Historical Facts of the L.C. Turner Post (G.A.R.)

Future Problimatical - Has one Resident and One Non-Resident Member

Freemanís Journal - Wednesday October 26, 1927


The recent death of Prof. William H. Martin leaves the Levi C. Turner Post, No. 26 G.A.R. with but one resident member, joel G. White and one non-resident member, Cornelius L. Vandervoort of Mohawk. Now the question is: What will become of the Post? Will it have to disband?

In the village Library are the Bible, the gavel, the records and the guns of the Post.

Under date of May 24, 1878, in the Postís records is the following relative to the granting of the charter and the naming of the post:

On the petition of Andrew Davidson, James F. Clark, John T. Wood, Reuben H. Bates, Henry Wood, *Eric S. Collar, J.Fred Reustle, Henry B. Walker, Daniel B. VanCourt, U.B. Kendall, E.A. Irons, Charles N. Merrill, George W. Murdock, William H. Miller, the Department of New York G.A.R. constituted them and their associates and successors a post of the Grand Army of the Republic, to be known as post No. 26.

These applicants for a charter together with other honorably discharged soldiers, met at the rooms of the local I.O.O.F on Friday following May 24 and were mustered in as a post by I. Coe Young of Binghamton, as deputy department commander, assisted by Captain H.G. Wood of Watrous post, Commander Bixby of Farmer post, Comrade Mullins of Lew Benedict post and others. The charter was granted May 26, 1878.

The following were mustered in: Andrew Davidson, J.Fred Reustle , James F. Clark, John T. Wood, Reuben H. Bates, *Eric S. Collar, Henry B. Walker, Elliot .A. Irons, Charles N. Merrill, Peter Best, William Flannigan, Frank G. Jarvis, Thomas Bingham, Lucius Crabdall, Julius B. Thayer, Adam VanNort and Ellery C. Gould.

At the election of officers the following were chosen to head the post: Commander, Andrew Davidson; senior vice-commander, James F. Clark; junior vice-commander, Thomas H. Bingham; chaplain, Henry B. Walker; adjutant, Charles N. Merrill; quartermaster, Fra rvis; officer of the day, J. Fred Reustle; officer of the guard, William Flannigan; quartermaster sergeant major, John Wood. These officers were installed by. L. Coe Young.

On motion the Post was unanimously named Turner Post in honor of the Assistant Judge Advocate, Levi C. Turner, who held the rank of major in the army and who died while in the service of his country.

At the meeting held December 16, 1879, Joel G. White of the 106th New York and William H. Henry of the 19th Regulars were balloted for accepted members of the Post.

Mr. White was elected commander in 1913 and still holds the office; at that date Cornelius L. Vandervoort was elected junior vice-commander; Charles J. Tuttle, S.V.C.; O.O. Seegar, O.D.; W.H. Martin, quartermaster. The last meeting was held January 14, 1926; this was attended by O.O. Seeger, W.H. Martin, Joel G. White and Cornelius L. Vandervoort

*Name Should be: Erie S. Collar for Eric S. Collar


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