Town of Milford
Annual Minutes
Copied by : Jayne Davis Szaz

Comments on My Transcription of the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes

In the early 1990s Marion Brophy made photocopies for me of the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes at the New York State Library in Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York, in reply to my request for information about my great great great grandfather, Christopher ELLI.S. As far as I know, the Minutes I have transcribed are all that remain of the Town of Milford's Annual Town Meeting Minutes, but I may be wrong about that; there may be Minutes for years before 1811 and after 1840. For anyone who wants to inquire of the library, its address is New York State Historical Association/The Farmers' Museum, Research Library, P.O. Box 800, Cooperstown, New York 13326, its telephone number is 607-547-1400, and its website is The call number for the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes is N593.82(2). However, the Minutes for 1812 and 1813 are probably lost; if not, Marion would have sent copies of them to me also.

I have transcribed the information from The Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes for 1811 and 1814-1840 and have entered the information into separate documents by year. My comments are in brackets [ ].

You may notice that some pages are missing and, I presume, lost, and that some of the page numbers within the documents are out of sequence. That apparently happened because the responsible town clerk did not enter the information about an event until some time after the event. For instance, information from page 256 appears in the years 1827, 1828, and 1829 because information for those years appears on that one page. Also, some page numbers appear in two consecutive years because the town clerk continued writing minutes for the current year on the sheet used for the previous year rather than taking a new sheet of paper.

The page numbers are as they appear in the original document. Where [New page, unnumbered] appears at the top of the page, the photocopying must have cut off the page number. These missing page numbers seem to be the odd-numbered pages.

I have copied the text as it appears in the original document, which means I have retained the spelling of the original document. . Where I could not read letters or words, I have substituted underlining of the same length as the missing letters or words. There is little punctuation; the first, a comma, shows up in the late 1820s.

Where the town clerk left a space blank that should have been filled with a name or a word or words, I have typed (blank).

The researcher should look through all of the years to find her/his ancestor(s) because some of the names were spelled one way on one page and another way on another page or pages. Some of the names appear over the entire span of years while others appear only once or twice.

Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes

[New page, unnumbered]

At the annual town Meeting held at the house of Peter Colliers on Tuesday the first
 day of March 1825 the following persons were elected to office Viz

Asa Eddy……………}Town Clerk
Jacob Dietz…………}Supervisor
Amos Waters……….}
Loman Stewart……..}Afsefsors
Jacob Young……….}		
Daniel Lee………….}Const and Collector
William Richardson..}
Richard Swartwout   }Overseers of Poor
Asher Bernard……..}
Timothy Brown……}Comrs of Highways
Samuel S Yager……}
David Mackey……..}
Abial D Blodget……}Constables
Timothy Sabins…….}
David L Sayre………}
Eliahim R…………...}Comrs of Schools
Allen Baker…………}
Joseph Rice…………}
Consider King………}Inspectors of Schools
Joseph L__ey……….}
David L Sayre………}
Levi Adams…………}
William P White……}
David Fairchild…….}Pound Masters
Beers Peete…………}
Peter Collier………..}
Stephen Baker……...}
John Moore…………}
Amos Waters………}Fence Viewers
Eli Rose……………}
William Angel…….}

Page 234

Path Masters
Ward No 1 William Wilcox
No. 2 Levi Stewart
 	No 3 Richard Swartwout
	No 4 Charles Morris 
	No 5 Peter Collier
	No 6 James Ferrin
	No 7 David Marvin
	No 8 Simeon Walling
	No. 9 Charles Walling
	No 10 Garret Van Walkenburg
	No 11 Jacob Dietz
	No 12 Peter Miller
	No 13 Rufus Westcott
	No 15 Smith Humphrey
	No 16 John Adams
	No 17 Benajah Aylesworth
	No 18 Harvey Houghton
	No 19 Elisha Swort
	No 20 Thomas Hoag
	No 21 Peter _ling
	No 22 Ebenezer Wilcox
	No 23 David Boew
	No 24 Roswell Grover
	No 25 Gerret Martin
	No 26 Joseph Mumford
	No 27 William Whitford
	No 28 Adam Yager
	No 29 Thomas Martin
	No 30 James Allen
	No 31 Aaron Chidester
	No 32 William Ellis

[New page, unnumbered]

