Town of Otsego Minutes 1836 - page 1

At a meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of the town of Otsego held at the 
Court House in the village of Cooperstown in said town on the first Tuesday of March 1836.
							Present  Seth Doubleday Jr
								  Chester Jarvis    Justs.

Resolved  that will choose Three assessors & four Constables for the year ensuing

	That the Collector be allowed five p cent for collecting

	That the town raise one hundred Dollars & that the sum be paid to the Coms of High Ways.-

	That 4 1/2 feet in height shall be requisite to constitute a lawful fence.

	That each school Inspector be allowed 50 cents for each School Teacher he 
assists in Inspecting or Examining.

	That each School Inspector, not exceeding two, shall receive one dollar for each 
school inspected & examined - provided no more that two schools are examined 	in one day.

	That the School Coms. be allowed Ten shillings pr day

	That after the first Inspection by one or more of the Inspectors, they  nor either 
of them shall be entitled to any pay unless the visit of Inspections was requested by a 
majority  [end page]

				1836 - page 2

of the Trustees of the district, then, and in that case they shall receive one dollar each.

	That it is highly proper and in our opinion for the benefit of the District schools if 
the Inspectors would give the Trustees of the District notice when they intend to examine the school

	That no cattle  sheep  Hogs or Horses shall be permitted to run at large at any 
time during the year under the penalty of Twenty five cents for each and every offence

	That Rams shall not be permitted to run at large from the 1st of August until the 25th Novr. 
under the penalty of Five dolls -

	That our representatives in assembly be requested to use their influence in 
	obtaining a law to tax all Incorporated Companys on the High Ways and to make them liable to 
be sued before a single Justice -

[Minutes continue in a different hand writing]

	The meeting then proceded to ballot for Town Officers for the ensuing year, whereupon the 
following persons were duly elected to 
fill the Several offices opposite their respective names.  Viz.-
		Elihu Phinney	 	Supervisor
		George Pomeroy 	Town Clerk
		James J. Paul  )
		Jared Clark	)	Assessors
		Leander Plumb )
		Jabex Chapman       )
		William P. Johnson ) 	 Com's of Highways
		Erastus Taylor, 2d   )

				1836 - PAGE 3

		Elisha Doubleday     )
		Garratt Olendorf     )	School Commissioners
		Chester Jarvis       )

		George A.C. Luce       )
		William Stork          )   School Inspectors
		Erasmus D. Richardson  )

		Benjamin Ruggles	Collector

		Benjamin Ruggles       )
		Ira Tanner             )
		Lewis Nash	       )	Constables
		John Hard              )
		Caleb Thayer      )
		William Williams  )	Overseers of the Poor

four years from Jany 1837   Seth Doubleday  Jr. for four years
		 Hezekiah B. Sprague for three years Justices
		 to fill the vacancy of Chancy Stevens

		Elery Cory	Town Sealer
				Path Masters	
					      Daniel Barney 
Ward No.1   Joseph Bennet		20  Linsley Kinney 
	    2.  Elisha Doubleday 	21. Jacob Wiley
	    3.  Caleb Thayer		22. John Mallard
	    4.  Lester C Doubleday	23. Albert Matteson
	    5.  Abrm Van Horne	        24. William Fitch
	    6.  William P. Johnson	25. Marcus H. Scribner
	    7.  Ira H. Tanner		26. Nathaniel Hicock
	    8.  Richard Bates		27. Jas. D. Colt
	    9.  Joseph Cheney		28. Julius Warren
	   10. John C. Williams	        29. Caleb Brown
	   11  Thomas  Higby		30. Isaac Russell
	   12. Zatta  Andrews           31  Henry Bingham
	   13. David Hicock	        32  Jonathan Harvey crossed out,  John Williams added
	   14. William Rutenber	        33  Samuel Scott
	   15. David Marvin      	34..Demas Doubleday
	   16  John Loomis		35  James Weldon
	   17. Ebenezer Kinson	        36  Benjamin Roberts
	   18  Charles Sumner		37  William Hinds
	   19  Cornelius Van Horn crossed out, Avolian Van Horn  added

				1836 - page 4

	38. Henry Newcomb		57. Alexander Hicock
	39. Huron Olmsted		58. Daniel Card
	41. Daniel Roberts		59. Isaac Tucker
	42. Erastus Taylor 2nd          60. James Morris crossed out, Olney Andrews added
	44. Calvin Coonrod		61. Philip Morris crossed out, Josiah Babbit added
	45. Nehemiah Hinds		63. Lester Taylor
	46. John Clark			64. John Patten
	47. Ira Hide, Jr.		65. Benjamin Bissell
	48. Herman C Jones		66. Cyremus Warner
	50. William Russell		67. John Wilson
	51. Samuel Hicock, Jr.
	53. Isaac House
	54. Benedict Price

	From the minutes		Chester Jarvis
	    Geo Pomeroy				    Justices
		Town Clerk		Seth Doubleday Jr.

	[The bottom half of page 2, all of page 3 and the names at the top of page 4 appear to 
have been written by Seth Doubleday, Jr.  The following is in the original handwriting, probably 
George Pomeroy.  
It had been crossed out with a single large  X]

		Relative to Road district No 27 & 48

          Henry G Herkimer is taken from Road District No.27 and attached to district No 48

		Relative to Road District No.63 & 33
	Erastus Tayler and Lester Tayler are taken off of Road district No 63 and put on district 
No 33 from the north line of the Thornton farm to the house of Erastus Tayler attached 
to district No 33

		Relative to Road District No 10

	A new district formed of part of District No 10 commencing at the Forks of the road south of 
Platt St Johns and leading to the high way near Philema Shepherds also the road leading from the forks 
said St. Johns north to Levi Pearce south line  also a High way leading from the point near  Adam 
Countrymans to the highway near  Zadok Fitch.   No of said district 49 inhabitants who live . 

				1836 - page 5

	on said district are as follows
		Adam Countraman
		Platt St John
		Zadok Fitch
		James Kelley
		Eleazer Bowen
		Many Bowen

	Recorded 1st March 1837, the paper not signed by the Coms. was however left with me by 
Mr. Chapman to be recorded
						George Pomeroy  T Clk

	a part of District No 33 from the forks of the road south of Silas Williams mills to ``
the four corners near Corys pail Factory attached to road district No 10 
						Jabez Chapman

	[the above crossed out with one large X and several smaller marks]

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