Town of Milford
Annual Minutes
Copied by : Jayne Davis Szaz

Comments on My Transcription of the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes

In the early 1990s Marion Brophy made photocopies for me of the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes at the New York State Library in Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York, in reply to my request for information about my great great great grandfather, Christopher ELLI.S. As far as I know, the Minutes I have transcribed are all that remain of the Town of Milford's Annual Town Meeting Minutes, but I may be wrong about that; there may be Minutes for years before 1811 and after 1840. For anyone who wants to inquire of the library, its address is New York State Historical Association/The Farmers' Museum, Research Library, P.O. Box 800, Cooperstown, New York 13326, its telephone number is 607-547-1400, and its website is The call number for the Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes is N593.82(2). However, the Minutes for 1812 and 1813 are probably lost; if not, Marion would have sent copies of them to me also.

I have transcribed the information from The Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes for 1811 and 1814-1840 and have entered the information into separate documents by year. My comments are in brackets [ ].

You may notice that some pages are missing and, I presume, lost, and that some of the page numbers within the documents are out of sequence. That apparently happened because the responsible town clerk did not enter the information about an event until some time after the event. For instance, information from page 256 appears in the years 1827, 1828, and 1829 because information for those years appears on that one page. Also, some page numbers appear in two consecutive years because the town clerk continued writing minutes for the current year on the sheet used for the previous year rather than taking a new sheet of paper.

The page numbers are as they appear in the original document. Where [New page, unnumbered] appears at the top of the page, the photocopying must have cut off the page number. These missing page numbers seem to be the odd-numbered pages.

I have copied the text as it appears in the original document, which means I have retained the spelling of the original document. . Where I could not read letters or words, I have substituted underlining of the same length as the missing letters or words. There is little punctuation; the first, a comma, shows up in the late 1820s.

Where the town clerk left a space blank that should have been filled with a name or a word or words, I have typed (blank).

The researcher should look through all of the years to find her/his ancestor(s) because some of the names were spelled one way on one page and another way on another page or pages. Some of the names appear over the entire span of years while others appear only once or twice.

Town of Milford Annual Town Meeting Minutes

Page 271

The following Pathmasters and Wards Whereby they are hereafter to be Designated 
reference may be had to page 270 to find the original Number as they were 
heretofore Numbered The following are the pathmasters appointed and Stand on the 
other page 270________ ___ Year

1 William Wilcox
2 Amos Sweet
3 Lyman J Walworth
4 Griswold Walworth
5 Richard Swartwout
6 Mathew Brewer 
7 Cyrus Steer
8 Alfred P Horton
9 Daniel H Westcott
10 Jered Goodyear
11 James Fern
12 Hezekiah Fairchild
13 Peter Cline
14 Thomas Hoag
15 William Lee
16 Reuben Rogers
17 Reuben Westcott
18 Ira Chappel
19 John Wilcox
20 John Crydenwise
21 Phillip A Humphrey
22 Nicholas Schermerhorn
23 Robert R Meeney
24 Samuel Petangale
25 John A Cronkhite
26 Solomon Bostwick
27 Bezer Reed
28 Bezer Reed Jr
29 William Faw____
30 Joseph Westcott
31 George W Davis
32 Coonrad Yager
33 John Gifford
34 Harvey Bifsell
35 Chester Whitford
36 Chancey Houghton
37 Cornelius Lane
38 Cornelius Miller
39 Silas Marlatt
40 Joshua D Cook
41 George Wilcox
42 Augustus Vars
43 Harvey C Jewel
44 William Ellis
45 Evuthis Horth
46 Matthew Allen
47 Harry Thorp
48 Sollamon Townsend
49 Edwin Austin
50 Abraham Gurney
51 William Crouch
52 Harvey Houghton
53 Isaac __yland
54 Jeruel Preston
Milford Feb 16th 1833					Amos Waters
							Adam Dietz
							Robinson Aylesworth
	`						Commissaioners of Hi Ways

Page 272

Resolved that so much of Ward No 42 as is recorded in page 255 begins at a Stake 
and Stones Standing about four Rods in a South direction from a beech Tree Standing 
in Said Highway from thence to the Road at Amos Waters as is recorded in page 122 
be attached to Ward No 48
February 14th 1833					Amos Waters
							Adam Dietz
							Robinson Aylesworth
							Comrs of H Ways

Division of Ward No 45
We the Commisioners of the High Ways of the Town of Milford do agree to annex so 
much of Ward 45 as beginning at Amos Sweets South Line on the East Side of the 
Susquehannah River and annex the Same to Ward No 44  Milford Feb 19th 1833
							Adam Dietz
							Amos Waters
							Robinson Aylesworth
							Comr of H Way

Division of Ward No 25
We the Commisioners of the High Ways of the Town of Milford do agree to annex so 
much of Ward No 25 being on the thousand acre lot belonging to the B________ 
Running South of John A Cronkhites house to a Hemlock tree Marked W  Standing on 
the Hill South of the Swamp and annex the Same to Ward No 25 Milford Feb 19th 1833

