Otsego Town Minutes 

At the Annual Town Meeting of the Electors of the town of Otsego held at the 
house of William Lewis   in Cooperstown on Tuesday, March 4th  1862
			Present 	Hezekiah  Sprague   )
					Zebulon G. Garlock  )
					Seth Doubleday      )    Justices
					William Wendell     )
					M. B. Angell		Town Clerk

	The Commissioners of Highways of the town having given public notice  
according to law of their intention  of  applying to the Electors of Otsego 
to raise the sum of  Four hundred Dollars  for the improvement of Roads and 
Bridges - it was 
	Resolved  that the sum of Four Hundred Dollars, in addition to the 
amount allowed by law, be levied upon and raised in the town of Otsego, 
the ensuing year in pursuance of said notice for the purpose therein mentioned.

	The Report of the Special committee of the Board of Supervisors on 
the Jail was read.
	The Resolution of the Board of Supervisors,  changing the time for 
holding the Annual Town Meeting was read, and it was resolved 
	That, We, the electors of the town of Otsego, are opposed to changing 
the time of holding the Annual Town Meetings from the first Tuesday of March.

The following Officers were elected  to wit

	Marias B. Angell		Supervisor 

	Luzerne M. Bolles 		Town Clerk
	Lewis Hinds		Justice of the peace

	Philip Roof		Assessor
	Everett D. Preston		Commissioned of Highways
	Silas W. Root		Overseer of the Poor
	Thomas Higby			       "        "   "     "

	Stephen L. Williams		Collector

	Stephen L. Williams		Constable
	Richard Thurston		       "
	Norman L. Hyde		       "
	Edward A. Olendorf		       "	
	Jerome B. Woods)
	George Jarvis       )		Inspectors of Elections  1st Dist
	William Ruggles  )

	Jay E. Taylor    )
	Elon Denio       )		Inspectors of Elections  2nd Dist
	John B Hooker )

	866  votes taken

	List of Path Masters for 1862
1    Stephen Reynolds		33  Andrew J. Williams
2    Johnson Colburn			34  Albert Brockway
3    Erastus W. Warren		35  Jacob .C. Allen
4    James Delong			36  Andrew Jarvis
5    A. T. Van Horne			37  Peter King
6    Thomas Potts			38  Jeremiah Shaul
7    H. B. Sprague			39  Oliver Freeman
8    Orlo Underwood		40  Levi Russell
9    John Shumway			41  
10  Lewis Davison			42  Isaac Pier
11  German Potter			43  Joel Squires
12  Chester Tuttle			44
13  Joseph A. Cheney		45  Lewis Hinds
14  Abram C. Van Horne		46  Napoleon Prosser
15  John B. Northrop		47  
16  Hugh Seaton			48  Samuel Quaif
17  Lemuel Ackley			49  John Bunn
18  Pomeroy Judd			50  B. F. Austen
19  James M. Whipple		51  Allen Taylor
20  John Goodwin			52  A. W. Thayer
21  Daniel Richards			53  Menzo House
22  John Stevens			54  Elisha Gibbs
23  Hiram Barton			55  Chester Babbitt
24  Pliny Shepard			56  Henry Bristol
25  George Hull			57  
26  Francis Hecox			58  Milo H. Gibbs
27  Pulaski Bates			59  Dorr Kinney
28  W. K. Warren			60  Fred. T. Jarvis
29  Wm. Edget			61  John A. Peasley	
30  George Scribner			62  
31  John Mc Ewen			63  Beecher Higby
32  Walter Van Horne

				1862 - page 4
	That the next Annual Town Meeting be held at the house of 
William Lewis in said town.
	The Board then adjourned
		Marias B. Angell	Town Clerk