Roll of Honor Otsego County

The World War 1917-1919

Compiled for the Home Defense Committee and the people of the county by Justice Abraham L. Kellogg, assisted by Mrs. Jessie C. Birdsall and Edwin R. Moore, Secretaries of the Exemption Boards of the county, and by the Committee of One Hundred.


Name Rank Home town or address
Allen, George W. Private Otego
Bachetto, Luigi Private Otego
Briscoe, Harold M. Private Otego, R. D. 4
Baker, Arthur S. Private Otego
Buchannan, Luther Navy Otego
Bennett, Floyd C. Private Otego
Birdsall, William M. Sapper, Second Canadian Field Engineers Otego
Burdette, Pearl Captain Otego
Clapper, Henry Private Otego
Cornell, August Private 20 Sydney Place,Brooklyn
Clark, Jay Private Otego, R. D. 4
Cooke, Willis S. Captain Medical Reserve Corps Chestnut Street Oneonta
Dieball, George W. Navy Otego, ft. F. D. 4
Dana, Frank W. Private Otego
Davis, Rupert Private Otego, R. D. 3
Flint, Arthur ,C. Private Delhi
Goldsmith, Ralph L. Sergeant 77 West 94th Street, New York, care of Bashaw
Gardner, Earl Private Otego
Hamilton, Frank Private Otego
Hopkins, Fay Private Otego, R. D. 1
Hopkins, Leon Private Oneonta, General Delivery
Hilton, Roscoe Navy 655 West 9th Street, Erie, Pa., care A. J. Dunn
Jester, Harold Private Otego, R. D. 3
Jester, Paul Private Otego, R. D. 3
Luther, Ralph B. Navy 65 Smith Street, Detroit Mich.
Lawton, Robert Private Otego; R. D. 2
Little, Douglas A. Private Otego, R. D. 4
Merwin, Claud Private Otego, R. D. 3
McCarthy, Frank Private Otego
Place, Walter L. Sergeant. Otego, R. D. 4
Rowe, Clyde E. Private Otego, R. D. 4
Rivenburgh, Lewis - Otego, R. D. 2
Rodenbaugh, James E. Private 4016 Baring Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Simmons, Harry Private Franklin
*Smith Merle Navy Fred C. Smith Otego
Sullivan, Ora Private Otego, R. D. 3
Sullivan, Leonard Private Otego, R. D. 3
Sullivan, George Private Otego, R. D. 3
Terry, Clarence Private Otego, R. D. 4
Tremain, Marion Private Otego
Wykes, Paul Private Otego, R. D. 2
Widger, Leon Corporal (Canadians) 93 Sheffield Avenue, New Haven, Conn.
*Walker, Guy A. Navy Ella A. Walker, widow Otego
Harvey, Raymond Sergeant Cooperstown
Stilson, Fred Private Cooperstown
Marble, Horace Lynn Private Cooperstown
Smith, Martin Private Cooperstown
Howard Guilford Private Cooperstown
Munford, William John Canadian Army-
McGuire, Franklin P. Private. Middlefield
Davidson, Donald ft.. Lieutenant Navy Medical Corps -
*Killed in action or died in service

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