of the
Otsego Co. Musical Society
Convention held in Cooperstown, January 29, 1856
Under the Direction of 
Prof. Wm. B. Bradbury
of New York
Assisted by
Prof. Thos. Hastings and Miss Kate Bennett


* = Teachers of Music       + = Choristors

Officers for the ensuing year:
Gabriel Tyley, President
Wm. H. Young, Sec'y
H. B. Ernst, Treas'r
Gabriel Tyley            H. B. Ernst
Geo. Dutton         Wm. H. Young
Wm. Davison       Normal Bissell
S.C. Bailey

Names               Residence

E. Converse          Butternuts
F.G. Lee             Cooperstown
E. P. Hollister      Cooperstown
E. F. Murdock        Cooperstown
Gabriel Tyley,+	     Cooperstown
George H. Peck       Cooperstown
Smith Adsit          Cooperstown
Horatio H. Perkins   Cooperstown
J. M. B. Collins     Cooperstown
Holder Cory          Cooperstown
Albert Pierce        Cooperstown
George Jarvis        Cooperstown
F. S. Kellogg        Cooperstown
Erastus C. Root      Cooperstown
James I. Hendryx     Cooperstown
M. D. Peak           Cooperstown
Frederick Goffe      Cooperstown
P. D. Spencer        Cooperstown
M. D. Spooner        Cooperstown
Isiah Smith          Cooperstown
George S. Bradford   Cooperstown
Edward L. Gill       Cooperstown
J. W. Rose           Chaseville
D. Hillman           Charlotteville
William Vancise      Cherry Valley
Truman Bostman       Edmeston Center
J.A. Williams        Fly Creek
C.H. North           Fly Creek
Sherman Williams,+   Fly Creek
S.C. Bailey          Fly Creek
S.R. Williams        Fly Creek
A. J. Williams       Fly Creek
D. Williams          Fly Creek
E.R. Pearsall        Fly Creek
G. H. Marvin         Fly Creek
H. Cook              Fly Creek
J. A. Johnson        Fly Creek
William Irish        Fly Creek
G. Potter            Fly Creek
Rev. George Parsons  Fly Creek
Gilbert Mann,*       Franklin, NY
M. S. Converse       Franklin, NY
George Gregory,*     Garrattsville
Oscar L. Proctor     Hartwick
E. A. Bissell        Hartwick
Oscar Jones          Hartwick
Prentice Brown,*     Hartwick
Joseph L. Steere     Hartwick
Amos Burch,*         Hartwick
William C. Davison,+ Hartwick Seminary
E. C. Bass           Jordanville, NY
P. Harter            Jordanville, NY
Dwight Leonard       Jordanville, NY
George Kinne         Jordanville, NY
Menzo Harwiek,*      Jordanville, NY
David Dunbar,+       Laurens
G. W. Brown          Milford
J. M. Low            Milford
R. P. Winslow        Milford
John D. Burnett      Milford
James Cummings       Milford
Normal Bissell,*     Milford
Oscar F. Goodrich    Milford
John Hinds           Middlefield
A.P. Hayden          Middlefield
W. S. Matteson       Mount Vision
Wilson T. Bassett    Mount Vision
S. W. Willard        New Berlin, NY
C. G. Smith          New Berlin, NY
H. P. Angell         New Berlin, NY
William B. Bradbury  New York
Thomas Hastings      New York
O. B. Thorp          Schoharie C. H.
Albert Brown         Schoharie C. H.
M. L. Shaffer        Schoharie C. H. 
Albert J. Hills      South Brookfield
Edgar Jones          Toddsville
Thomas I. Bates      Westville
Lester H. Burnside   Westville
C. Haswell           Westville
William Dutton       Westville
George J. Philips    Westville
George B, Cornish    Westville
C. G. Allen          Westville
R. R. Jackson,+      Westville
George D. Allen      Westford
W. B. Watson         Westford



                     Gentlemen     88
                     Ladies          121
                     Total             209

