Otsego Town Minutes 
At an Annual Meeting of the Board of Town Auditors held at the Inn of W. C. Keyes  the place where the last annual Town meeting was held.
					Present   H. M. Hooker    Supervisor
						   John E. Brown   Town Clerk
						   H. Kinne     Justice of the P
						   P. Roof           "       "    "   "
						   L. Hinds          "       "    "   "
						   E. W. Badger  "       "    "   "

Resolved  that the Supervisor raise the sum of Eight hundred dollars to constitute a fund for the aid and relief of  Soldiers families and to defray 
Expenses already occurred on their account as soon as he can conveniently do so

Resolved that H. M. Hooker  Supervisor be allowed the Sum of Eight hundred dollars for his commissions services and liabilities in receiving & paying
 Soldiers bounty money  $92,600 

At an annual Town Meeting held at the Inn of Webster C. Keyes in and for the County of Otsego on the second Tuesday in February  1865
				Present    Hiram Kinne
					Philip Roof        )  Justice
					Lewis Hinds       )  Presiding
					Ezra W. Badger )

The following Resolutions were passed by said meeting  viz
Resolved that the Supervisor of the town of Otsego pay Zadock Fitch Seventy three dollars wrongfully assessed and collected by the 
town of Otsego
Resolved that the Supervisor of the town of Otsego pay Mrs. Robert Weeks one hundred and twenty nine dollars and ninety two cents wrongfully
assessed and collected by said town of Otsego under the name of Robert Weeks

At the same Town Meeting the following named persons were by a majority of votes duly elected to the following Offices  viz

	George M. Ernst	Supervisor
	Henry L. Hinman	Town Clerk 

	Ezra W. Badger	Justice of the Peace

	John L. Mc Namee	Assessor

	Rufus Preston	Commissioner of Highways

	Thomas Higby       )
	Orsemus Reynolds )	Overseers of Poor

	Stephen Williams	Collector

	Norman Hyde      )
	Stephen Williams )
	Elijah Marcellus   )	Constables
	Menzo House     )

	George Jarvis            )
	Samuel W. Bingham )	  Inspectors of Election
	Robert Quaif             )	   1st District

	Henry Bliss              )
	Fayette Hinds          )	Inspectors of Election
	Dwight F. Denio      )	2nd District	

By the same town meeting the following persons were duly appointed 
Overseers of the Highways in said town   viz

Ward					Ward
1    James Clark			15  John Wilson
2    S    Mott			16  B. Fitch
3    Albert Kellogg			17  Harrison Underwood
4    George Wedderspoon		18  Elias Humiston
5    Isaac Hoke			19  J. D. Tunnicliff
6    Frederick Small			20  John Wiley
7    Buckingham Fitch Jr.		21  John Fern
8    O. Underwood			22  James Byard
9    John Armstrong			23  E. Northrup
10  M. R. Patton			24  P. Shepherd
11  Orlando Coats			25  A. Horne
12. C. Tuttle			26  L. Allen
13  R. Mc Farland			27  H. Coonrod
14  A. Van Horne			28  W. K. Warren
29  D. Babbitt			49  W. Northrup
30  F. Whitney			50    "       "
31  J. A. Mc Ewen			51  A. Taylor
32  J. Torrey			52  E. P. Gardner
33  R. Davidson			53  J. Hinds
34  H. C. Gardner			54  E. C. Gibbs
35  J. Allen			55  C.  Babbitt
36  W. Babcock			56  A. Hull crossed out, Smith Benjamin added
37  P. Kinney			58  A. Hull
38  James Shaw			59  D. D. Kinney
39     "				60  Frederick Jarvis
40  Lewis Russell			61  J. H. Pashley
41  J. Aylesworth			62
42  Thomas Taylor Jr		63  Beecher Higby
43  William Doubleday		64
44  Cornelius Van Horne		65
45  C. Kinney
46  H. Taylor
47  S. Quaif
					John E. Brown   Town clerk

At the same town Meeting the following resolution was passed
	Resolved  that the sum of Five hundred dollars in addition to the sum provided by law be
 raised to pay balance due for improvement of roads and bridges in the town of Otsego pursuant to section 5 Title 1  
chap 16 of the 1 Part of the Revised Statutes
						John E. Brown Town Clerk

NOTE: the following notice is entered on the top half of the page relating to the official seal, dated Aug.19 and numbered  
1865 - page  8.  To maintain a chronology, I have  entered it here.

