Roll of Honor Otsego County

The World War 1917-1919

Compiled for the Home Defense Committee and the people of the county by Justice Abraham L. Kellogg, assisted by Mrs. Jessie C. Birdsall and Edwin R. Moore, Secretaries of the Exemption Boards of the county, and by the Committee of One Hundred.


Name Rank Home town or address
Arndt, Warren C. Corporal Milford
Ashcraft Guy Private Milford
Barnes, Guy H. Private Maryland, R. D.
Barnes, Harry L. Private Maryland, R. D.
Barnes, Raymond H. Sergeant Maryland R. D.
Barney, Ellery Private .lMIilford
Bennett, Martin J. Private Milford
Bjork, John Private Care of Owen Eckler Oneonta
Bostwick, Grover Corporal Maryland, R. D.
Boyea ,Samuel N. Private Maryland, R. D. 1
Brown, Paul Private Milford
Bugbee, Stanley Private Colliersville
Campbell, Walter Z. Private Milford
Carr, Earl Private Colliersville
Chestney, Otto Private Oneonta
Chestney, Wilson Private Oneonta
Craft, John Private Colliersville
Daley, Charles Private Maryland, R. D.
Downing, Robert Lieutenant Milford
*Eckler, Ford E. Private Owen Eckler, Oneonta
*Eckler, Leon Private Owen Eckler, Oneonta
Engler, Eber Private Oneonta
*Fuhri, James Private David Fuhri, Portlandville
Fuhri, John Private David Fuhri, Portlandville
Fuhri, William Private David Fuhri, Yortlandville
*Gentor, Elmer- Hymon Gentor, Milford
Green, Harry E. Private Portlandville
*Hall, Fred H. Private Mrs. Julia Manzer, Milford
Hall, O. A. Private Milford
Hickey, Dorr S (Navy) Milford
Hilzinger, Elmer J Private Maryland, R. D.
Howe, Charles L. Private Maryland, R. D.
Hunt, Walter L. (Navy)Pportlandville
Jewell, C. Tracy Private Milford
Kilby, Marinus Private Milford, R. D.
*Kilts, George Private John Slater, Milford, R. D.
Kilts, Otis Private Milford, R. D.
Kloster, Harold E. Private Milford
Larsen, Walter Private Oneonta, R. D.
Lyon; Herbert Private Milford
Lyon, Lynn Private Milford
Manzer, Benjamin L Private Rome
Nichols, Clifford Private Maryland, R. D.
Nichols, Ward Private Maryland, R. D.
Osborn, William Private Milford, R. D.
Pearse, Lynn Private Milford
Rarrick, Harold E. Private Cooperstown
Sargents, Clarence E Private Milford
Saxe, Raymond Private Milford
Shaw, Jesse B. Private Milford, R. D. 1
Shreiber, Paul D. Private Port Washington, L. I.
Seeber, G. Car First Lieutenant Milford
Sharrett, Charles Private .Portlandville
Shultis, Edmund Private Oneonta, R. D.
Shultis, Francis F Private Oneonta, R. D.
Shultis, Marshall G. Private Oneonta, R. D.
Smallin, Percy Private Oneonta
Smith, Lynn D. Private Milford
Shutters, Cha;les Private Milford
Shutters, Samuel J. Sergeant Portlandville
*Strong, Asa Private Mrs. Nora Strong, Milford
Squires, Frank J. Private Milford, R. D.
Tubbs, Ford H. Private .Schenevus
*Turner, Howard Private Mrs. Mina Turner, Milford
Weeks, Leon Private Milford
Weeks, Millard B. Private Milford
Wellman, Earl Private Portlandville
Williams, Dan H. Private. Maryland
Woodcock, Leon E. Private Milford
Whitlock, George H. Private Millord
*Killed in action or died in service

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