Roll of Honor Otsego County

The World War 1917-1919

Compiled for the Home Defense Committee and the people of the county by Justice Abraham L. Kellogg, assisted by Mrs. Jessie C. Birdsall and Edwin R. Moore, Secretaries of the Exemption Boards of the county, and by the Committee of One Hundred.


Name Rank Home town or address
Ackerman J. Pierson, Private Edmeston
Barrett, Floyd Wells Private 429 Colorado Street, Manhattan Kansas
*Ballard Alfred Private West Edmeston
Bice Harry Private Edmeston
Brown, Charles Austin Private Lackawack, Ulster County
*Curtis, Howard Private South Edmeston
Ferris, Port Yeoman (Navy) Edmeston
Goodspeed, Charles E. Private Edmeston
Goodspeed George W. Private Edmeston
Hickling Glenn Archie Private South Edmeston
Jones, Thomas H. Private Edmeston, care of J. R. Dutton
Kelty, Merton Private Edmeston
Lloyd, Calvin A. Captain (Marine) South Edmeston
Lindvist, Emil Private. Not Known
Lough, Roger Private Edmeston
Lough, Renwick First Lieutenant Edmeston
Morton, Alfred Private South Edmeston
Mallory, Clifford Private Cooperstown, R. D. 4
Peet, Henry Renwick Private Edmeston
Palmer, LeRoy Fireman (Navy) Bridgewater, care of Edward Palmer
*Prisco, William Private Edmeston
Rogers, Donald D. Second Lieutenant West Edmeston
Robertson, Clarence, Private Edmeston
Risedorph, Ivan Emmett, Private South Edmeston
Thurston, Bert Private Edmeston
Tuttle, Lynn J. Sergeant South Edmeston
Welch,, Charles Murry Private West Edmeston
Walling, Paul Second Class Seaman South Edmeston
*Killed in action or died in service

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