Town of Otsego Minutes 1829 - page 1

At a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the town of Otsego held at the Court house  Cooperstown   3d March 1829.      Present
						Ariel Thayer      )
					            	Chester Jarvis     )       Jus of
						Chancy Stephens )      P

Resolved  that the town appoint three assessors for the year ensuing

	That the town appoint four constables for the year ensuing

	That the Collectors fees be and is hereby fixed at Three pr cent for this year ensuing

	That Rams shall not be suffered to run at large from the 1st day of September
	 to  25th  day of  November under the penalty of five dollars

	That Sheep, Hogs and Horses shall not run at large under the penalty of  50 cents 	

	That Cattle shall not run at large from the 1st of November to the first of April under the penalty of  25 cents.

	That the School Inspectors receive eight shillings pr day when actually employed Inspecting Teachers and Schools. 

Fence Viewers
		Elijah Matteson  
		Henry Luce
		Erastus Tayler
		Ovid Drake
		William Johnson
		William Adams
		Ira Tannar

					1829 - page 2

Pound Masters
		William Nichols
		David Marvin
		Hart Seymour

Proceeded to elect officers for the town for the year ensuing  when the following persons were declared duly elected.  Viz

	George Morell		Supers
	George Pomeroy	Town  Clk

		Daniel Marvin )
		Jared Allen	 )   Assessors
		James Stowel   )

	Elias Root            )
	David Marvin	    )	Coms of High Ways
	Samuel Williams ).

		Stephen Gregory  )	Overs of the Poor
		John Badger         )

	Homer Beadle		Collector

		Ira Tannar      ) 
		Isaac Fitch      )
		Jos A Cheney  )      Constables
		Homer Beadle )

	Henry Scott         )
	Abm Van Horne  )	School Coms
	Orestes Badger    ) 

		Job Patten       )
		Levi C Turner	)      Sch  Inspectors
		Ariel Spaford  )

				1829 - page 3

				Path Masters

	1.   Joseph Griffin  Jr		39. William Thayer
	2.   Ellery Cory		40. Zadoc Fitch
	3.   John Kellog		41. as part of 66
	4.   Isaac Williams		42
	5.   Oliver Sherman		43.
	6.   Andrew Scribner	44. John Hinds
	7.   Buck Fitch		45. Thos. Stephens
	8.   James Welden		46.
	9.   Jos.  Cheney		47. Billings Coats
	10. John Patten		48. Saml Jones
	11. Lewis Nash		49.
	12. Zatty Andrus		50. Thomas Russell
	13. Samuel Langley		51. Edward Lewis
	14. George W Roberts	52.
	15. Joseph Woodhouse	53. Jacob G  Storing
	16. Leander Plumb		56. Jonathan Price
	17. Leonard Webb		57. Christopher crossed out,  Lawre added,  Manzer
	18. Peleg Rose		58. Thomas Tayler 2d
	19. Abm Van Horne		59. Elisha Wentworth
	20. Daniel P. Barney		60. Orimel Edson
	21. Jacob Wilcox		61. Philip Moore
	22. Jos. W  Bissell		63. John Bailey
	23. Jacob Dunbar		64. David Patten
	24. Benj  Allen		65. John G Crosby
	25. Stephen Eddy		66. Ovid Drake
 	26. Abel Benjamin		67. Asahel Clarke
	27. John Jemison
	28. Horace Shipman
	29. Warren Babbit
	30. Abm  Shutes
	31. Andrew Metcalf
	32. John Williams		from the Minutes
	33. Daniel Ward
	34. Ebenezer Lisk		   G P
	35. Caleb Stephens		    T CLK
	36. Stafford Coats
	37. Calvin Underwood
	38. Orrin Pearce

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