Roll of Honor Otsego County

The World War 1917-1919

Compiled for the Home Defense Committee and the people of the county by Justice Abraham L. Kellogg, assisted by Mrs. Jessie C. Birdsall and Edwin R. Moore, Secretaries of the Exemption Boards of the county, and by the Committee of One Hundred.


Name Rank Home town or address
Ash, Harrison Boyd Private Unadilla
Ackley, Herman D. Private Unknown
Baker, Lynn Private Unadilla, R. F. D.
Baker Ray Private Unadilla, R. F. D.
Bell, Harold Private Unadilla
*Bell, Roy Private -
Bennett, Clifford B. Private Unknown
Bugbee, Edwar d J. Private Unadilla
Bugbee, George Private Unadilla
Bundy, Ernest Private Unadilla
Beckman, Herman D. Private White Plains
Carney Lawrence Navy -
Cole, Burns Navy -
Church, Ross Private Unadilla
Carr, Benjamin Private Wells Bridge
Casey, Glenn Private Boston, Mass.
Cuyle Owen Private Wells Bridge
Day Arthur Private Unadilla
DeForest, Ray Private -
Downin, Harry Private -
Earl, Lynn P. Private Unadilla
Everett, Nial J. Private Unknown
Evans, Louis Private -
Fluckiger Howard Private New York City
Fleming, Clarence Private Otego
Fink, Harry Private -
Forrest, Marshall P. Private Unknown
Gregory, Maxwell D. Private Texas
Gates, Calvin Private Syracuse
Graham, Edward M. Private -
Helm, William, Jr. Private -.
Hine, Smith Private Unknown
Hine, George W. Private Unknown
Hait, Ezra Private -
Hammond, V. O. Private Unadilla
Hunt, Bartlett S. T. C. Unadilla
Holmes Harvey Sergeant Schenectady
*Joyce, Whitney Lieutenant -
Judd, Ezra Private -
Jones Thomas Private -
Kinch, Jay Private Unadilla
Loomis, Theodore Ernest Private Unadilla
Loomis, Barlow T. Private Unadilla
Marcellus, Dallua E. Private Unadilla
Merrill, Jamea E. Private Unadilla
Miller, Claud B. Private Oneonta
Morse, Howard, Enaign Navy -
Merriman, Reniff E. Private Wells Bridge
DZunger, Clinton Private -
McKay, Thomas Private -
Mulford, George Seward Private New York City
Milla, Edward E. Private Unadilla
Noxon, Ralph Navy -
Nutter, Everett J. Private Wells Bridge
Peattie, Hugh F. Private -
Rogers, William Private Wells Bridge, R. D.
Sisson, Leo Private -
Sisson, Paul Private Wells Bridge
Seaman, Edward R. S. T. C.Unadilla
Shutts, Harold Private Unadilla
Spencer, Clark Private Unadilla
Spindler, Alexander Corporal St. Louis, Mo.
Stareck, William H. Private Unknown
Stearns, Cecil Lieutenant -
Stockley, Arthur Private Unknown
Sergeant, Clay E. Private Unadilla
Smith, Clarence F. Private Unadilla
Trepasso, Louis Private Unknown
Tyson, Hiarold Private Unadilla
Vanderwarker, Julian Private Bainbridge, R. D. 2
Van Kleeck, Ralph Private Unadilla
Vervalin, Arthur Navy -
Vought, Glen Private Unadilla
Vroman, Lyle Private Unadilla
Wood, Clyde Private Unknown
Wakeman, Frank J. Private -
Wilbur, Wesley Private -
Yaria, Maico Private Unknown
York, Harold Q. Private Unadilla
Youmans, Claud Private Wells Bridge
Youmans, Ray C. Lieutenant Wells Bridge
*Killed in action or died in service

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