Town of Otsego Minutes 1839 - page 1

At a meeting of the freeholders and Inhabitants of the town of Otsego held at the Court House on 
the first Tuesday , 5th of March 1839
						     Wm Williams )
						      C  Jarvis       )   Just
						      H  B  Sprague )

	That the town choose four Constables and Three Assessors

	That the height of fence shall be 4 1/2 feet

Resolved  That Cattle, Sheep, Hogs nor Horses shall not be permitted to run at large at 	
any time under the penalty of Twenty five cents for each and every offense.

	That Rams shall not be permitted to run at large from the 1st of Augt to 25th of 	
Novr. under the penalty of five dolls -

	That the Collector be allowed five pr Ct for Collecting the tax

	That the school Coms be allowed ten shillings pr day

	That the Inspectors of schools be allowed the same as last year for inspecting schools - 
that they be requested to make   [end page 1]

				1839 - page 2

said Inspections in the early part of the season - and to make report to the annual town meting of the condition and 
progress of the several schools visited by them -

	Elihu Phinney		Supervisor
	George Pomeroy	Town clerk

	John Sutherland )
	Stephen Allen	   )	Assessors
	Isaac Lewis        )

	Henry Gibbs       )
	John H Benedict )	Coms of  H  W

	Chester Jarvis      )
	Delos  Pier	     )	Coms of Schools
	William Williams )

	George Wilson     )
	John Hannay        )	School Insp
	Luther J Benedict )

	Elanson Newell	Collector

	Ira Tannar           )
	Stephen Allen      )
	John Hurd            )	  Const
	Saml W Bingham )

	Caleb Thayer      )
	John B Northrup )	Over Seer of Poor

	Thomas Smith	   Justice for 4 years 
	Harvey Perkins   Do [ditto] to fill the vacancy of Doubleday resigned

	Ellery Cory		Sealed

				1839 - page 3

				Path Masters

1.   John H  Benedict		39. Wm  Wilson
2.   Arunal Metcalf			40. Rens Fitch
3.   John W. Clark			42. John Sutherland
4.   Amos Ellis			44. Gilbert Coonrod
5.   Naman Perkins			45. Elias Geer
6.   Leander Plumb			46, Ezra Allen
7.   Buck Fitch			47. Isaac Fluno
8.   Randal Chapman	                48. James Crosby
9.   Jos  Cheney			50. Wm. Russell
10. John C  Williams			51. Alex Tayler
11. Thos Higby			53. Joseph Rose
12. John Adams			56. John Wiley Jr.
13. Andrew Phillips			57. John Bush
14. Isaac Russell 			58. Chester Tayler
15. John B  Northrup		59. Wm. Kinnie
16. Israel Loomis Jr			60. O  Z  Andrus
17. John Newton			61. Eleazer Joslyn
18. Claudius Dilly			62. Wm Hinds
19. Walter Van Horne		64. Oliver Bingham
20. Col  Eldrige			65. Isaac Bissell
21. Robt Weeks		                66.  Nasthan Bates
22. James Standish			67. Asahel Clark
23. Ashael Benjamin			68. M  H  Scribener
24. James Kelley			70. Truman Dewey Jr  crossed out
25. Stephen Eddy			
26. Abel Benjamin
27. Hiram Coonrod    		From the minutes
28. Julius Warren		 	Geo Pomeroy
29. D  J  Bissell			T Clk
30. Selden Wilson
31. Stephen Herrick			Chester Ganio
32. O  L  Williams			Justice
33. Richard Davison 2d
34. Isaac Stocker			Number of days work  2072
35. O  C  Underwood		No  of persons assesd   505
36. Josiah Turner
37. Andrew Shaw
38. David Price	

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