Members of Otsego County G. A. R. Posts

Department of New York


W.A. Musson Post No. 223
Gilbertsville, New York

Officer Rank
William MungleCommander
E.L. DonaldsonSenior Vice-Commander
J.Z. ShartzJunior Vice-Commander
A.J. CowanAdjutant
F.A. ShawQuartermaster
T.H. MussonSurgeon
A.D. DyeChaplain
Scott GilbertOfficer of the Day
Lloyd ShawOfficer of the Guard
R.B. MyrickSergeant-Major
R.B. MyrickPast Commander
A.H. HuntPast Commander
A.D. DyePast Commander
J.D. BloodgoodPast Commander
A.J. CowanPast Commander
P.W. McIntierPast Commander
L.D. BushnellPast Commander

Member List

Name Co. and Unit
Babcock, Henry (record unknown)
Borden, Eugene A, 51, N. Y.
Bryant, L E, 2, N. Y. H. A.
Bellamy, J. C. B, 20, U. S.C.T.
Bushnell, L. P. E., 2, N. Y.
Cady, C. C. B,1l 4, N. Y.
Cowan, Andrew J K, 121, N. Y.
Cone, Hiram, musician 5l N. Y. V.
Dye, Alden D. C,114 N. Y.
Donaldaon, E. L., musician 51 N. Y. V.
Flint, Joaeph F. K, 11 N. Y..C
Foster, George C,152 N. Y. V.
Gilbert, Scott A,114 N. Y. V.
Hammond, Henry T..E, 89 N. Y.
Jewell, Jamea P. F, 121 N. Y.
Kellogg, John S. , musician 51 N. Y. V.
Lamphere, Charles C, 114 N. Y.
Musson, T.H. K,161 N Y.
Marvin, Pope K,161 N. Y.
Mungle, William E,144 N. Y.
Myrick, R. B..2, Iowa Vol.
Shartz, J. Z. B, 90 N. Y.
Silvey, Samuel A. G. 152 N. Y.
Shaw, Lloyd H,121 N. Y.
Smith, Thomas K.K,121 N. Y.
Smith, William J., musician 51 N. Y.
Stebbins, William E. G,142
Webster, Edwin M.K,121 N.Y.V.

In Memoriam

Name Co. and Unit
Gregory, Henry G, 155 N. Y.
Genson, Johnson K, 121 N. Y.
Hurlbut, Chas A .E, 22 N. Y. A.
Murray, William K.121 N. Y.
Stewart, Anthony E, 26 N. Y. C. T.
Shaw, F. A.. 12 N. Y. Bat
Truax. Silas J. C, 16 N. Y. A.
Towneend, E. W. B, 144 N. Y.
Alsop, William E, 2 N. Y. H A.
Cornell, Daniel C,114 N. Y.

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