Town of Otsego Minutes 1826 - page 1

At a meeting of the freeholders and inhabitants of the town of Otsego held at the Court House on the first 
Tuesday of March  1826.      
								Elisha Foote   )   Just
								Ariel Thayer   )   of
								Chancy Stevens )   P

Voted that the reading of the accounts audited and allowed by the board of Supervisors at their 
meeting in Nov. last be dispensed with.-

	As the sense of the town of Otsego in annual meeting convened as to divide the County of 
Otsego as is contemplated by an application to the Legislature cutting off Unadilla, Huntsville, 
Otego and the better half of the town of Butternuts is not called for by expediency and would prove 
injurious to the public interest.-

Voted,   that the town choose three assessors and four Constables.-

	That the town raise Three hundred dollars for the support of the Poor for the year ensuing-

	That the Collectors fees at  4 pr ct

	The height of Fence be  4 1/2 feet

	That that School Inspectors shall receive ten shillings each pr day when engaged in visiting

	That the town raise double the sum for the support of Common schools that the law requires.


				1826 - page 2	

Resolved   As the sense of the town of Otsego in annual town meeting convened, that the publication of the accounts of the county
 in a pamphlet form, as prescribed by a statute of 1825  is an unnecessary expense, beneficial in no respect to the public and that 
our delegates in assembly be requested to use their exertions to procure the exemption of the County of  Otsego from so unnecessary a tax.

					Path Masters

1.   Miles Benjamin				31.  John Williams
2.   Elisha Doubleday			32.  O. L. Williams
3.   John Kellog				33.  Asahel B. Davison
4.   Timothy Waterman			34.  David Waterman
5.   E  Van Benchoten  crossed out,  Mathew Van Benchoten added    38.  Jonathan Perry
6.   Levi Pearce				39.  Nehemiah Hinds
7.    Buckingham Fitch crossed out,  Hezekiah B Sprague added      40.  Zadoc Fitch
8.   Zenas Chapman				41.  William Patten
9.   Joseph Cheney				44.  John Hinds
10. William Williams				45.  Thomas Stephens
11.  John Adams				47.  Nehemiah Mott
12.  Zatty Andrus				48.  James Johnson
13.  John Abby				50.  Orrin Bliss
14.  William Rutenber			51.  Ziba Birch
15.  David Marvin				52.  Joseph Rose
16.  Israel Loomis Jr.			56.  Jirah Carter  Jr
17.  David Peabody				57.  Lawrence. Manser
18.  Solomon Avery				58.  Amon Tayler
19.  Jared Allen Jr 				59.  William Crombie
20.  Nathan Fisk Jr.				60.  Olney Z. Andrus
21.  John Bishop				61.  Stephen Babbit.
22.  Joseph Bissel				63.  John Baily
23.  A. R. Bliss				64.  Jacob Gates
24.  Benj. Allen				65.  Ebenezer Spooner
25.  Esek Page				66.  George Pier
26.  Ebenzr  Kinson
27.  Luther Lidle
28.  Julius Warren
29.  Anderson Weatherell

				1826 -  page 3

On the Canvass of the Ballots for town officers the following persons were declared duly elected.
			George Morell      Supervisor
			George Pomeroy   Town Clerk

	Zebulon Gibbs  )
	Henry Beadle	  )        assessors	
	Ambrose Clark )

	Abm Van Horne  )
	William Johnson  )     Coms High Ways
	Thos Tayler          )

	Buckingham Fitch )
	Stephen Gregory    )     Overseers Poor

	Abm Van Horne )
	Kent Jarvis	    )        Coms  Com  Schools
	Henry Scott         )

	Elihu Phinney           )
	Geo A Starkweather  )      School Inspectors
	Ariel Thayer              )

	Homer Beadle            Constable & Collector
	Ira Tannar                  Constable
	Samuel W. Cheney    Constable
	Miles Comstock         Constable

Fence Viewers
		Hezekiah Loomis
		William Adams
		Flavel Beadle
		Silas Wood
		Patrick Humaston
		Erastus Tayler
		William Thayer

Pound Masters
	Thomas Fuller,  Hart Seymour,  David Marvin	

					1826 -  page 4

	That Sheep, Hogs and Horses shall not be permitted to  run at large during the year ensuing under the penalty of  25 cents
 for each offence.

	That  Cattle shall not run at large from the  first of Nov  to the 1st April  under the penalty of  25 cents each.

	That no Ram shall be permitted to run at large from  the 1st Sept to 20th Novr under the penalty of five dollars.

		From the minutes
						George Pomeroy
						Town Clerk

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