Roll of Honor Otsego County

The World War 1917-1919

Compiled for the Home Defense Committee and the people of the county by Justice Abraham L. Kellogg, assisted by Mrs. Jessie C. Birdsall and Edwin R. Moore, Secretaries of the Exemption Boards of the county, and by the Committee of One Hundred.


Name Rank Home town or address
Angell, Stanley JSecond LieutenantMt. Upton
Badger, Raymond H.CorporalGilbertsville
Benedict, Gould H.PrivateGilbertsville
Brewer, Charles R.First LieutenantGilbertsville
Bushnell, Harry E.SeamanGilbertsville
Carvin, PorterPrivateOtego, R.F.D.
Church, Ernest N.SergeantGilbertsville
Cook, William H.PrivateGilbertsville
Cowan, Clarence E.WagonerGilbertsville
Curtis, Walter R.PrivateGilbertsville
Daniels, Francis w.Second Class Boatswain's MateGilbertsville
David, Harold A.PrivateGilbertsville
Edwards, Harvey S.PrivateGilbertsville
Fenton, Harry W.CorporalSouth New Berlin, R.F.D.
Field, WallaceY.SeamanGilbertsville
Filer, Charles L.PrivateOtego, R.F.D.
Filer, Ernest W.CorporalOtego, R.F.D.
Francke, HugoFirst LieutenantGilbertsville
Freer, Gorham H.Second LieutenantGilbertsville
Ford, Walter B.Rifleman (Canadian)Gilbertsville
Hagen, Ernest H.PrivateGilbertsville
Halbert, Howard H.PrivateGilbertsville
Harding, Walter O.PrivateGilbertsville
Heslop, J. HenryPrivateGilbertsville
Iverson, Melvin O.PrivateMt. Upton
Johnson, Charles D.PrivateGilbertsville
Leonard, Charles H.PrivateGilbertsville
Leonard, Ralph E.PrivateGilbertsville
Lillie, GranvilleWagonerGilbertsville
Lamphere, Walter R.PrivateGilbertsville
Mead, BernardPrivateGilbertsville
Moffatt, HarleyPrivateGilbertsville
*Moore, George N. CorporalGilbertsville
*Musson, ScottPrivateGilbertsville
Myers, Fred A.PrivateGilbertsville
Naylor, Byron J.PrivateGilbertsville
Rogers, PeterPrivateGilbertsville
Rogers, ScottPrivateGilbertsville
Rogers, WilliamPrivateEdmeston
Saunders, Archie D.PrivateGilbertsville
Silvey, Henry I.PrivateGilbertsville
Simonds, Charles W.WagonerOtego, R.F.D.
Simonson, Harry R.WagonerMt. Upton
Soules, Dever W.WagonerSouth New Berlin
Stensland, Peter O.SergeantGilbertsville
Thompson, Claud T.CookGilberstville
Tiffany, Ellis W.PrivateGilbertsville
*Toles, Donald L. CorporalGilbertsville
Townsend, HowaardPrivateSouth New Berlin
Tyler, Leon E.SergeantGilbertsville
Washburn, JamesPrivateOtego, R.F.D.
Warner, William StanleyPrivateGilbertsville
Woodward, Lacey H.PrivateGilbertsville
*Killed in action or died in service

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