					Robinson Aylesworth
							Adam Dietz
							Amos Waters
							Com of H Ways

Page 273

Town Records for 1833
At an Annual Town Meeting held at Jesse Mumfords in the Town of Milford on the 5th 
day of March 1833 the following votes were carried
1st Voted that there be 4 Constables Elected
2nd Voted that there be 3 Afsefsors Elected
3rd Voted that there be 4 Pound Masters
4th Voted that any Elector shall have the privilege of voting by ballot where the 
next Town Meeting shall be at the Same time that he Shall hand in his other Ballot

5th Voted that the next Annual Town Meeting Shall be held on the first Tuesday in 
March next
6th Voted that the Fence Viewers have One Dollar per day for their services
7th Voted that the Collector have 5 percent for collecting taxes the ensuing year
8th Voted that the Town raise as much money as is necessary to draw the money from 
the State
9th Voted that the By Laws remain as they were passed in 1823

The following Officers were duly Elected at Said Meeting
Supervisor				Peter Collier

Town Clerk				Asa Eddy

Assessors				Peter Cline
					Eli Rose
					Thomas Bernside

Collector				Isaiah E Reed

Constables				Fitch Fairchild
					Isaiah E Reed
					Ebenezer Grove
					Elnathan Gregory

Page 274

Commissioners of High Ways	Thomas Eddy
					William V White
					Robinson Aylesworth

Commissioners of Schools		Lyman I Walworth
					Zebediah Martin
					Samuel Russell

School Inspectors			John Hannay
					Denison R Boice
					James Fern Jr

Overseers of the Poor			Richard Swartwout
					Samuel Bixby

Justice of the Peace			Adam Dietz

Pound Masters				John Moore Jr
					Alan Baker
					Jared Goodger
					Joseph Westcott

Path Masters

Ward No 1 John Scott
	    2 John Moore Jr
	    3 Orange Bissell
	    4 John Whiteside
	    5 Luther Brewer

Page 275

	   6 Samuel Russell
	   7 Daniel Widsor
	   8 Moses Chidester
	   9 George H Westcott
	  10 Peter Cline
	  11 James Fern
	  12 Fitch Fairchild
	  13 Zebediah Martin
	  14 Alexander Cummins
	  15 Lorenzo Bates
	  16 John Aylesworth
	  17 Eli Rose Jr
	  18 Joseph Whitford
	  19 David Wilcox
	  20 John Cridenwise
	  21 Edward Seger
	  22 Alfred Wellman
	  23 Alvin Lyon
	  24 Freeman Phillips
	  25 John A Cronkite
	  26 Salmon Bostwick
	  27 Ira E Reed
	  28 Bezer Reed
	  29 _urce Wellman
	  30 Abram Yager
	  31 John Shaw
	  32 Coonrad Yager
	  33 Ebenezer Grover
	  34 Harvey Bifsell
	  35 William Whitford
	  36 Lorenzo Lane
	  37 Cornelius Lane
	  38 Ephraim R Ferrington
	  39 William Wellman
	  40 Warren Ackley
	  41 Nehemiah Kingman
	  42 Nathaniel Applebee
	  43 William Rensside Jr

Page 276

	  44 Archibald Allen
	  45 John Low
	  46 Thomas Pratt
	  47 Amos Burke
	  48 Samuel Yeomans
	  49 Daniel Wright
  50 Benjamin Yomans
  51 _______ Spencer
  52 Rufus Houghton
	  53 Ephraim Ferrington
	  54 Cha___ey Allen

We Certify the foregoing to be a Correct List of the Town Officers Elected on the 
First Tuesday of March 1833			Asa Eddy Town Clerk
						Levi Stewart       }Justices
						Allen Baker         }of the
						William H Coon }peace

Page 277

S____ Schedule of Property Included and comprehended in this Mortgage as follows

1 Yoke of red 3-years old steers with some white marks upon each, and horns about 
common The only steers which I own at this date 
1 horse of dun collour about 5 years of age
The one had of Matthew Allen this day
			Value of steers considered 45$
			    Do         do           do       40$

Whereas I Peter Hatfield of Maryland am indebted to Matthew Allen in the sum of 
forty dollars and (blank) cents for a certain Horse, this sold and delivered to me 
 Now, for securing the payment of the Said debt to said Matthew I do hereby sell, 
transfer and afsign to the Said Matthew Allen the property mentioned in the 
foregoing Schedule Provided that if the said Peter Hatfield shall pay to the said 
Matthew Allen the Said sum of 40$ with the interest on or before the first day of 
January next. Then this transfer to be void and of no effect. But in case of 
nonpayment at the time above mentioned, the Said Matthew Allen shall have full 
power to take pofsession of the said property, and

sell the Same and the            to apply in payment of the above debt. And in case 
the said Allen shall at any time deem himself insecure, it shall be lawful for [a 
name or words must have been left out here]

Page 278

to take pofsefsion of said property and sell the same at publick or private sale 
previous the term before mentioned for the payment of the said debt, applying the 
proceeds as aforesaid after deducting all expenses of the Sale and of the keep of 
Said property

As Witnefs my hand and seal at Milford this 9th day of 1833
							Peter Hatfield
Witnesses present
D Winsor

Matthew Allens Mark for Sheep and Cattle a hole through the Left ear

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