Otsego Town Minutes 
1842 - page 1

At the Annual Town Meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Otsego assembled at the
House of last held  by the inhabitants.  Resolved  that we adjourn to the House of Wm
Lewis.  Carried
							H. B. Sprague )
							H. Perkins       )   Justices

On Motion  Resolved at the House of Wm  Lewis that the Town choose four Constables. 

That the Town choose three assessors - carried

That the height of fences be 4 1/2 feet

Resolved.  That the Collector be allowed 5 per cent for Collecting - Carried

Resolved   That Cattle, Sheep, Hogs & Horses Shall not be permitted to roam at Large at
any time under the penalty of Twenty five cents for each & every offence.

Resolved - That Rams Shall not be permitted to roam at Large from the first of Aug  to
25th  Nov. under the penalty of five Dollars - Carried

Resolved that the School Commissioners be allowed one Dollar for Day - Carried

Resolved.  That School Inspectors Shall Visit each School in town once in Summer 
Twice in the winter and that they be allowed fifty cents for each teacher inspected -
provided that when more than two persons are inspected in one day that then the
inspectors be allowed 10 shillings pr day  if more than two are inspected  and that they
report at the next annual Town Meeting.

					1842 - page 2 
The following persons were duly Elected to the Several offices to which their names are
annexed for the ensuing year  viz

	George A. Starkweather	Supervisor

	Henry P. Metcalf 		Town Clerk

	Leander Plumb )
	Delos D. Pier   )		Assessors
	Benjamin F. K ? )

	John Thayer		Collector

	Caleb Thayer   )
	John  Northrup )		Overseere of the Poor

	Timothy Waterman    )
	Rensselaer Waterman )	Coms of Highways
	William Kinney          )

	Philip Roof              )
	Cornelius Van Horn )	Com of Schools
	Alson Preston           )

	Luther Burdett  )
	Isaac Fairchild  )		School Inspectors

	Ira Tannor               )
	John Hurd	        	)	Constables
	Richard A. Freeman )
	John Bunn                )

	Ellery  Cory		Town Sealer

	Hezekiah B. Sprague  the  incumbant
	Orestes Badger      )		Justices
	Hiram S. Babcock )

					1842 - page 3

Ward No 1   John H. Benedict	      		No. 39  Albert Ulmstead
	    2   Ora Peabody			 40  Joel Squires, jr
	    3   John Clark			 41  Demis Clark
	    4   John Allen 			 42  Thos. Taylor 2d
	    5.  Abram S. Van Horn		 43  Cyrenus Warren
	    6   Abel Brook			 44  James Hinds
	    7   B. Fitch			 45  Nehemiah Hinds
	    8   Reuben Hinds			 46  Horace Taylor
	    9   Joseph Cheney		 47  Marlin Coates
	   10  John C. Williams		 48  James Crosby
	   11  Thos. S. Higby			 49  John Wilson
	   12  Peter Edget			 50  Wm  Russell 
	   13  Constantine King		 51  Alex. Taylor
	   14  Isaac R. Drake		 52  Geo. P. Dalphin
	   15  Wm Higby			 53  John Hinds
	   16  Israel Loomis, jr		 54  Ambrose Hyde
	   17  Walter P. Tunnicliff		 55  James Johnson
	   18  Frederick Williams		 56  Wm  Benjamin
	   19  Abram B. Van Horn		 57  Franklin Easton
	   20  Col. Eldred		                 58  John crossed out, Francis added, Taylor
	   21  Albert  Matthewson		 59  Harry Firman
	   22  Saml. Bosworth		 60  G. Washington Adams
	   23  Lyman Dunbar			 61  (new one from 54)
	   24  B. S. Moore
	   25  Orlands  Elsworth			From the minutes
	   26  Shubal Allen				H  Babcock
	   27  John Soser / Losee ?				     T Clk
	   28  Russell Warren
	   29  Anderson  Wetherall
	   30  Marcus H  Scribner
	   31  Minor  Smith
	   32  Walter Van Horn
	   33  Leister Taylor
	   34  Sanford G. Knowlton
	   35  Leonard  Welden			No. of Persons Assessed  540
	   36  Benjamin  Roberts                                            Days -          1850
	   37  Andrew  Shaw
	   38  Jeremiah  Shawl   					  	

				1842 - page 4

Town of Otsego )   Certificate of Drawing of Hiram S. Babcock and Orestes Badger 
March 3d  1842 )
		We certify that on the third day of March 1842, one of the Justices elected
for the Town of Otsego  the above named Hiram S. Babcock and Orestes Badger, also
one of the Justices elected for said Town,  by mutual consent  approved,  without any
notice having been served upon them, and in the presence of the Supervisor  at his office
in Cooperstown,  and having drawn lots agreeably to law,  the said Hiram S. Babcock
drew for two years from first January 1842 and Orestes Badger drew for four years from
the first day of January last.  
 	In witness whereof   we have hereunto subscribed our names,  the day and year
aforesaid  March 3, 1842       signed Geo. A. Starkweather  

				Henry P. Metcalf
					Town Clerk

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