		Town Clerk Office )	
		    Town of Otsego )
Notice is hereby given that a special Election will be held in town of Otsego on Tuesday the 14 day of Mch for the 
purpose of voting an amendment to the Constitution in relation to the Cost of Appeal     Present	Geo  W. Ernst  Sup 
					Orvil  Plumb      )  
					Fay E  Taylor      )    Assesors
					John L Mc Name )

					1865 - page 4

		To Samuel  Mc K. Thompson   Wm K  Bingham   G  Pomeroy Keese  Luzerne M  Bolles  
and David Ball  Trustees of the Village of Cooperstown  
Greeting  The undersigned persons liable to be assessed for highway labor in said village do hereby make application to you
to alter & also lay out a new road or highway of the width of fifty feet through the enclosed lands of Dorr Russell  LeviWood  
Luther Burditt  & Robert Rouse & the Roman Catholic church  lot who have consented to the laying out of said highway and 
the said Russell Wood and Burditt   the Catholic church or assigns the said Russell  to have damages offered agree to release 
all damages which consent & agreement as aforesaid is signified by each one respectively signing this petition
Which said road shall be described as follows  - Beginning at a point in the center of the highway 125 feet easterly from Levi 
Woods south westerly corner on the street running from George Tuckers to Stephen Gregory's Dwelling house  thence southerly
7 degrees west  four chains & 42 links to a point in the center of the highway leading from the new iron bridge on the Susquehanna 
river Northerly - The portion of said highway now running nearly parallet to the above described new highway to be discontinued.  
Also commencing at a point in the center of said highway 125 easterly from Levi Woods  South westerly corner thence North 7 
degrees East in a straight line through the lands of said Wood & thence Burditt  to the said Robert Rouse lands thence through the --------
lot of the said Robert Rouse and the said Catholic church to the street in the village of

					1865 - page 5

 Cooperstown  known as Elm  at a point nearly intersecting with Walnut street -------
 to Chestnut street

Dated Cooperstown                 
April 3  1865				 Dorr Russell
signed and sealed in presence of		 L J Burditt
					 Levi Wood
					 Robert Rouse
					 S  Nelson      ( By authority contained           )
					 Geo  Bowne  ( in an agreement with and by   )
				             Dorr Russell  (the Roman Catholic church of )       
							(Cooperstown  Dated July 4/65 )


					1865 - page 6
Village of Cooperstown
Town and County of Otsego
					It is hereby ordered and determined by Samuel K.    
 Thompson  G. Pomeroy Keese  Wm. K. Bingham  David Ball and L. M. Bolles  the trustees of the Village of Cooperstown  
all of which have been duly notified to attend and deliberate on the subject of this order. That a street or highway be laid out 
within the corporation of said village   upon the application of Levi Wood  Luther Burditt  Dorr Russell and others..  
Beginning at a point in the center of the street or highway called fifth street leading from George P. Tuckers to  
Stephen Gregorys residence  125 feet easterly from Levi Woods South westerly corner thence Running thence north seven degrees 
[illegible] 4 Rods & 18 links to the southerly bounds of Elm Street  nearly intersecting with walnut street at a point 25 feet easterly 
from the Northeast corner Roman catholic church lot..
[illegible] beginning at the first named point  Viz  in the center of the street 125 feet easterly from Levi Woods South westerly corner.  
Running thence 7 degrees west 18 rods to a point in the center of Susquehanna  Avenue leading northerly from the new iron Bridge 
on the Susquehanna river  - Hereby discontinuing as much of said Susquehanna
Avenue from the point last mentioned to the point where it intersects with the street first named  (5 Street)
The course and distances of said street are according to a survey thereof which the said commissioners or trustees caused to be made
 by Wm J Compton Esq  a surveyor this 7th day of July 1865
It is further ordered that the above described [illegible] be the center of said Highway and that the said avenue be the be the width of  fifty feet.
	In witness thereof   we the said Trustees commissioners of highways for the village of Cooperstown have hereunto subscribed 
out names this 7th day of July  1865

						S. K. Thompson    )     Trustees
						D  Ball                   )       of the
						G. Pomeroy Keese ).    Village of
						L  M  Bolles            )       Cooperstown
						W. K. Bingham


					1865 - page 8

Town Clerk Office )
  Town of Otsego  )
		At a Meeting of the Town board of town officers of the town of Otsego held at the Office of Hiram Kinnie in the Village  
of Cooperstown  on the 19 day of Aug.
Present	Geo W. Ernst  Spr   Hiram Kinne  Philip Roof   Justice of Peace  & Henry L  Hinman  Town Clerk
	The following resolution was adopted		
Resolved that the official Seal of the town of Otsego shall be in the Words  viz
	Town of Otsego - Official Seal - Cooperstown  Otsego Co. N.Y. 
of which the annexed impression is a true copy  which was passed unanimous
					H. L. Hinman
						Town Clk
	At a Special Town meeting held at the Court House in Cooperstown {the following is crossed out] on the 29th day of august 1864  
Martin Marvin was Elected Chairman [end of crossed out] in and for the town of Otsego on the 7th day of September 1865
		Present  Hiram Kinnie  Justice

