Town of Otsego Minutes 1835 - page 1

At a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town of Otsego held at the Court house in the village 
of Cooperstown in the said Town of Otsego on the first Tuesday in March AD 1835
		Present	      Chester Jarvis    )
			      Seth Doubleday Jr )	Justices
			     Chauncy Stevens Esquire )

The Town Clerk being absent it was on Motion Resolved that Henry Brown be and he is hereby appointed Clerk Pro tem - 

Resolved  that the Town will choose three assessors and four Constables for the ensuing year -
Resolved  that the School Commissioners and inspectors be allowed for their services one dollar and twenty five cents per diem -

Resolved  that no Cattle, sheep, hogs or horses shall be permitted to roam at large in said Town at any time during the year 
ensuing under the penalty of twenty five cents for each and every offense-

Resolved  that the Collector for his services be allowed five per cent Commission - 

Resolved  that the Town raise the sum of one hundred dollars and that the sum be paid to the Commissioners of high ways for
 the improvement of roads and bridges and in payment of  prudent debts -

Resolved  that 4 1/2 feet in height shall be requisite to constitute a lawful fence -

	The meeting then proceeded to ballot for Town officers for the ensuing year where upon the following persons were 
duly elected to fill the several offices opposite their respective names -- Viz -- 		
			Elihu Phinney         Supervisor
			George Pomeroy     Town Clerk
			Charles Jarvis	         Justice of the Peace for four years from and after the 1st Jany next
			James Paul         )
			Zebulon Gibbs 2 )      Assessors
			Leander Plumb   ) 

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		Jabez Chapman     )
		James Johnson 2   )	Coms of highways
		Buckingham Fitch )

		Elisha Doubleday  )
		William Williams )	Coms of Schools
		Chester Jarvis       )

		George A C  Luce    )
		William Stark	         )	   Inspectors of Schools
		Erasmus Richardson )

		John Brewer 2     )
		Garratt Olendorf  )	Overseers of the Poor

		Benjamin Ruggles	Collector

		Orson Smith         ) 
		Benjamin Ruggles )
		Ira Tanner	      )	Constables
		Lewis Nash           )

		Ellery Cory		Sealer of Weights & Meas


	Ward No.     1	Harry Clark
		     2	Daniel Peck
		     3	Jared Clark
		     4. 	Isaac Williams
		     5.  	Francis Misson
		     6.	Daniel Carpenter
		     7. 	Buckingham Fitch
		     8. 	J. G  Staring
		     9.	Joseph Cheney
		    10.	John Patten
		    11	Thomas Higby
		    12	Zattu Andrus
		    13	David Hicock
		    14	Thomas Rutenber

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	15   David Marvin				61  Eleazer Johnson      Riley Fields
	16  Rufus Preston				62  Nehemiah Hinds 2d
	17  John Newton				64  Jacob Gates
	18  Charles Sumner				65  John Bissel       Benjamin Bissell
	19  Abraham Van Horn			66  Homer Beadle
	20  Daniel P. Barney				67  Dennis Clark
	21  Jacob Wiley
	22  Joseph Tibbetts			From the minutes
	23  Charles Bliss			     Henry Brown
	24  James Kelly				Town Clerk  Pro: tem
	25  Jacob Johnson
	26  Daniel Hicock			
	27  Hiram Coonrodt			Chester Jarvis   )
	28  Julius Warren			Seth Doubleday )      Justices
	29  Warren Babbitt			Chancy Stevens )
	30   Samuel Lawrence
	31  Andrew Metcalf
	32  John Williams
	33  John Lumley	
	34  Andrew Lisk
	35  Orlow Underwood
	36  Benjamin Roberts
	37  Robert De Long
	38  Henry Newcomb
	39  William Patten
	41  Rensselaer Fitch
	42  John Sutherland
	44  John Hinds
	45  Martin Pickens
	46  David R  Beach       John Clark
	37  Nathaniel Mott
	48  Cyrenus Johnson
	50  William Russel
	51  Edward Lewis
	53  Isaac House
	56  Benedict Price
	57  Alexander Hicock
	58  Francis Taylor
	59  Isaac Tucker
	60  Samuel Morris
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