Otsego Town Minutes 
1841 - page 1

At the annual Town Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of  Otsego  Held at the House
of Harry Knowlton in the Village of Cooperstown, on Tuesday the 2d day of March 1841 
The Town clerk  J. Hannay being absent -  H. S. Babcock [the word] nominated [is
crossed out] appointed [written in]  Clerk Pro Tem
							H. B. Sprague )
							A. V. Moore   )  Justices
							H. Perkins      )
On Motion
	Resolved that the Town  Choose three assessors - Four constables

	Resolved  that the height of fences be 4 1/2 feet

	Resolved  that Cattle  Sheep  Hogs & Horses Shall not be permitted to run at large
	at any time under the penalty of  Twenty five cents for each and every offence.

	Resolved - that Rams shall not be permitted to run at large from the 1st of August
	to 25th  November the penalty of five dollars

Resolved -  That the Collectors be allowed five pr ct for Collecting

Resolved - that the School Commissioners be allowed one Dollar for day  

Resolved   That the School Inspectors receive the same pay as last year and Shall be
	under the Same regulatory as last year (1840) - viz  visit each School in the Town
	once in Summer - twice in the winter & report the condition of Schools at the next
	annual Town meeting.

					1841 - page 2

The following persons were duly Elected to the Several offices to which their names are
	annexed for he ensuing year  Viz

	George A. Starkweather     Supervisor

	Hiram S. Babcock   	Town Clerk 

	Leander Plumb	 )
	Ephraim Pier 	 ) 	Assessors
	Jared Clark  	 )

	John Thayer    		Collector

	Caleb Thayer    	 )	Overseers of
	John Worthington 	 )     	the poor

	Rensselaer Waterman  )
	Timothy  Waterman    )	Com High Ways
	Horace Taylor    	  )

	Orestes Badger 	 )	Com of 
	Philip Roof	)	Schools
	Delos Pier      	)

	Luther Burditt  	)
	Cutler Field   	)	School Inspectors
	Jerome B Wood 	)

	Abraham V. Moore 		Justice

	Ira Tanner       )
	John Hurd       )
	John Bunn       )		Constables
	Isaac S. Parker )

	Elery Cory  		Town Sealer


					1841 - page 3	

Ward 	 No 1    John H. Benedict		39  Peter McRorie
	    2    Elisha Doubleday crossed out, Ora Peabody added   40  Edwin Pier
	    3    Albert Kellogg		41  Dennis Clark
	    4    James Allen			42  John Sutherland
	    5    Willis Perkins			43  Cyrenus Warren
	    6    Parley Johnson		44  Gilbert Coonrod
	    7    H. B. Sprague			45  Elias Gear
	    8    Lorenzo Loomis		46  Horace Taylor
	    9    Joseph  Cheney		47  Bingham Babcock
	    10  John C. Williams		48  Henry G. Herkimer
	    11  John Higby			49  Benjamin Bissell
	    12  Peter Edgit  Jun		50  Nelson Russell
	    13  Andrew Philips		51  John L  Card
	    14  Isaac R. Drake		52  John Weatherspoon
	    15  John B. Northrup		53  John Hinds
	    16  Israel  Loomis,  Jun		54  John Bailey
	    17  Orin Johnson crossed out, Jonithan Roberts added   55 Eleazer Joslin
	    18  Lorenzo D. Babcock		56  Wm. Benjamin
     	    19  Daniel Bowen			57  Franklin Easton
	    20  Colonel Eldred		58  Chester Taylor  Jun
	    21  Albert  Mathewson		59  Isaac Tucker
	    22  Joseph Gordon		60  Edward Card
	    23  Amos  Mathewson
	    24  Lewis V. Booskirk
	    25  Russell Bourne
	    26  Lucius Tucker			     From the Minutes
	    27  Aaron G  Swift			H. S. Babcock
	    28  Philander Waterman			  Town Clerk
	    29  Earl P. Bramin
	    30  Levi Pierce
	    31  Thomas McCuen 
	    32  Jonithan B. Harvey		No of persons assessed  551
	    33  Samuel Scott				Days           1718
	    34  Samuel Lent
	    35  Leonard Weldon
	    36  Thomas P  Cole
	    37  Orange Delong
	    38  Christopher Manzer crossed out
		Chandler Taylor

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