Veterans' Memorial Plaques

Town Of Worcester

Otsego County, NY


Revolutionary War


            In 1928 the Iroquois Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution placed a memorial plaque in front of The Wieting Opera House “in honor of the Revolutionary soldiers who established the Township of Worcester.” Listed are:


            David Adams                                     Solomon Hartwell

            David Babcock                                  John Hollenbeck

            Jonas Babcock                                              Jotham Houghton

            Samuel Babcock                                  Joseph Howe

            Simeon Barnes                          Sylvanus Hoyt

            Lodowick Becker                                Josiah Hubbard

            Philip Becker                                     David Hull

            Joshua Bigelow                                    Henry Ingalls

            Ephraim Boardman                             Jonathan Jennings

            John Brooks                                     Samuel Ketchum

            Jacob Brown                                      Isaac Lane

            Joseph Brown                                      Joel Norton

            William Bullock                         Abner Pease

            John Burnside                                               Peter Peterson

            Thomas Burnside                                   Joseph Powers

            Benjamin Chase                                   Eliphalet Preston

            Silas Crippen                                                John Rand

            Joseph Davis                                        Bartlett Robinson

            Amos Day                                          John Robinson

            Francis Dickinson                                 Peter Roman

            Seth Dickinson                                 Noadiah Seward

            Perez Drake                                       David Smith

            Joshua Draper                                     Amos Spencer

            Andrew Eliot                                      Samuel Spencer

            Joseph Flint                                          Henry Stever

            Elisha Freeman                                   Nathaniel Storrs

            Peter Fuller                                        John Thompson

            Samuel Fuller                                        Elisha Waterman

            Solomon Garfield                                 John Waterman

            Silas Green                                       Charles Wilder

            William Griffith                          Daniel Wright

            Nathaniel Griggs                                   Edward Wright, Jr.

            Samuel Hartwell                                   Joseph Young



War of 1812


            These (and all following) names appear on plaques on the Soldiers’ Monument which was placed in the Maple Grove Cemetery in the hamlet of Worcester in 1890.


            Cyrus Bigelow                                                Charles Kaple

            John Caryl                                        Ebenezer Mallroy

            Samuel Childs                                       Benjamin Race

            Philip Crippen                                                Daniel Waterman

            Loraine Davis                                        John Waterman, Jr.

            William Dickerson                                 Roswell Waterman

            Asa Flint                                          William Williams

            Wickham Griswold                               Orange Wright



Mexican War 1846-1847


            Capt. Leslie Chase                             Gen. N.B. McLaughlen

            Elisha L. Gustin



Civil War 1861-1865


            “Remember them for what they dared and what they did.”


