Otsego Town Minutes 
1844 - page 1
At the annual Town Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Otsego, held at the Eagle
Tavern in Cooperstown on the 5th day of March 1844.
						H. B. Sprague )
						H. Perkins      )  Justices
						O. Badger       )
						H. P  Metcalf  Town Clerk

It was  Resolved  that  the town choose four Constables.
	That the town choose three Assessors.
	That the height of fences be 4 1/2  feet.
	That the Collector be allowed 3 pr ct. for Collecting.
	That Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, and Horses shall not be permitted to run at large at any
time under the penalty of twenty five cents for each and every offence.
	That Rams shall not be permitted to run at large from the first of August to the
twenty fifth day of November under the penalty of five dollars.

	The following persons were then elected to the several offices to which their
names are annexed for the ensuing year.  viz -

	Supervisor		George A. Startweather

	Town Clerk		Henry P. Metcalf

				(John Sutherland
	Assessors			(Alexander Taylor
				(Herbert M. Coburn

					1844 - page 2
	Justices			(Harvey Perkins,      4 years
				(Hiram S. Babcock,   to fill vacancy

	Commissioners		(Tilley Littlejohn,
	      of			(Horace Taylor,.
	Highways			(William Kinney,

				(Alexander Waterman,
	Constables		(Thomas Williams,
				(Ira Tanner,
				(John Hurd.					
	Overseers of 		(John B. Northrup
	the Poor			(Caleb Thayer

	Inspectors of Elections	(George Pomeroy
	District  No. One		(Peter Becker
                                                                 (Chandler Root           				
	District No. Two		(Alson Preston
				(Thomas Taylor, 2d
				(Russell Brownell

	Collector			John Thayer

	Town Sealer		Holder Cory

	1844 - page 3                                                   1844 - page 4
District No.1	Harry Clark 			    District No  39  Wlliam Misson
	       2	Demas A. Doubleday		           	40  Truman Dewey  	
	       3	Jared Brainard			           	41  Dan Freeman	
	       4       Randal Chapman  			           	42  Thomas Taylor  2d 	
	       5 	Jonathan House			           	43  Joseph Johnson
	       6	George Johnson			           	44  Gilbert Coonrod
	       7	Buckingham Fitch        		           	45  George Hinds	
	       8	Joseph Hinds		  	            	46  Horace Taylor	
       	       9       Orlando Coates crossed out, Leman Cummings added   
                      10	John C. Williams			            	47  Lorenzo Jarvis	
	      11	Thomas Higby			            	48  James Crosby
	      12	Peter Edget			            	49  Benjamin Bissell	
 	      13	Constantine King			            	50  William Russell
	      14	Thomas Williams			            	51  Alexander Taylor
	      15	William Higby			             	52  James M. Whipple
	      16	Fay S. Doane			           	53  John Hinds
	      17	Henry  Firman			            	54 Charles Bailey
	      18	Claudius Dilley				55  Daniel Carpenter
	      19	Isaac  Stocker				56  John Wiley
	      20	Benjamin Thompson				57  Franklin Eastburn
	      21	Jacob  Wiley				58  Daniel L. Card
	      22	Jarvis  Chase				59  Nicholas Wilson
	      23	Asahel  Benjamin				60   Frederick Jarvis 
	      24	Wm. Simonson, Jr. 				61  Samuel Hecock,  3d	
	      25	Peabody Tanner		From the Minutes
	      26      Shubal Allen		Henry P. Metcalf
	      27	Hiram  Coonrod		     Town Clerk
	      28	Julius  Warren			      	
   	      29  Anderson Witherell crossed out, William Babbitt added
	      30	James Ranskin				  
	      31	Seth Whipple		No of  Persons assessed   575
	      32	Harry Williams                          No of Days                    1610
	      33	Chester Davidson
	      34	Sanford  Knowlton
	      35	Orlo Underwood
	      36	William  Shaw
	      37	Robert  Quaif
	      38	Henry  Newland
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