Cooperstown High School 1900

The following is the Class Roll of the Cooperstown High School, as contained in the program of their 21st Annual Commencement, held in Firemen's Hall on Thursday, June 21, 1900 at 2:30. The program lists class officers as: Walter Edward Beadle President Jessis Lucina Smith Vice-President Lee Field Whitbeck Secretary Mariea Young Treasurer

Contributed to this site by: Sara Campbell of Millers Falls, MA

Name			     Regents'   Subject of Essay
Allen, Philip Leslie		68	Power of Journalism
Beadle, Walter Edward		67	Valedictory
Brownell, Grace Minerva		48	Brutus and Cassius
Coffin, Kenn Romeo		50	Evolution
Coleman, Elizabeth Mary		52	Cultivation of Friendship
Cruttenden, Lizzie Kellogg	57	Influence of Magazines
Dickenson, Mary Eliza		66	A Heroine
Fitch, Bertha Elizabeth		62	Formation of Character
Holdredge, Neil Cummings	72	Message to Garcia
Lippitt, Ceylon Kendrick	50	Justice of Boer Cause
Loudon, Grace Augusta		54	Crusades
Lough, George Whitwell		64	The Pilot of the Civil War
Lynch, Kathleen Angeline	52	Portia the Ideal Woman of To-day
Moon, John Leslie		56	American Expansion
McGown, Wilson Elias		74	The North and the South
Newkirk, Mata Anna		79	Lessons from Literature
Potts, John Emmet		58	Our Nation's Peril
Potts, Marie Louise		58	Newspapers
Rockstroh, Frederick Ulysses	68	The Early Saxons
Rose, David Clyde		64	The Influence of U.S. History
Smith, Jessie Lucina		52	Salutatory
Thayer, Paul Murdock		58	Patriotism
Thompson, Florence Palmer	53	Local Traditions
Van Zant, Belle Mary		52	Revery of the Leaves
Whitbeck, Lee Field		58	Trusts
Young, Mariea			59	True Nobility
Cooperstown High School Class of 1900
Bessie Coleman is second from left in front row.
Mariea Young is standing last at the upper right.
Walter Beadle and Ceylon Lippitt are seated in front. 


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