Otsego Town Minutes 
1845 - page 1
At the annual Town Meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Otsego Held at the 	House
of William Lewis in the village of Cooperstown on Tuesday the 4th day of  March 1845 
the Town Clerk  Henry P  Metcalf being absent  Geo Jarvis appointed Clerk  Pro Tem
							H. B. Sprague  )
							H. S. Babcock  )   Justices
							H.     Perkins
On Motion
	Resolved   that the Town choose  three Assessors,  four Constables,  one Justice

	That the height of fences by 4 1/2 feet

	That the Collector be allowed 3 per cent for collecting

	That Cattle, Sheep, hogs and horses shall not be permitted to run at large at any
	time under the penalty of twenty five cents for each and every offence.

	That Rams shall not be permitted to run at large from the first of August to the
	twenty fifth day of November under the penalty of five dollars.

	that the road Commissioners Make A Report at the next Town Meeting of all
	Monies Received and expended by them

The following persons were then elected to the Several Offices to which their names are
annexed for the Ensuing year.  viz

					1845 - page 2

	Supervisor		George A. Starkweather

	Town Clerk		George Jarvis

	Assessors			(Cornelius Van Horne
				(George Dolphin
				(Alexander Taylor
	Commissioners		(William Kinne
	          of			(Herbert M. Coburn
	High Ways		(Horace Taylor

	Overseers of		(Caleb Thayer
	the  Poor			(John B. Northrop

				(Daniel G. Story
	Constables		(Richard A. Freeman
				(John Hurd
				(Alexander Waterman

	Justice			William P. Johnson  for 4 years

	Collector			Jasper Sherwood

	Town Sealer		Holder Cory

	Inspectors of Elections	(Lewis R. Palmer
	District No one		(Seth Doubleday
				(William C. Persons

				(Orville Plumb
	District No  two		(Francis Taylor
				(Elon  Denio


				1845 - page 3
				Path Masters
No.					No
1    Harry Clark			38  Jeremiah Shaul
2    Demus A. Doubleday		39  Albert E  Olmstead
3    John W  Clark			40  Henry H  Nash
4    Isaac Newkirk			41  Daniel Freeman
5    Abraham T  Van Horne		42  Thomas Taylor
6    George Johnson			43  Homer Beadle
7    Buckingham Fitch		44  Gilbert Coonrod
8    Isaac Hull			45  Neamiah Hinds
9    Leman Cummings		46  Horace Taylor
10  Merrick Patten			47  Norman Babcock
11  Russell Brownell crossed out, Thos T. Higby added   48  Joseph Kinney
12  Peter Edget  jun			50  Nelson Russell
13  David Hecock			51  John Card
14  Jacob Hardy			52  Roswell Williams
15  William E  Lewis			53  Peter Van Valkenbury
16  Dwight Preston			54  William Hinds
17  Aseph Coleman			55  Gaylord Peirce
18  Col P  Potter                                  	56  William Benjamin
19  Oliver Freeman	               		57  William Hecock crossed out, Franklin Eastburn added
20  Col Eldred			58  Chester Taylor  jun
21  Robert F  Wicks			59  Isaac Tucker
22  Hiram Peirce			60  Olney Andrus  jun
23  Charles Bliss  jun		61  Sylvester Hecock
24  Hiram Newel			62  William B  Adams
25  Anson Locke			49  Benjamin Bissell
26  John Erving
27  John Losee		       From the Minutes
28  Horace Bates            		George Jarvis
29  Earl P  Bramin			T. Clk
30  Andrew Scribner
31  Thomas Mc Ervin/Ewin ?			No of Persons assessed   573
32  Robert Parshall				No of days assessed      1839 1/2
33  James Cummings
34  Erastus Brockway
35  Lenord Weldon
36  Sumner E Turner
37  Andrew Shaw    	.	
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