Roll of Honor Otsego County

The World War 1917-1919

Compiled for the Home Defense Committee and the people of the county by Justice Abraham L. Kellogg, assisted by Mrs. Jessie C. Birdsall and Edwin R. Moore, Secretaries of the Exemption Boards of the county, and by the Committee of One Hundred.


Name Rank Home town or address
Esmey, Joseph Neil Private Phoenix
Fancher, Gordon James Private Westford
Groff, Maynard A. Sergeant Phoenis
Groff, Kenneth Private Westford
Harrington, Roy Private Westford
Harrington, Floyd Private Worcester, R. D. 1
Holmes, Harry Private Westford
Holmes, Lewis Private Westford
Kern, Clyde L. Private Worcester, R. D. 1
Russell, David Private Worcester, R. D. 1
Saxton, Stephen Raymond Private -

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