Otsego Town Minutes 

At the annual Town Meeting of the Electors of the Town of Otsego held at the house of William Lewis,  
in said town, on Tuesday the 2d day of March  1858.
					Present         Seth Doubleday)
						    Hiram Kinne     )   Justices
						    Ezra W.  Badger)
						    Francis Williams)
						    H. P. Metcalf  Town Clerk

The Commissioners of Highways of this Town having given public Notice, according to law, 
of their intention of applying to the Electors of  Otsego to raise the sum of  Two hundred and fifty dollars 
for the improvement of Roads and Bridges -  it was 	Resolved - that the sum of two hundred and fifty 
dollars be levied upon and raised in the town of Otsego the ensuing year in pursuance of said notice for the 
purpose therein mentioned.
The Commissioners, also having given public notice according to law, of their intention to ask for a further 
sum of Five hundred dollars for same purpose - it was further Resolved, That the sum of Five hundred
dollars be levied upon and raised in the Town of Otsego  the ensuing year for constructing and maintaining 
roads and bridges  therein pursuant to that notice the following persons were duly elected to the several 
offices to which their names are annexed.

	George W. Ernst		Supervisor

	Henry P.  Metcalf		Town Clerk

	Hezekiah B.  Sprague	Justice of the Peace

	Fayette Hinds		Assessor

	Robert Quaif		Commissioner of Highways

	John K. Leaning )	
	Benjamin Kip    )		Overseers of Poor

	Stephen Williams		Collector

	Stephen Williams)
	Daniel Peck         )		Constables
	Lucien Hinds       )
	Webster  Keyes   )

	Inspectors of Elections     Dist  No  One
	Luzerne  M, Bolles
	Alfred Van Horne
	Isaac K. Williams

		District  No. two
	Colonel  A. Potter
	Lester Taylor
	Charles Hinds

Adjourned to meet at the House of William Lewis on the 1st Tuesday in March  1859 -

						H. P. Metcalf
							Town Clerk

No. of Voters on Poll List  794

					Path Masters
Dist					Dist
1    James Bradt			31  Fenimore Whipple
2    James H. Quackenbush		32  William Wykoff
3    John Kellogg			33  E  Armstrong crossed out, Lester Taylor added
4    Rufus Doubleday		34  David Wedderspoon
5    Menzo Hoke			35  Henry Wilsie
6    Everett Preston			36  Sumner Turner
7    H. B. Sprague      		37 Robert Quaif, not crossed out, but Tru,man Eldridge written over
8    Orlo Undersood			38  George Hinds crossed out [no name added] 
9    John B. Hooker			39  Gilbert Cole
10  Chester Taylor			40  Demas A. Doubleday
11  Henry Bliss			41  Oliver Freeman
12  George Beckley			42  Holland Robinson
13  Joseph A. Cheney		43  Joel Squires
14  A. C. Van Horn 			44  Gilbert Coonrod
15  Beecher Higby			45  James Allen
16  Rufus Preston			46  Horace Taylor
17  Samuel Ackley			48  Orville Plumbe
18  Pomeroy Judd			49  Philo Perkins
19  J. M. Whipple			50  Henry Russell
20  Samuel Sanders			51  Allen Taylor
21  John Ferns			52  William Pierce
22  J. Byard crossed out, T. C. Smith added   53  Menzo House
23  Hiram Barton			54  Joseph Hinds
24  Rudolph crossed out, Daniel D added, Kelly  55  Irvine Carpenter
25  Orlando Bourne			56  William Hurrell
26  Shubal Allen			58  Henry Gibbs
27  A. Kinne crossed out, Hiram Coonrod added  59  Samuel Kinney
28  Geo. Mc Namee			60  Olney Z. Andrus
29  Henry Camp			61  S. F. Pashley
30.  Levi Pierce			63  Daniel Williams

      Days Assessed   2292

	1  to   300