Members of Otsego County G. A. R. Posts

Department of New York


H.N. Duro Post, No. 653
Hartwick, New York

Officer Rank
Lester W. Murdock Commander
William BlanchardSenior Vice-Commander
Samuel DrewJunior Vice-Commander
James SimmonsAdjutant
G.W. Murdock Quartermaster
Asel McTice Surgeon
W.A. JohnsonChaplain
Emmet Irons Officer of the Day
Menzo Bishop Officer of the Guard
Lester W. MurdockPast Commander

Member List

Name Co. and Unit
Blanchard, William K, 114 N. Y. V.
Bird, Cornelius. H, 20 Regular.
Colton, Allen K, 10 N.Y.H.A..
Card, Tabor. A, 1 N.Y.L.A.
Drew, Samuel. E, 6 N.Y.C.
Gilbert, Addison E, 2 N.Y.H.A.
Holdridge, William. B, 9th H.A..
Irons, Emmett M E, 121 N.Y.V.
Jenks, Thomas.H, 152 N.Y.V.
Johnson, William A. F, 121 N.Y.V.
Murdock, Lester W. E, 121 N.Y.V.
Murdock, G.W. G, 17 N.Y.V.
McTice, Asel 14 N.Y. H. A.
Simmons, James I, 89 N.Y.V.,
Wrigley, Abel Ind Co. Penn. Inf

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