Otsego Town Minutes 

At the Annual Town Meeting of the town of Otsego Held at the House of Wm Lewis in said 
town on  tuesday the 4th day of March 1856
					Present      E  B  Crandall   )
						      Seth Doubleday )
						      Francis Williams)     Justices
						      Ezra W  Badger   )

The following Resolution was passed unanimously

	Resolved.  As the sense of the Town of Otsego in Annual Meeting assembled, that to divide the County of Otsego as is contemplated by an application to the Legislature cutting off the Towns of Morris, Butternuts, Otego, Oneonta & Unadilla is not called for by expedience, & would prove injurious to the public interest. 	

Resolved that the Town Clerk be instructed to forward a copy of the foregoing resolution to the Legislature

The following persons were duly Elected to the Several offices, set opposite their respective names

	E P Byram		Supervisor

	H P Metcalf		Town Clerk

	Albert G Tuthill		Supt of Schools

	Hiram Kinne		Justice Peace

	Peter Becker		Assessor

	Rufus Preston		Com. H Ways

	J  K  Leaning   )
	Geo. Mc Namee) 	Overseers Poor 

	Stephen Williams	Collector

	Stephen Williams )
	Lucien Hinds        )
	Dan Peck              )	Constables
	Richard Thurston )

	John  Mc Namee )	Inspectors of
	H  N  Robinson  )	Election in
	Francis Kellogg )	Dist No 1

	John B  Hooker  )
	Lewis  Hinds      )	Inspectors of Election
	Beecher Higby  )	in dist No 2

Adjourned to meet at the House of Wm Lewis on the 1st Tuesday of March 1857
					J  S  Babcock  T Clerk  

			Path Masters for 1856
1    Caleb Clark			35  Pat Langdon
3    John Kellogg			36  Bingham Babcock
4    James Allen			37  Robt  Quaif
5    Wm Countryman		38  John Eldred
6    Parley Johnson			39  James Sitts
7    Wm  Tanner			40  Demas Doubleday
8     Orlo Underwood		41  Oliver Freeman
9    Joseph A  Cheney		42  Thos Taylor 2d 
10  Saml  C  Bailey			43  Hiram Bates
11  Thos Higby			44  Wm  Hutchins
13  Constantine King crossed out	45  James J  Allen
14  Thos. Williams			46  Horace Taylor
15  Beecher Higby			48  Peter Gils
16  Israel Loomis			49  Philo Perkins
17  Edward Coleman		50  Wm  Russell
18  Geo. Wright			51  Edward Lewis
19  Madison Whipple		52  Arthur Lewis   
20  Col. Eldred			53  Peter Van Valkenburgh
21   James Ferris			54  Chas Bailey
22  Joshua Byard			55  Chester Babbett
23  Hiram Barton			56  Joseph  Pashley
24  Hiram Newel			58  Amon Taylor
25  Joseph Eddy  appointed		59  Wm Kinney
26  Nathaniel Hecox			60  Olney Z  Andrus
27  Hiram Coonrod			61  S  N  Pashley
28  Russell Warren			63  Danl Williams
29   Daniel Babbett appointed
30  Geo Scribner
31  Hezekiah Warren				From the Minutes
32  Wm Wykoff
33  Asahel B  Davison				H. S. Babcock
34  David Wedderspoon				     Town Clerk

    Rateables            982
    Days Assessed   2413 1/2