Town of Milford
Annual Minutes
Copied by : Jayne Davis Szaz

Comments on My Transcription of the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes

In the early 1990s Marion Brophy made photocopies for me of the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes at the New York State Library in Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York, in reply to my request for information about my great great great grandfather, Christopher ELLI.S. As far as I know, the Minutes I have transcribed are all that remain of the Town of Milford's Annual Town Meeting Minutes, but I may be wrong about that; there may be Minutes for years before 1811 and after 1840. For anyone who wants to inquire of the library, its address is New York State Historical Association/The Farmers' Museum, Research Library, P.O. Box 800, Cooperstown, New York 13326, its telephone number is 607-547-1400, and its website is The call number for the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes is N593.82(2). However, the Minutes for 1812 and 1813 are probably lost; if not, Marion would have sent copies of them to me also.

I have transcribed the information from The Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes for 1811 and 1814-1840 and have entered the information into separate documents by year. My comments are in brackets [ ].

You may notice that some pages are missing and, I presume, lost, and that some of the page numbers within the documents are out of sequence. That apparently happened because the responsible town clerk did not enter the information about an event until some time after the event. For instance, information from page 256 appears in the years 1827, 1828, and 1829 because information for those years appears on that one page. Also, some page numbers appear in two consecutive years because the town clerk continued writing minutes for the current year on the sheet used for the previous year rather than taking a new sheet of paper.

The page numbers are as they appear in the original document. Where [New page, unnumbered] appears at the top of the page, the photocopying must have cut off the page number. These missing page numbers seem to be the odd-numbered pages.

I have copied the text as it appears in the original document, which means I have retained the spelling of the original document. . Where I could not read letters or words, I have substituted underlining of the same length as the missing letters or words. There is little punctuation; the first, a comma, shows up in the late 1820s.

Where the town clerk left a space blank that should have been filled with a name or a word or words, I have typed (blank).

The researcher should look through all of the years to find her/his ancestor(s) because some of the names were spelled one way on one page and another way on another page or pages. Some of the names appear over the entire span of years while others appear only once or twice.

Viz 		South 40 Degrees East 7  C 50
		Thence South 23 Degrees East 2 .. C .. 50
		Thence South 61 Degrees East 7 .. 59
		Thence North 83 Degrees East 14 .. 50
		Thence South 17 Degrees West 10 .. 10
		Thence South 26 Degrees East 3 .. 50
		Thence South 39 Degrees East 2 .. 00
		Thence South 53 Degrees East 3 ,, 00
		Thence South 50 Degrees East 3 .. 00
		Thence South 43 Degrees East 5 ..00
		Thence South 38 Degrees East 2 .. 30
		Thence South 82 Degrees East 10 .. 00
		Thence South 72 Degrees East 8 .. 00
		Thence North 88 Degrees East 16 .. 00
		Thence North 73 Degrees East 11 .. 00
		Thence South 80 Degrees East 2 .. 00
		Thence South 57 Degrees East 5 .. 00
		Thence South 75 Degrees East 4 .. 72
Untill it Intersects the Maryland and Milford line on the State Land Containing a 
distance of one Mile and one quarter of a Mile and Thirty seven Rods Milford November 
2, 1814

David L Sayre						Isaac Squier    }Comrs of
Surveyor						Ethan Stevens }Highways
							Ezra Adams } Town Clk

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