John E. Brown  Town Clerk
			E. W. Badger )
			Philip Roof    )   Justices
			Lewis Hinds   )

Said meeting was held in pursuance of a notice duly given and posted as required by law   the resolutions of the town meeting held August  29  
1864 offering a bounty of  $1025  to volunteers to fill the quota of the town were duly adopted by said meeting and a resolution duly passed
 ratifying and confirming the action of the previous town meeting of August 29th  1865

		the meeting then adjourned
			John E. Brown  Town Clerk 

Note - the following entry is in a different handwriting - perhaps the special town meeting actually took place in 1864, when John Brown was clerk.

At a meeting of the board of Auditors of town accounts held in said Town on the 8 day of May 1865    Present 
		George W  Ernst     Supervisor
		H. L. Hinman         Town Clerk
		Hiram Kinne )
		Philip Roof   )          Justices 

Consent is hereby given by said Board that the Commissioners of Highways immediately repair the Bridge near Hope Factory   
the Iron Bridge across the Susquehanna River called Russells bridge and the bridge at the Fork Factory in said town pursuant to 
An Act to provide for the speedy construction and repair of roads and bridges when the same shall have been damaged or destroyed 
 passed by Legislature of the State of New York   Apr 6, 1858	
   					H. L. Hinman    T. Clk				

At a meeting of the town Board of town Auditors held at the inn of W. C. Keyes  Nov.9, 1865		
Present		G. W. Ernst	Supr
				H L Hinman	T Clk
				H. Kinnie      )
				P. Roof          )
				L. Harris        )   Justices
				E. W. Badger )

The following accounts were audited & allowed
1.  C. Van Horn		Clk of Election	  	 3.00
2.  Fay E. Taylor		Assessor		 	30.00
3.  John L Mc Namee		    "		 47.00
4.  E. Marcellus		Constable		  	 4.35
5.  Geo  Jarvis		Insp. of Election	 	12.00
6.  Fayett Hinds		   "             "		 10.50
7.  Peter Becker		   "             "		   1.50
8.  Washington Wilson	Clk of Election	   	  3.00
9.  O. Walradt		Constable			 10.51
10. N. L. Hyde 		      "			 31.75		
11. Leander Welden					   5.60
12  Fay. E. Taylor		Clk of Election	 	  3.00.
13. O. Reynolds		Over Seer Poor		 59.75
14  S. M. Shaw		Ck of Election		 51.50
15  Thos. Higby		Ck of Election		   8.25
16  S Wilson Cheney		  "         "		   4.25
17  Stephen L. Williams	Constable		 	  1.85
18  D  F  Denio		Insp of Election		 10.50  	 	
19  G  Garlock		Ck of Election		   6.00.
20  S. W. Bingham		Insp of Election	 	10.50			
21  R. Quaif		"             "    		   9.00
22  Thos. Bourne		Dt Sheriff			   4.62
23  Henry Bliss		Ins of Election		 12.00
24  W H  Ruggles		Merchant		  	   .62
25  L. Edwards		Cabnt Maker		 16.00
26  E. A. Olendorf		Inn Keeper		 16.00
27  H. L. Hinman		Merchant			   6.65
28  Orvill  Plumb		Assessor			 31.50
29  E. D. Preston		Com of Hgwy		 12.00.	
30  E. M. Harris		Lawyer			33.00 
31  C. F. Hendryx		Clk of Election		  1.50
32  H. M. Hooker		Gate  Supervisor	 	 7.50
33  Jas. J. Hendryx		Printer			43.50
34  John W. Augur	            Com of Highways		45.50
35  A. A. Brighm		Clk of Election	 	 9.00
36  E. M. Card		War Com			89.91
37  B. F. Kiip		 "      "			82.98
38  E. W. Badger		Justice			54.50
39  Lewis Hinds		    "			15.00
40  Philip Roof		    "			79.60
41  G. W. Ernst		    "		           	130.21
42  Sturgess & Countryman	Lawyer			 30.00
43  H. Kinne		Justice			 76.20
44  Walter Van Horne	Commis  of H		 51.50
45  John Marsh		Lawyer		 	  5.00
46  S. M. Ballard		Inn Keeper		 15.00
47  H. S. Hinman		Town Clk		 	35.00
48  W. C. Keyes		Inn  Keeper		 25.00
49  H. M. Seaton		Inn  Keeper		 10.00	
50  R. Preston		Com of Hgw		 22.50

				H. S. Hinman   T Ck .
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