajorD, 3d N. Y. C.
Dykeman JohnG, lst N. Y. Eng
Howard, Albert G, lst N. Y. Eng
Hubbard, JohnG, lst H. Y. Eng
Kelly, AlmondI, 51 N Y
Martin, JamesF, lst R. I.
Preston, PeterD. 3d N. Y. C.
Post, JohnI,152 N, Y.
Sperry, R. E.I, 51 N. Y.
Woodcock, GilbertI, 51 N. Y.

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