            Michael P. Agan                                    Gen. N.B. McLaughlen

            Isaac S. Atkins                                  Francis McCormick

            Col. Delevan Bates                          Hiram Mereness

            William Bates                                        George Mickle

            Moses Bentley                                     Wesley Mickle

            P.P. Bentley                                     Marrion Miller

            Humphery Berner                                Alfred Monroe

            John Bert                                          Joseph Morehouse

            Maurice M. Bissell                              Tunis Nisbeth

            George M. Boorn                                 Martin Northrop

            Guilford Boorn                                    John Oathout

            William H. Boorn                                  James H. Patrick

            Ezra Brown                                      Irvin M. Persons

            Harmon R. Bruce                                William H. Persons

            Orlando G. Bruce                               Harrison Pettie

            William H. Bruce                                  A.D. Phillips

            Samuel Burnside                                   George Pierson

            William Burnside                                   Tobias Pitcher

            David P. Bushnell                               Rev. W.F. Poor

            Harrison Butler                                    Addison Powers

            Charles M. Butterfield                           Levi H. Powers

            George Cain                                         Samuel D. Powers

            Ezra Cane                                        Elijah B. Putnam

            William Campbell                                  James Putnam

            Daniel Capewell                                  Capt. Paul A. Queal

            Moses Henry Caryl                              Orrin Queal

            William Casper                         William S. Queal

            Maj. John Cavanaugh                               Silas Rifenburg

            Charles P. Childs                                  James W. Robinson

            David Cipperly                                   Mathew Rockefeller

            Nelson Clark                                        Levi Rury

            John F. Cole                                         Hamilton Ryder

            William H. Cole                                    Nelson Scripture

            Levi Crippen                                                Lieut. George Selew

            Charles H. Cushing                               Rev. W.H. Shaw

            John R. Dana                                        John Shilleto

            Philip Dana                                        Josephus Simmons

            Joseph A. Darling                                 Charles H. Smith

            William H. Darling                                 Charles W.. Smith

            Ransom Denoyell                               David R. Smith

            Palmer Diefendorf                                2nd Lieut. David S.. Smith

            2nd Lieut. W. Dutcher                                    Ingrham P.. Smith

            Alfred Earing                                       Jerry B. Smith

            Jerome M. Esmay                                 William Spooner

            Albert B. Essex                                   Orlando Spurbeck

            Benjamin Fanning                                 Asher Starkweather

            Fred Fisk                                          David Stinson

            Seth M. Flint                                                James Stinson

            Alfred Foland                                      John Stinson

            Mariman Foland                                   William Stinson

            Smith Foster                                      Peter J. Strail

            James Freeman                                   Otis Strait

            Judson Goodenough                             John L. Sullivan

            H.J. Goodrich                                              Wheeler Sullivan

            George Graham                                    John Taber

            Seth H. Grant                                        Austin Teel

            John Griggs                                      Jerry TenBroeck

            William P. Griggs                                  Peter Terril

            John H. Groat                                       Theron Treat

            Albert Gross                                       Perry R. Tripp

            Harrison Hadsell                                  John K. Tyler

            Capt. Horace Hall                              Lansing VanVoorhis

            Alpheus Hallock                                  Levi VanVoorhis

            Charles H. Harrington                           William VanPatten

            Richard I. Hartwell                                Marvin Vaughan

            Elias Henness                                               Edgar Vorce

            George Hill                                           Charles O. Waterman

            Lorenzo Hill                                        Collins Waterman

            Henry Houck                                      Daniel B. Waterman

            Clinton Houghton                                 Edwin R. Waterman

            Elmer Howe                                       John D. Waterman

            Sylvester Hughes                                 Capt. John M. Waterman

            Daniel Ives                                          Lester Waterman

            William H. Jackson                               Perrin Waterman

            Adelbert Jaycox                                  Silas Waterman

            John O. Jaycox                          Bennet Wayman

            Dan Kaple                                       George Wayman

            Michael Keef                                         Nelson Wayman

            George H. Knapp                                 Simon P. Welch

            W.L. Knapp                                      Cyrus J. Westcott

            James Kniskern                                  John C. Wieting, Jr.

            Asbell Lamont                                     Charles Wilsey

            Sylvester Lape                                                John P. Wilsey

            Dr. W.H. Leonard                          Sylvester Wilsey

            Allen Lovejoy                                                David Wolf

            John Lovejoy                                                David Wright

            Charles Maguyer                                   Edgar N. Wright

            Richard P. Manning                               George B. Wright

            George Markham                                 Lieut. Orange Wright

            M.D. Markley                                               Treat B. Young

            Harrison W. Mallory



 Spanish-American War 1898


            M.C. Bennett                                     Frank Ransome

            Abram Gifford Flint                              William A. Ryder

            Wilson P. Hilsinger                               Napoleon N. Smith

            Stanley Howe                                       Tully S. Smith

            Becker Howe                                       George VanDerPool

            Nichales Linster



World War 1914-1918


            Capt. John L. Aney                            Henry C. Kuykendall

            Sergt. William H. Anthony                       Henry Linster

            Rocco Alvaro                                      *Floyd C. Mattice

            Ray I. Banker                                     Antonio Mercuri

            Lieut. Merric V. Barnes              Otho J. Millias

            Ernest L. Barton                                  Carl Morzello

            Morris Becker                                     Joseph Mostar

            George Bradley                                    John Mostar, Jr.

            Floyd Cipperly                                               Frank Naples

            *Robert W. Conklin                             Thomas Naples

            William J. Cain                          Nicholas J. Pitts

            Corp. John E. Campion                      Ray Pitts

            Charles D. Cattell                                  Donald J. Platts

            George Coger                                       Claude Potter

            William Coger                                       Lieut. Harry Robbins, M.D.

            James E. Dante, Jr.                             Jesse Roe

            Arthur Doolittle                                   DeForest C. Rossman

            Leroy Elmore                                     Harold W. Shafer

            *B.A. Ellsworth                                  Corp. E. Sperberk

            Lieut. William Fern Ferguson                      John Smith

            Everett C. Galer                                   Edmund P. Stapleton

            Howard V. Galer                                Joseph C. Stapleton

            John W. Carvey                               Ralph Stellato

            Capt. L.T. Genung, M.D.                Ward A. Strobeck

            Frank C. Gregory                               *Bert A. Temple

            Orson B. Griffin                                  George Umbach

            Donald Hall                                          Harry VanBuren

            Lieut. Robert M. Henry               Melvin VanBuren

            Clinton E. Henry                                   Leon Varnes

            Leroy B. Hill                                       William C. Warner

            Lieut. Harry G. Hodges                        Edward V. Waters

            *Grant B. Holmes                                Arthur Wayman

            Reed J. Holmes                         John Wilcox

            Capt. Collis R. Hudson                        DeForest C. Wood

            Leroy A. Judd                                                F. Leonard Wood

            Ensign David Jones                              Fred York

            Stanley Jennings