	No 33 Daniel Waters
	No 34 Garret Walley
	No 35 Parker Wilson
	No 36 Beers Peete
	No 37 Samuel Carpenter
	No 38 Samuel Rider
	No 39 Alvin Lyon
	No 40} Frederick Boint
	No 41} Frederick Boint
	No 42 Lewis Houghtentaly
	No 43 Benony Adams
	No 44 Robinson Aylesworth
	No 45 Amos Kith
	No 46 Isaac Hungarford
	No 47 Daniel Griswold
	No 48 Aron Lane
	No 49 William Stevens
	No 50 Abel Babcock
	No 51 Jacob Brewer
	No 52 Cornelius Lane
	No 53 Isaac Friderburg
	No 54 Henry L Miller and
	No 55 George Schermerhorn
Voted that Sd Town raise for the Support of the poor Seventy five dollars 

Voted that the by Laws of Sd Town Stand as they did Last year

Voted that the Town Re_ait to Rodney Arnold $20 of a Judgment that now ___ against 
Sd Arnold in favour of Sd Town
Voted that Sd Town Raise $20 in ___t_t_tion to the Town above named for the Support 
of the Poor of Sd Town

Page 236

Voted that the next annual Town meeting be held at the house of William N White in 
Sd Town to Commence at 9 oclock A.M.
							Asa Eddy T Cl

Division of Third Ward
We the Commifsioners of the town of Milford agree to divide the third Ward in Said 
Town the division to take Place at David French’s Well on the east Side of the 
highway opposite Said Frenche’s now dwelling house the South Part to be Designated 
by Ward No 56k
Milford Febr 21st 1825				Timothy Brown}
							Asher Bernard   }Commifsioners

Division of Fourth Ward
We the Commifsioners of the Town of Milford do agree to Divide the Fourth Ward 
Distrcit in Said Town The division to take Place at George Mumfords North Line and 
the South Part to extend to William Scotts South Line the South Ward will be 
designated by Ward No 57 Milford Febr 21st 1825			Timothy Brown }
							Asher Bernard   } Commifsioners
							Asa Eddy           } T Clerk

Page 241

Voted that the town raise fifty Dollars for the Support of the Poor the ensuing 
Voted that the by Laws remain as they were pafsed in the year 1823

Voted that the next annual Town Meeting be held at the house of Willaim V. White in 
Said Town at Nine o clock in the morning
							Asa Eddy Town Clerk

Levi Stewarts Mark Two half Pennys on the under Side of the Left ear former by 
Daniel Averell on Page 85

*Abijah Fairchild Mark 2 half pennys under the left ear and slit in the end of the 
right ear

*now Henry Wilcox mark

Page 242

We the Jurors Say upon our oaths that the Road Running on the line between Reuben 
Scot and Josiah Arnold on the Hartwick Line be discontinued Milford May 4th 1825

							Thomas Hoag
							George Lyon
							Thomas Baker
							Asahel Brooks
							Jason Wilcox
							Elias Rodgers
							David Wilcox
							Onman Stevens
							George R Wilcox
							Read Baker
							Samuel Bixby
							____ W Chapell

We two of the Comifsioners of the Town of Milford approve of the proceedings of the 
Jurors above in Discontinuing the Road above mentioned
May the 4th 1825					Timothy Browne
							Asher Barnard
							Asa Eddy Town Clerk

[New page, unnumbered]

We the Comrs of the town of Milford conceive it necefsary to alter the boundary of 
Wards No 26 and No 51 and the Same Shall be divided as follows No. 26th to extend 
from Benjamin Westcott to Samuel Rufsells South line and No 51 from Jacob Brewers 
North line Southward to Samuel Rufsells South line  dated this 15th day of February 
							John Low…..}Comrs
							Jacob Young }of
							Walter Fitch..}Highways

[Cannot read page number]

Survey of a Road in the Town of Milford Which Begins at the Town line between the 
Town of Milford and Laurens on a small Brook that runs through the Lands of William 
Whitford and Crofses the line near the Lands of John Brees in Laurens and Runs 
North 77 East 7.00 Chains
North 84 East 3.75
North 31 East 9.00
North 60 East 1.60
North 80 East 5.00
North 84 East 2.50
North 71 East 2.30
North 80 East 2.00
North 70 East 10.00
North 88 East 15.50
South 54 East 4.60
South 43 East 13.00
South 82 East 25.00
South 75 East 18.00
South 43 East 3.00
South 23 East 8.50 where it intersects the Road a little north of Widow Barnards 
house Containing a distance of 1˝ miles & 45 Rods

Milford September 25th 1825				Ralph Jordan }Comrs
David L Sayre Surveyor				Walter Fitch   }of
							William Scott }Highways

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