Names                      Residence
Miss Malvina Compton       Cooperstown Sem.
Miss C. L. Metcalf,*       Cooperstown Sem.
Miss Martha Bradford       Cooperstown
Miss Sophia Bradford       Cooperstown
Miss Laura E. Tucker       Cooperstown
Miss Jane E. Smith         Cooperstown
Miss M.S. Bowers           Cooperstown
Mrs. Emily Collins         Cooperstown
Mrs. Chas. J. Stillman     Cooperstown
Mrs. M. L. Bush            Cooperstown
Mrs. A. N. Dann            Cooperstown
Miss Mary Babcock          Cooperstown
Miss Helen Babcock         Cooperstown
Miss S. E. Lippitt         Cooperstown
Miss E. Furman             Cooperstown
Miss Eliz M. Barrows       Cooperstown
Mrs. G. Tyler              Cooperstown
Mrs. G. W. Holmes          Cooperstown
Mrs. Jas. I. Hendryx       Cooperstown
Mrs. Wm. Wendell           Cooperstown
Miss Caroline Bourne       Cooperstown
Miss Marietta Root         Cooperstown
Mrs. James Cockett         Cooperstown
Mrs. Harriet Wilson        Cooperstown
Miss Anna C. Peak          Cooperstown
Miss Mary A. Williams      Cooperstown
Miss I. I. Williams        Cooperstown
Miss E. Perkins            Cooperstown
Miss E.W. Douobleday,*     Cooperstown
Mrs. B. F. Murdock         Cooperstown
Mrs. A.O. Gallup           Cooperstown
Miss Jennie D. Robinson    Cooperstown
MIss Ellen P. Faulder      Cooperstown
Miss Arina Winslow         Cooperstown
Miss A. L. Cook            Cooperstown
MIss S. H. Gregory         Cooperstown
Miss Jennie Aller          Cooperstown
Miss Emily Aller           Cooperstown
Miss C. M. Doubleday       Cooperstown
Mrs. J. Robinson           Cooperstown
Miss M. D. Aller           Cooperstown
Miss M. M. Bingham         Cooperstown
Miss M. L. Vebber          Cooperstown
Miss Libby Davis           Cooperstown
Miss Maraia G. Bourne      Cooperstown
Miss C. Groat              Cooperstown
Miss Mary Stillman         Cooperstown
Miss L. Graves             Cooperstown
Miss H. Cory               Cooperstown
Miss C.A. Cory             Cooperstown
Miss C. E. Doubleday       Cooperstown
Mrs. James C. Bush         Cooperstown
Mrs. D. Hillman            Charlotteville, NY
Miss Emma R. Graves        Boonville, NY
Miss Lucy H. Northrup      Fly Creek
Mrs. C. Irish              Fly Creek
Miss L. C. Potter          Fly Creek
Miss Christine Russell     Fly Creek
Miss Anna E. Metcalf       Fly Creek
Mrs. H. N. Williams        Fly Creek
Miss Harriet Williams      Fly Creek
Miss Phebe Williams        Fly Creek
Mrs. High Livingston       Fly Creek
Miss Mary Parsons          Fly Creek
Miss Harriet Parsons       Fly Creek
Miss Emma L. Hooker        Fly Creek
Mrs. E. W. Badger          Fly Creek
Miss P. A. Case,*          Franklin, NY
Miss Helen E. Clark        Franklin, NY
Miss Jennie A. Dewey       Hartwick Seminary
Miss Kate L. Davison       Hartwick Seminary
Miss Della Davison         Hartwick Seminary
Miss Charlotte M. Miller   Hartwick Seminary
Miss Edna P. Bissell       Hartwick Seminary
Miss Charlotte A. Parshall Hartwick Seminary
Miss Mary Claark           Hartwick Seminary
Miss Mary A. Wilcox        Hartwick Seminary
Miss Celia Bissell         Hartwick Seminary
Miss Mary M. Dewey         Hartwick Seminary
Mrs. A. Miller             Hartwick Seminary
Miss Roxanna Steere        Hartwick
Miss L. P. Hayward         Hartwick
Mrs. W. G. West            Hartwick
Miss M. C. Smith           Hartwick
Miss Mary Bush             Hartwick
Miss M. Clark              Hartwick
Miss Adaline Bliss         Hartwick
Mrs. Sophia Wilcox         Hartwick
Mrs. Catharine Price       Hartwick
Miss Mary C. Belshan       Jordanville, NY
Miss Helen Beebe           Jordanville, NY
Miss L. M. Palmer          Milford
Mrs. Norman Bissell, Jr.   Milford
Mrs. Wm. S. Barnard        Milford
Miss Eliza Sweet           Milford
Mrs. A. Bissell            Milford
Mrs. L. Hinds              Middlefield
Mrs. A. P. Hayden          Middlefield
Miss Sarah I. Walker       Middlefield
Miss M. Saxton             Middlefield
Miss L. N. Saxton          Middlefield
Miss C. Parshall           New Berlin, NY
Miss M. M. Angell          New Berlin, NY
Miss Mary A. Angell        New Berlin, NY
Mrs. H. Oakley             New Lisbon
Mrs. Elijah Brown          New York
Miss Louisa McMinn,*       Oneonta
Miss Kate Bennett,*        Rochester
Mrs. R. T. Stever          Schenevas
Miss Martha A. Steere      Toddsville
Mrs. Rufus Steere          Toddsville
Miss Matilda Persons       Worcester
Mrs. M. Botsford           Worcester
Miss Grace A. Wright       Worcester
Miss Julia A. Bates        Westville
Miss Rachel M. Cornish     Westville
Miss S.C. Bates            Westville
Miss L. A. Dutton          Westville
Miss Frank (?) M. Drake    Westford 
Miss Fannie A. Babcock     Westford
Mrs. Nancy M. Jackson      Westford


The Committee chosen to present resolutions expressing the views of this Convention upon the various matters that have come before it pertaining to Musical Science, wouold respectfully submit the following:
   Resolved, That we have been highly entertained and instructed by the exercises conducted by Professor Bradbury and Dr. Hastings, feeling assured that we have sustained their former reputation among us.;
   Resolved, That our grateful acknowledgments be presented to the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church, for their generosity in opening to us the house of worship for oour use.
   Resolved, That we earnestly approve the forming of similar Musical Associations whereever practicable, and as Text Books for their use, we heartily recommend that Shaun and New York Glee and Chorus Book asa meeting the wants of the amateurs of music.
   Resolved, That the thanks of this Association are especially due to the President and other officers who have so efficiently served them through the past year.

M.L. Kern, Jas. Cumming, M.S. Converse - Committee