Otsego Town Minutes 
1847 - page 1
At the annual Town Meeting of the Electors of the Town of Otsego held at the house of
William Lewis in the village of Cooperstown on Tuesday the 2d day of March A.D. 1847
							H. S. Babcock    )
							William Johnson )   Justices
							 Delos D  Pier     )
	That the Town choose four Constables

	That Cattle, Sheep, hogs & horses shall not be permitted to run at large at any
	time under the penalty of twenty five cents for each & every offence.

	That Rams shall not be permitted to run at large from the first day of August  to
	the twenty fifth day of November under the penalty of five Dollars.

	That the Supervisor of Said Town be authorized to get the sum of one hundred &
	fifty Dollars assessed on this Town in addition to the sum usually assessed  to be
	paid over [to] the Com of highways as set forth in public notices which have been
	posted up according to Law 

	The following persons were then Elected to the several Offices set opposite their
	Respective names for the Ensuing year or term

					1847 - page 2

	Seth Doubleday		Supervisor

	George Jarvis		Town Clerk
	Herbert M  Coburn		Assessor  3 years

	William Kinney		Com. of highways  3 years

	Caleb Thayer      )
	John B  Northrop )     	Poor Masters

	Hiram Babcock      )		Justices   4 years
	Edward B  Crandall )	Harvey Perkins term

	Orson Thayer		Superintendent Schools

	Anson Locke		Collector

	Jasper Sherwood )
	Richard Freeman)		Constables
	Selah H  Fish      )  
	Nelson Herdman )

	Cornelius Van Horne )	Inspectors of Elections
	Richard Cooley         )	in Dist  No one
	William C  Pearson   )

	Henry Gibbs     )		Do
	Robt G  Russell )		in Dist No two		
	Thos  Higby	  )

	Silas Nash		Sealer

				           1847 - page 3
					Path Masters
        {This page is very difficult to read, with many ink blots] 
No					No
 1   Thos Whitwell			39  William Misson
 2   Lucien F  Metcalf		40  Joel  J  Squires
 3   Caleb Thayer			41  Asell Clarke
 4   James Allen			42  Thos  Taylor  2d
 5   Nanum Perkins			43  Cyrenus Warren
 6   Parley E  Johnson		44  Gilbert Coonrod
 7   Buckingham Fitch		45  Orlo Underwood
 8   James E  Lathrop		46  Horace C  Hooker
 9   Leman Cummings		47  Martin Cotes
10  Jno C  Williams			48  Christopher C  Lumley
11  Russell Brownell			49  John Wilson
12  Peter Edget			50  William Russell
13  Constantine King		51  John Card
14  Jacob Hardy			52  Geo F  Dalphin
15  Edward A  Olendorf		53  Ebenezer House
16  Rufus Preston			54  Thos Mainarce
17  Jonathon Roberts		55  Jonah Babbitt
18  Col  Potter			56  John Wiley
19  Henry Pickins 			58  Daniel L  Chace ?
20  Harry  Johnson			John Richards crossed out
21  Robert Weeks			59  Isaac Tucker
22  Demas Clarke			60  Robert Bishop
23  John Richards			61  Samuel Pashley
24  Elias Van Banscoten		62  Wm B  Adams
25  Russell Bourne		
26  John C  Wiley
27  Hiram Coonrod
28  Philander Waterman
29  Daniel Babbitt 				From the Minutes
30  Levi Peirce					Geo Jarvis Town Clerk
31  Chiron Whipple					H. Babcock
32  John Williams					William Johnson
33  Samuel Scott					Delos D  Pier
34  David Wedderspoon					Justices
35  Patrick Langdon
36  Sumner E  Turner				No of Persons assessed    543
37  Robert Quafe					No of Days assessed        1956
38  Jeremiah Shawl

					1847 - page 4

At a special Town Meeting of the Electors of the Town of Otsego in the County of
Otsego held in pursuance [?] of an act  “Relating to Excise and Licencing retailers of
intoxicating licquors “  passed May 4, 1845    Met at the House of William Lewis in
Cooperstown on the 27th day of April 1847                 Present
						Hiram S  Babcock   )
						Edward B  Crandall )  Justices
						Delos D  Pier          )
						Wm  P  Johnson     )
	That we proceed to vote on the question of Licence or No Licence
The whole number of votes cast for licence or No licence was eight hundred seventy three
873  of which votes five hundred and thirty two was for licence and three hundred and
sixty for No licence   one blank
	Majority for licence  172
						Hiram Babcock     )
						Delos D  Pier         )    Justices
						William P  Johnson )    of 
								the Peace
From the Minutes
		Geo Jarvis
		   T Clerk

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