Town of Otsego Minutes 1827 - page 1

At the annual Meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Otsego held at the court in Cooperstown on the
first Tuesday  March 1827

					Present - Elisha Foote  )
						   Ariel Thayer  )   Jus of
						    C.  Stephens )     Peace

Resolved  that the town raise four hundred dollars for the support of the Poor for year ensuing.

Resolved  that the town choose 3 assessors and four Constables.

Resolved  that the Collectors fees be and is hereby fixed at  3 pr cent 

Resolved  that we proceed to Ballot for officers when it appeared that the following persons were duly elected. viz - 
	George Morell            Supervisor
	George Pomeroy        Town Clerk

		Zebulon Gibbs )
		Roger Metcalf  )     Assessors
		Jared Allen Jr.  )

		Jared Allen  Jr      )
		William Johnson  )    Coms of High Ways
		Daniel Marvin     )

		Stephen Gregory    )    Overseers  of
		Buckingham Fitch  )      Poor

		Abm Van Horn )
		Henry Scott       )       Sc Coms
		Kent Jarvis       )


				1827 - page 2

	Ariel Spaford )
	F. F. Tiffany  )	    Sc. Ins.
	Job Potter      )

		Homer Beadle     Cons & Collector
	Ira Tannar, Saml W. Cheney, David A. A. Ensworth,Constables

Resolved,  that the height of fence be 4 1/2 feet

Resolved  that School Inspectors receive 12 [shillings]  pr day when engaged in Inspecting  schools.

Resolved  that the town raise double the sum for the support of Com schools which we receive from the state.

Resolved  that
		Hezekiah Loomis  )
		William Adams     )
		Horace Beadle      )
		Silas Wood          )	Fence Viewers
		Patrick Humaston )
		Erastus Taylor      )
		Wm Thayer          )

Resolved that
		Thos Fallen     )
		Hart Seymour )	Pound Masters
		David Marvin  )

Resolved that sheep, Hogs & Horses shall not run at large under the Penalty of 50 cents each

Resolved that Cattle shall not run at large from the 1st Nov to the 1st April under the 	penalty of  25 cents each

Resolved that no Ram shall run at large from 1st Sep to 20th Nov. under the penalty of five dolls.

				1827 - page 3

				Path Masters
1.  Miles Benjamin
2.  Elisha Doubleday			 48.  Omsi Comstock
3.  Abm. Kellog                                        50.  Isaac Vallance
4.  Lester Doubleday		 51.  Ebenzr  Bliss
5.  Mathias Van Horne		 53   John Hinds
6.  Andrew Scribner			 56.  John Wiley  Jr
7.  Buckm Fitch			 57.  Jacob Root
8.  James E. Lathrop			 58.  Zebulon Gibbs
9.  Joseph Cheney			 59.  Jos. C  Marvin
10. Richard Davidson		 60.  Saml Morris
11. Russell Brownell			 61.  Phillip Moore
12. Zatty Andrus			 63.  Simeon Niles
13. Samuel Hicock			 64.  John Patten
14. Alex  Mulwain			 65.  Benj. Bissell
15. David Marvin			 66.  Jesse Tift
16. Russell Williams
17. David Pabody
18. Solomon Avery
19. Abm Van Horne crossed out,  Jared Allen  Jr  added
20. Abm  Bliss
21. Alonzo Kinne
22. Saml. C  Bosworth
23. David Price
24. Benj Allen
25. Hosea C  Williams			From the minutes
26. Ebenezer Kinson		
27. Henry Herkimer
28. Russell Warren				Geo Pomeroy
29. Warren Babbit
31. Arunal Metcalf				     Town Clerk
32. Miner Parshall
33. John Lumley
34. James Lent
35. Martin Pickens
38. Jacob Fluno
39. Thos Welden
40.  Zadoc Fitch
41. David Newcark
44. Hiram Coonrod
45. Nehemiah Hinds
47. Timothy Babcock
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